*Official Thread* Anthem AVM 70 & 90 and MRX 540, 740 & 1140

After my experience with Anthem MRX series AVR and have very positive things to say about its sound, I am waiting with abated breath for the new product launch…hopefully we will get the 4th-Gen MRX series with 13.2 discrete channels.

Finally got my hands on the latest Anthem MRX 1140. For review, pls go direct to post #82.

Tons of tips on ARC Genesis calibrations can be found in this thread. Slowly take your time to read through and digest it. Any queries, feel free to post here and I will try to help you…

Video from Audioholics.

Finally…after nearly 5 freaking years of product life cycle! Its about damn time!

if it really that good then that will be my next avr haha

Yes…the choice if I want to switch back to Anthem is MRX 1140 because of its 2 independent LFE pre-out and this is very important to get the subwoofers time domain (delay/distance) right.
And to top it all up, 15.2 discrete channels… :grin:

Time for me to bug Hwee Seng again, :stuck_out_tongue:

I have ALWAYS stand by my comment that Anthem ARC Genesis is superior than Audyssey ever since I laid my hands on the MRX 720/1120 a year ago…

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The 5 new Anthem products (2 Pre/Pros and 3 AV Receivers).

All new Anthem products will be available in December through authorized Anthem dealers. - Source: Audioholics

Based on the local SGD pricing, MRX 1140 gonna cost nearly $6K…

Source: StereoNet

definitely an interesting option on top of Dirac prepro/avr, will keep an eye on 1140 too, but personally I’m more inclined to get a dirac prepro/avr as there are more options available in the market - Arcam, JBL, Audio Control, Monoprice, StormAudio, Theta, etc etc while ARC Genesis is Anthem proprietary…

Agreed but Dirac right now is a little bit of a hit or miss for integration into AVR. I’m not sure whether it is due to the manufacturer unable to integrate into their system or something else. Furthermore Dirac is modular…most of Dirac module is rather basic…again one will have to pay more $$$ to get extra module…like the Bass Management (BM). Those that worked properly like StormAudio cost quite a lot.

Anthem ARC Genesis sits in between conventional Room EQ like Audyssey but goes beyond that with their proprietary Room EQ. Between Anthem ARC Genesis and Audyssey, I think the former addresses the problem with standing waves better than the latter. Audyssey’s Dynamic EQ (DEQ) has its pros and cons…for the cons, we all know the unbalanced gain in surrounds and the bass muddiness that many users complain about if the listening level is moderate like between -25db to - 20db.

It appears that there is a change in distributorship in Singapore…it seems like The Expert Group (TEG) has taken over.

any news on local launch date and price?

Here’s the official reply from Anthem. Guess the earliest the stock will reach their warehouse to start distribution will be mid to end of this year.
**On 6 Nov 2020, at 10:30 PM, John Soden <jsoden@paradigm.com> wrote:

Dear Mr. Lim,

Thank you for your interest in Anthem and for your loyal support. We are pleased to hear about your excitement over the new range. With regard to availability, it is still too early to give you any firm date. We are hopeful to have units arriving in our own warehouses for distribution in mid to late December, but this is all dependent upon timing of production, where we have already seen delays due to COVID-19. For the latest information, your best option is to continue communicating with Experts Group, as they will be able to update you as soon as they receive their first order.

Again, thank you for your strong support.

Best Regards,**

John Soden
Assistant Vice President - International Sales

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T +1 (905) 696 2852
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AVS news is 12/15, so quite close. Don’t know what is the pre-order price though.

Not sure…but if MSRP is any indicator to go by, it should cost around $6K + for the high end model of the MRX series. I’m still waiting for a reply from TEG on pricing though. I will post here as soon as I get wind of it. Dunno how efficient is TEG in their customer response. Anthem was fast, within a day.

The monolith AvR seems good, from various reports so far in the USA. From implementation to quality to integration. Our local distributor is winwin from ovation

But not sure if he is bringing in for the Singapore market. Gotta check with ovation. It allows the use of BEQ as well, for bass lovers. price is probably approx around $6k plus as well with MSRP $4k usd

This AVR will be worth checking out

The anthem will be no slouch either, both I believe will be good choice for an AVR for HT

The most important part I found, is how one optimises the set. Even if u get in a high end lyngdorf but don’t optimise it, we can’t squeeze every juice out of it

It’s nice we can have first hand experience sharing from desray if he gets the anthem

Looking forward to the review on this one

Oh yes, the Monolith HTP-1 (16-Channel) from Monoprice, just like Anthem AVM and MRX series.

I didn’t know Ovation United is carrying. Yeah…they should bring in if possible. Read rave reviews as well. I actually wanted to try my hands for this one just because it has Dirac Live with BC (optional purchase)…and what’s more also support Auro 3D besides DTS X and Dolby Atmos…For Anthem, they ditched Auro 3D.

I will definitely share my review here…if I get my hands on one before X’mas? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, Dirac live is very good, tested and seen the benefits of it

The noise levels on the monolith is also within reasonable acceptable range for an AVR, the review was done in ASR by Amir. For a start, we have an avr with Low noise levels and the firmware seems stable too

Anthem is also constantly improving, with an in house RC, it’s a worthy contender

Ya I’ve informed win it’s worth bringing in, but not sure if we will see it coming in Singapore. I’m still stuck with my lyngdorf

I think for AVRs, the depreciation in value is 5 years. 20% hit in value each year. So many new AVRs. Luckily anthem played the waiting game and didn’t go for the full hdmi 2.1 now and providing an option for upgrade to 2.1 when it is ready. Very wise move indeed. We can see Denon Marantz and Yamaha now having problems using Panasonic chips that compresses signal vide hdmi 2.1 . That’s gonna be a nightmare for these AVRs and Panasonic , whoever is at fault

I’m very interested in HTP-1 too, but too bad, Ovation United no longer bring it in, just checked. but they have something more exciting, top end gear, lol. I think Winwin will share in XP soon.

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Eh…there is no more XP AFAIK. :laughing: