After backlighting technology, 2023 will be battle of Video Processors and SoCs!

Amlogic and MStar, the 2 names which most old geek members here shouldn’t be unfamiliar of, had been the focus when comes to battle of performance in video/android boxes. Had been cooking up SoCs and Video Processors to combat what mainstream marques can offer.
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MStar is now owned by MediaTek, while Amlogic is still on it’s own. In 2023, the fight will be tougher when HiSilicon joins in the game, with premium SoC and Video processing that caters to both 4K and 8K TVs.

MediaTek’s PENTONIC 2000 and S900(suspected being employed in TCL 8K TV currently) for 8K TVs will face the challenge from Amlogic’s T982 and HiSilicon Hi3751v811

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here is a list of Amlogic SoCs for TV used to date
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here is the list of MediaTek’s SoCs for TVs to date
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the first 2 mainstream Giants, is going to push out their 2023 TVs with Pentonic.

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from MediaTek’s public domain here are the range of MTK processors used on commercial 8K TVs.

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from MediaTek’s public domain here are the range of MTK processors used on commercial 4K TVs.

(specially designed for XiaoMI)

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it’s not easy to identify what kind of SoC is used on the TV u encounter or looking at. unless u can explore into the system information to look at the NETFLIX ESN version info, which would exposed the kind of SoC used in the TV system.
irregardless how high or advance the model number may represent, the GPU part remains the same across different SoCs… 4K or 8K. the biggest differences between the SoCs, is how they handle the audio decoding part.

depends on ur demand or thirst for the best where some of the features that u may not be frequently using… the minimum MT9612 SoC is good enough to deal with most of the task. the MT9617 that’s present in the latest XiaoMi 86inch Max TV i shared recently in the other forum, is a slight improvement over mine with MT9617.
according to China insider news web, the latest TCL C845 might carry the Pentonic700. but that still remains as a rumor for export models, while domestic models gets confirmed.
some smaller inch Philips 8808 series is now available in the market, those are confirmed to have the Pentonic1000s. biggest 75inch is yet to be seen.

this diagram shows HiSense U7k, U8k and UX could do VRR@144hz…

…which seems to be a capability that ties to the Pentonic 700(MT9653 rebadged) which is used in TCL’s latest miniLED range.
however after some search, these sets of SoC used by HiSense are not higher priced Pentonic 700 that pushes the end price of TCL’s C845 range goes high. but rather improv-ed “MT9618” which is officially listed in HiSense Spain site.
MT9618 data and specifications is not yet listed in MediaTek’s site. but it is confirmed to be used in mid-high and above products which includes the A85K OLEDs, as well as DLED backlit E7Kpro.

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Ed, what I am looking forward to is the new chipsets that support built in auto calibration with a colorimeter. Calman is working with many manufacturers. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a new TV unless I can auto calibrate it with my Calibrite

when we talk about Pentonic chip, we immediately would think of mid-highs, or premium models that would priced $4000 and above, depending on size.

now be surprised, and excited that the Pentonic700(presumably the MT9618, lower end of Pentonic700) will be in the entry level DirectLED-TV P745 series, but only in the 2500euros 98inch model, not the others.

PHILIPS seems to had pulled back the stocks of FALD-LED TVs under the 8808 series that carries the Pentonic1000 chip.

in Chinese saying,“青出於藍勝於藍” where it literally means “the green that comes out from blue, will out-glows than blue”.
should MediaTek had not acquired MStar, the “independent” MStar today might have developed a system that is CalMan ready like MTK Pentonic SoC do…

the MSD6886 SoC(now rename-coded as 4KT22) developed by MStar had been driving numbers of mid-end 4K TVs from SHARP, and used in numbers of Chinese marques as well.
upon some searches and watching of unboxing clips, i discovered that the PRISM+ Q86 is also using another MStar developed SoC, the 4KT32, which comes with the entry level Dolby Atmos Dolby Vision tech where the 4KT22 can’t do, and i can confirm that on the Audio side thru my AiWa TV that is now in my mother’s place.
one “basic” SoC variant that i come across in some foreign language discussion site, mentioned about the model number of 4KT12, but no mention of Dolby Vision capability.

the MStar website is crippled in the sense that we can’t search on model codes for inner detail of the systems’ capabilities and features… this is totally different when u go site tour on the Amlogic website, where the company is not acquired by MediaTeK.

i’m still looking on unboxing videos on the SHARP miniLED that do multichannel Atmos rather than Virtual 2.0/2.1 to identify what is SHARP using.
is it Pentonic700 that is CalMan ready?
or upgraded MStar that is not CalMan friendly?

performance of 4KT32 SoC

thru the screencap here…
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…there seems to be a hint that the SHARP 1st Global MiniLED TV is using a higher-end of MT9612 variant, identified as MT9685 or MT9688.
i couldn’t find much info of MT9688, but there is some info about this SoC, as shown here:
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the based MT9612 SoC is sort of mid-high end SoC that doesn’t support CalMan calibration software like Pentonic700(MT9618/9653) do.

Yo bro Ed, tomorrow when i have loaded up “Netflix” into both the Sony’s, i will take a screenshot of the “Netflix ESN” so that all can see what is the “SOC” n “Processor” used in the Z9K n A95K Tv’s…

wouldn’t U.S. origin TVs will come with NetFlix app installed by default?
how come need to reinstall again?.. unless, it’s region specific locked?

yes, its preinstalled, but since i am gonna update both tv’s firmware, i normally like to “Totally do a Master Reset, the tv’s to Fresh Factory install state” just to “Clear out any lingering cache or storage issue’s”

its a “Bad Habit of mine to always do a Total Master Reset when a New Firmware is released n installed”


Installed the “Aida64” APK for both TVs…
Weird results for the Sony Z9K. Attached below is the report on the resolution maxing or set to be 4K…

For the A95K the results are attached below.