OLED & LCD technologies discussion

Ah i see. How much is an oled pc monitor roughly of around the same size?

Wow, 55" is huge man for a pc monitor. Power. Not sure if u need a minimum dist for it. How far are u seated away from the monitor?

Hehehe!! When seated on my “Boss Gaming chair” it’s about 1.2m to 1.4m away… depends on weather I am sitting in a reclined position, or upright position…

I see. Wow, 1.2m-1.4m is NOT suffice for 55".

If u use it for purely work eg word, excel, email, surfing net, then perhaps ok. But if it involves watching videos and movies, then probably not.

If it’s the latter, u will probably not enjoy the full pq potential of the beautiful 55" oled. For your viewing distance, maybe max shld be around 35" screen size.


What main usage do u use this pc monitor for? Eg. Email, Internet surfing, watch movies/videos, watch soccer

Hehehe!! i use it for internet surfin buddy… i am already a retiree…
Why i bought a 55" oled, is because i wanna see the words big enough to read…
for HT i have my separate system with my 75" Sony Z9D screen.
I definitely made a mistake with the OLED purchase, but now that i have managed to get the “Stupid TPC n GSR” issue under “My Own Control” via Hacking the LG system, i just wait till it gives up n get a “MiniLED” with no Dimming n burn in issues.
my wallet made a mistake, no choice… live with it till “Burn In issues” will render it totally useless.

Ah i see. Surfing net. Then shld be ok :slight_smile:

But be aware of the burn in issues for static content as the nature of pc usage is it has quite a bit of static images in a full screen. Eg your windows bar at bottom, Internet explorer’s top menu bars

Saving grace is the LG A1 panel isnt that bright and this may alleviate any burn in issues. Good to do pixel refresh on regular intervals and enable the pixel shift

Yup buddy, I do the pixel refresh every 3days of usage.
N the pixel shift is switched on too…

This is potentially v bad news for future LG oled buyers.

LG seems to have removed the ability to turn off TPC and GSR (both auto dimming related) on their new 2023 oled models in the service menu. This is a V important setting for calibration as well as movie watching. :confused: :sob:

It’s possible that they may turn them them off when calibrating with Calman Home for LG. Thought that main reason for turning off was for cheaper LG TVs to run at full brightness

TCL’s new stunner. 5000nits peak brightness and 5184 mini LEDs.

But, 5000 nits also come with potentially huge blooming issues. And production of darkest of blacks. Hope glaring subtitles are not an issue on hdr content.

I’m of the personal opinion that such levels of brightness abv 1000nits is not ideal for PQ for dark room environment and it will cause eye fatigue easily.

Hope TCL brings out a 8K panel, with their new tech…

LG Fast-Tracks OLED TV Firmware Update to Fix Faulty Auto-Dimming…

hopefully LG will let this firmware be released for all model’s/years of releases…