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“All 2023 Sony models run Google TV and come with Bravia Core, which is Sony’s premium streaming service that delivers a selection of Sony Pictures movies in up to 80 Mbps bitrate with IMAX Enhanced aspect ratio, DTS audio, and soon Dolby Atmos. Learn more about Sony’s plans for Bravia Core in 2023 here. Sony is the only TV maker to offer a streaming service that more or less matches UHD Blu-ray so it is perhaps a little ironic that Sony’s 2023 models are still limited to 100 Mbps on the LAN port, forcing you to use WiFi or a USB LAN dongle to reach Bravia Core’s 80 Mbps bitrate level due to overhead in streaming (requires 115 Mbps).”

and the Lan port… sony still hasnt learnt from past years…100mbps??? what gives??

I see. I know what u mean & that particular frustration.

Then perhaps what u meant is that
It is Very Disappointing to see the Sony 2023 new line up not to have the new Pentonic chipset and still having a 100mpbs LAN port. Which is a fair statement.

It is Very different from saying that the entire 2023 line up is Very Disappointing, which is not a fair statement. Because there is much more to a display’s picture quality than just that chipset.

There are also many other brands that still uses 100mbps LAN port in their top models. Which i cant understand the rationale too given today’s streaming usage.

Sony higher end TVs has been a top performer in PQ, out of the box, esp its OLEDs even though they may be lacking in features, HDMI 2.1 ports and the 100MBPS LAN port. But luckily the LAN port issue can be overcome by using a LAN dongle which give decent speeds at a very low cost.

Sori ah, we need to be fair to Sony. I’ve calibrated and observed Sony LCD and OLED before and their TVs ARE DEFINITELY NOT Very Disappointing.

I’ve read that 8k streams only require 50 Mbps, so the 100 Mbps LAN port is sufficient for 8K video even thought the Sony is just 4K. 802.11ax or Wifi 6 reaches real world speeds of about 1.5Gbps. Perhaps this is a better route than a LAN cable.

Seems like Burn-in is a key issue for oled /qd-oled panels. To have high brightness, burn in is harder to tackle.

But to be fair, qd-oled is still in its early stages and it will take a few years to resolve existing issues.

I rem when wrgb oled was launched many years ago, the oled panels (by LG displays) also experienced burn-in issues. Only after many years did it stabilise, till what it is today.

Interesting article. And how LG has built the G3 to try to beat the QD-OLEDs

I was interested in this comment

It looks like there has been a big jump in OLED technology this year. Looks like next year might be the time to replace my 2018 OLED as that technology trickles into the non-flagship models

If u are looking at same screen size, i would hold off first if your oled is still performing well. :slight_smile:

Because the QD-oled and MLA-oled tech has not stabilised yet. Qd-oled has burn in issues and in its 2nd year. MLA still in its debuting year.

The panny oled PQ and its picture implementation is still one of the better ones out there.

But if u are aiming for a bigger tv screen size, maybe can consider as the increase in screen size enjoyment will make up for the “unstabilised” issues ha

This is great upcoming upgrade for dv picture mode on LG OLEDs. A V accurate ootb picture mode on their OLEDs

Interesting article showing the recent market share last 2 years between the major brands and manufacturers.


Looks like others can’t compete with LG as they make the panels. Even Sony. Panasonic exited the US market

Before anyone decides on getting the LG Oled 2023 “C3 or G3 or any 3series” see what “vincent” has to say in the youtube below…
:grin: :laughing:

TPC n GSR is really irritating on my LG A1 Oled, which i am using as a computer monitor now…
the screen just gets dimmer n dimmer as i stay on any internet page… it happens faster on AVDisco webpage as the background is dark grey…
got to open up a bright webpage then only screen gets back to normal…
very irritating…

Anyone knows what’s the code number to enter the service manual?

no need the service remote… i just hacked my LG A1 Oled to switch off the TPC n GSR…Yahoo!!!
see the website below…

But be forewarned, your warranty will be null n void if u hack into the service menu…
I don’t care as this will be the first n last time I ever buy an OLED TV…
Prefer to get “MiniLED” TV’s, after this OLED dies…

the “Program” puts in the 4 digit code automatically

What’s your tv brand and model?

If it’s LG, i think it’s 0413

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If u use an oled tv for pc use, of course this is expected… Because of absl and gsr on those oled tv displays. It’s just not built for pc use. So u are barking up the wrong tree. Wrong product for your purpose. Not because the A1 oled is not good.

If it’s for pc use, i believe u can consider oled pc monitors. If i am not wrong, many oled pc monitors dont have this absl and gsr “limitation”.

yup true,
but i believe oled pc monitors will cost a bomb n wont come in my current size of 55"…
:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: