Disney Plus coming to Singapore in Feb 21

It’s a limited series. Enjoy while it last.

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Ya nice, I just watched it too… now rewatching what if again… standby this Friday will be watching dr strange multiverse of madness !

Can’t wait

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Yeah…I also noticed now the cinema seats no longer have safe distancing measures in place now, meaning we can choose our fave seat w/o restrictions. :slight_smile: I will be going for the Fri morning screening.


Read some news, Kevin Feige and team in a retreat now planning for the next 10 years of marvel storytelling . We might be seeing fantastic 4 soon, that was Stan Lee’s wish… so likely gonna happen…

The fans are clamouring for planet hulk , we didn’t see much of hulk other than edward Nortons hulk

There were talks and speculation that banner was in the soul world after the snap and he most likely saw Betty… we might see something in she hulk… coming soon on Disney also…

The rights for Hulk is a very tricky one for Marvel as it is the property of Universal Studios. Hence you will never see an individual Hulk movie under Marvels direction. I think She Hulk rights is under Marvel so no issue.

Fantastic Four rights used to be under 20th Century Fox but since Disney had acquired Fox back in 2019, Marvel can have free reign in the direction. None of the F4 movies strike a chord with the general audience… Let’s hope under Marvels vision, F4 can be done right this time.

Oh ya, the rights for hulk is not owned by Disney, I recall now. So they try and give the hulk as much screen time in avengers since they don’t have the rights for that character…

Ya under marvel I believe it will be an entirely different F4… hopefully…

I dunno why but I just can’t seem to like the show at all.

Hi all, I am new to both streaming and 4K. I noticed that the images of 4K movies (such as The Rise of Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi) streamed from Disney+ seem to have quite a fair bit of grains. Did any of you notice it? I am trying to establish whether it is inherent in the films or is due to my setup. Thanks in advance!