*Official Thread* Anthem AVM 70 & 90 and MRX 540, 740 & 1140

Just curious, anyone re-do their ARC with the latest stable version (v1.7.4)? What do you think compare to the previous stable version (v1.6.10)? I re-do mine and I think there is a tangible improvement in the phase alignment/correction.

I didn’t touch the system after 1.6.10. I didn’t even attempt any software upgrades.

I’m actually very happy with the AVM90 performance on 1.6.10 so never found the urge to explore further

I have some concerns with software upgrades. Sometimes they fix one area, but create problems in other areas in the process.

Unless there is a major benefit with the software upgrades , I’d normally stay away from upgrading the software

Still on 1.6.10…. Happy with this version for now


Yes, agreed. Sometimes it breaks more things than fixing.

I am only available in the afternoon tmr from 2pm onwards. Those interested to have a listen to the Anthem sound signature or ask me anything related to HT, drop me a DM.

Other slots available include:

  • 27 Jan (Fri) from 3pm - 6pm
  • 28 Jan (Sat) from 10am - 1pm

Hello friends.
I would like to say a huge thank you to forum member DESRAY for his great help and his contribution to help solve a problem we encountered after performing a calibration for the MRX-1140.
My friend purchased the receiver after a difficult decision between Anthem and ARCAM AVR-31.
The ARCAM really impressed him but the reliability problems pretty much tipped the scales in favor of the Anthem.
My friend performed an initial calibration for the receiver and also this is his first time calibrating Anthem.
After the calibration, he called me and was very, very disappointed with the result, especially in regards to the quality of the bass. I tried to understand where the problem was and what was done wrong, but from his words I understood that he had done his homework relative to a new user and I could not find from my experience as the former owner of the 1140 what was done wrong or where he went wrong.
I made a personal request to DESRAY and asked if I could send him the calibration file of my friend so that he can check what the problem is and what can be done.
The friend DESRAY replied to me very positively and offered his help and this made me very, very happy as a member of the forum and it is not obvious that there is a good will to help.
Waiting for the friend’s impression after he enters the corrected file and of course I will report on the results and his impression.
Many many thanks DESRAY.

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You are welcome. Do that’s your friend’s arc file that you’ve sent me. Frankly, based on the file, I find his system to be quite good esp the LCR response. If he is not satisfy with the bass, we may explore further but there is a limit in what I can do when I’m not physically at the place to listen and refine the the response on the spot. Keep me posted how it goes.

Hello everyone! Today I found that AVM 70 does’t support HDR10+?! Connected the new AppleTV 4k 2022 directly to the projector, HDR10+ mode appeared! Is that really true?

I don’t recall it support HDR10+ passthrough in the marketing blurb. Only HDR10, DV and HLG IIRC. Is your AVM70 having the HDMI 2.1 board? Perhaps the latest board does support HDR10+ support. Do check with the dealer you bought from to confirm.

Made inquiry for avm 70…quoted 72++

Better to wait and get the New Anthem AVM 70 “8K” Model…


I heard that all models avm70 and AVM90 ships with the new 8k board now, no longer have 4k models and the 8k models cost more too

The avm70 & 90 8k models support HDR10 +, auto low latency mode, variable refresh rates

The 4k board doesn’t support pass through for HDR10+

Yes, that’s what I heard as well. I believe Alex’s AVM70 HDMI board is only 4K. Same as many of us. Of course, we can get TEG to upgrade the board for us to HDMI 2.1 but I’m not sure how long we have to wait since North America customers still waiting in line for their board upgrade. UNLESS you really need those game-related improvements like ALLM and VRR, there is really no need to upgrade the board imo.

Of course, in Alex’s case, if he really eyeing for HDR10+ pass through, then upgrade path is probably the way to go.

At that price, the price has certainly increased compared to last year (now with 8% GST) but the batch will probably come with the latest HDMI 2.1 board pre-installed as well.

Thanks for the answers, I didn’t find the description on the site myself, I just saw that the AVM70 8k model has HDR10+ in the description. Could you please tell me how visually visible this mode is? Can I buy a device that will generate the signal and I will insert one HDMI directly into the projector, and the second HDMI only for sound in AVM70? Is it worth doing that at all?

HDR10+ is the middle child of HDR10 and Dolby Vision (DV). Most projector can’t do DV and HDR10+ is slowly rising in catalogs. My understanding is HDR10 and HDR10+ utilize the same bit-depth - i.e. 10-bit but the latter comes with dynamic metadata akin to DV. The projector itself is a low-not display, even with laser as the light source. We are talking about 150nits - 200nits for top-end model. Since HDR10 support up to around 1,000 nits and all projectors rarely even reach that level, I think HDR10+ will not yield a significant benefit for projector.

Let’s not forget that HDR10+ is developed by Samsung with backing from several other TV manufacturers vying for a piece of pie in the HDR realm where DV dominates (12-bit and support peak brightness of 10,000 nits). I believe TV owners will stand to benefit from HDR10+ more so than projector user BUT THEN AGAIN, it defeats the purpose of having HDR10+ since some of the mid-to-upper tier 4K/8K UHD TV these days will probably come with DV, which IMO is the more superior and versatile one over HDR10+.

Thank you for the detailed answer

Actually, if given a choice today, I would rather pay lower and grab the 4k model. Save the $$. One can still upgrade the board to hdmi 2.1 at a later stage. With its 1.6.10 firmware on the 4k model, it’s stable and there are no issues at all. It’s headache free and works all the time. And it also comes with the sabre chip instead of the AKM chip in the AVM90 8k model

One of the main reasons I bought the AVM90 was due the preference I had for the sabre chip 9038pro after comparing them previously between Oppo 203 (akm chip) vs Oppo 205 (Sabre chip)

I’m not overly concerned with 8k at the moment, it’s still a very long way to go before we see some real content in 8k

We are also not too sure if there are any teething issues with the new hdmi 2.1 board

So ya, apart from gaming concerns, one should note about the pros and cons for the 8k model. But some may actually prefer the AKM DACs if they had done a comparison between the two

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Actually there are for some users in AVSForum reporting ATV connection having signal dropout. This does not happen to the HDMI 2.0 board. Likely caused by the HDMI cable and the HDMI 2.1 board as many believe.

I see. I heard other issues with the newer batches, Fan noise issues. But some users mention they could not hear the fan noise because of the distance between the processor and their MLP. Some even went as far as changing the built in fan…