Disney Plus coming to Singapore in Feb 21

Yeah. Looking forward to the What If… animation series. It’s stylized art reminds me of Love, Sex & Robot series produced by Netflix. I have a feeling that MCU What If…series will follow this style. One episode to tell a story. I could be wrong.

From the first poster, I already see Spider-Man wearing the magical cape of Dr Strange and the zombie Hawkeye and Captain America.

Wow surprised that Wanda vision has 23 nominations for 2021 Emmy awards ! Crazy

Among all I love Loki most… that’s so far the best for me….

Next up…. November 24th…. Hawkeye on Disney +

Next up October….

IMAX Enhanced coming to Disney Plus. Interesting.

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Shang-Chi will be the first movie to be streamed in IMAX Enhanced aspect ratio…Rejoice for those with 16:9 screen

Source: These Marvel movies on Disney+ will be upgraded to IMAX aspect ratio on 12 Nov - HardwareZone.com.sg

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We are getting the marvel zombies !! Agatha and echo (Hawkeye related)


Disney+ Reveals Baymax Series Trailer

Summer 2022

Not all in imax enhanced, like iron man 3 :point_up_2:t2: is not in IMAX enchance

Thor ragnarok, dr strange , civil war some others are in imax enhanced, so much nicer this aspect ratio ! Watching it on 135” screen, imax is very very nice compared to 2:39 scope

Marvels moon knight trailer

They continue to impress

DC still releasing Batman… :man_facepalming:

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I’ve read that this Moonlight character has 2 versions.
Moonlight is definitely a secondary character in Marvel hero’s hall of fame. Apparently, the Disney Plus version go for the version with split personality disorder issue. Not sure how well it will go down with the general audience since it is rather dark.

I’m really starting to hate this IMAX enhanced version since it cycles between occasional IMAX film aspect ratio and the scope aspect ratio. For a scope screen (2.35:1 or 2.40:1), this is extremely annoying!

Oh there are two versions… interesting. I don’t even know who is this guy… first time seeing it… but nice I like the idea

Reminds me of Dr Jackel Ms Hyde

Very annoying indeed !! Same experience

I would rather prefer the entire movie in IMAX AR or none at all. Sigh.

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Who’s excited to catch the first 2 episodes of Moon Knight today?


Sound damn engaging!

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We only watched the first one…is there another already?

Apologies. Its only for the US consumers.

Just finished 5 episodes of Moon Knight in VS10 Dolby vison.

Interesting Marvel story plot. I like the adventure Egypt Ancient hunting journey !
The " speech" is engaging in the heights channels!

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