Demo and catch up at Roni’s

Yes, I bought my current sofa from them 2 yrs ago. Their price is quite attractive. I’ll get from them again if I ever need to upgrade my sofa.

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Oh, u got it from them, nice !

USA Leggett & Platt Mechanism

All of our comfy sofas includes a Leggett & Platt Reclining Mechanism within it. A true market leader in the USA, Leggett & Platt produces a strong unit that can withstand more than a 159kg load and 35,000 full motions and will keep on reclining.

Not bad actually, quality is good

1 yr on electrical parts
2 yrs on wooden structure
5 yrs on mechanism

My friend was using king living, older model, lotsa issues with the mechanism . He said have to buy the additional warranty, else headache . But luckily I chance upon comfy, not bad really for the price

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Wow, sofa got an upgrade! :+1:

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It’s nice, when listening to 2 channel music, u can bring down the headrest . So there is no reflection off the sofa

Whilst watching movie, u can tilt to match your viewing angle from “x” distance, so that’s good

Finally, with the crowsons now mounted in front of the footers, the tactile energy moves two ways, towards the recliner leg rest, and to the back. There is a nice balance there. The entire sofa still moves right to left on gravity scene when I was testing it. So 4 actuators were adequate for 3 seater sofa

I prefer a mild tactile transfer to the sofa from the actuators, otherwise if too much it feels really awkward like a ride in the park

Last year I had the opportunity to visit one member, to check out the calibrated JVC N7, before I bought the LG laser PJ. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out on anything, because 2-3 years back when I demoed the out of the box non calibrated N7, I wasn’t impressed at all for its price. So I had to check out how a calibrated N7 looked on screen, answer was still the same.

But during that visit, the environment in his theatre room and seats caught my attention instead. When I walked into his theatre room, it was so refreshing, clean, decluttered, neat & comfortable . It gave me the feeling of “wow” this room is so so relaxing … immediately I realised what was missing in my set up….his theatre room was so nice and you get that feeling u want to stay in the room forever! This is something I’ve never experienced visiting so many theatre rooms… comfort and relaxing is the key…. So so nice, his entire front stage is decluttered and he had his equipment right to the back of MLP and some at the sides

That’s the benefit of visiting and demoing different set up, u get to see how others have done it and u take the positives out of it and try to implement it at your own place, if possible…

That was when I realised… the first thing that needs to change, isn’t my speakers, or subwoofers or PJ or screen, it was the Home theatre seats! That made a huge difference to the movie experience. He had crowsons on as well, but the mood totally changed when I stepped into his theatre room. The best I would say. So that was the key moment when I decided, ok this sofa thing does make a difference, comfort is equally important when watching a movie or listening to music. That sofa/chair, is gonna transform the experience …and soon I followed his footsteps …

And his rug… was super soft and comfy… damn !! Was so good and comfortable…

Very important lesson I learnt, the room, the environment, the chair… it sets the mood

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Yes. Isn’t that nice. Personally I was always squinch whenever i need to change my sofa. I always go to HTL, Comfy, Cellini and have ended up with HTL 3 times. I can’t n seem to find one I like in Comfy despite liking their n device.

This time round, though, received a King Living Cloud V as a present. So in a way, fated. A little bit apprehensive about the reliability, as usual good and bad experience galore, but guess will see how mine turn up.

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Ya! That’s the one I checked out, cloud V! Looks very nice and elegant, my first choice… i went straight to the showroom, but price was $12k, slightly over my budget by $2k… so I waited and explored further…

I got a similar design(adjustable headrest and recliner) with the comfy…

Lotsa nice combinations with the comfy, he showed me different options and configurations


In the end, we went with model “candy modular “… couldn’t believe it was 1/3 the price of King Living, $3.8k vs $12k ! It was a no brainer decision… we confirmed the comfy unit on the spot

Initially I came across this online below

It looked very much like the Valencia HT chairs I saw online… that’s how I came across this company comfy….

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Had some time to demo the screen material from XY screen. I got a sample recently , ALR AT material ….

Above :point_up_2:t2: windows wide opened, right ALR material, left white screen elite

:point_up_2:t2: windows curtains close, plain white screen

:point_up_2:t2: windows curtains closed, right ALR material left white… I can still see the holes… good for sound, as u blow into it, u feel lotsa air coming out the other end, but video really suffers big time, image clarity suffers … u can instantly see the clarity takes a hit comparing side by side with the white material from elite

That doesn’t mean the XY screens are not good, someone did a comparison and found good results with sound max 4k AT , for your reading below….

Conclusion , I’ll stick to white AT screen… still no go ALR AT for me…do not meet my expectations…

ALR screen has a narrower field of view, meaning if you are not sitting at the prime location, you may get colour shift. Matte white screen is still the better option.

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Bro @Ronildoq, thanks for hosting me yesterday afternoon. it’s great to see you again after so many years. Your gears are getting more impressive. I have a great time.

Those who really want to experience what a properly calibrated Anthem setup sounds like should pay Bryan (aka Roni) a visit. Of course, drop him a PM first to see if he is free. Weekends are family time so he may not be able to accommodate every weekend. In that regard, do let him know in advance so that he can make the necessary arrangement.


HI Desray
glad you enjoyed the session. Was fun and so much talk about but so little time. Just in a wink of an eye it was 5.30pm and i had like so many more to share with you. But its ok, i guess we can always catch up again next time.

Next saturday will be hosting one guest, then the week after will be another 2 guest.

Slowly but surely, those who want to experience the AVM90, please bear with me, ill try and slot in some time.

MOst of the time it will be either on a saturday 2pm or sunday 2pm. Will update again…


You bet…will definitely come again. I need to return you the HDD too. For me, engaging in conversation is more meaningful in my house visit to member’s place over demo. Exchanging of ideas, knowledge, tips, tricks, advice and best practices broadens our knowledge base even more. :slight_smile:


Demo sessions ahead, AVM90, LG Laser Pj with/without masking, line array combo stacked 18”, room feel, stereo, phantom centre vs dedicated , wide channels vs none…

It’s always nice to catch up and chit chat and enjoy the demo, I definitely enjoyed it… as I get exposed repeatedly with the same demo material, the more I listen to it; the more familiar the track becomes and it’s just so engaging for me as well. i I’ll share more info on the anthem page as I discover new stuff during demo and sharing sessions…

23/07/2022 (completed)

  1. Desray

30/07/2022 (completed)

  1. Ng
  2. AG

07/08/2022 2-5pm

  1. Yvo
  2. Dist

14/08/2022 2-5pm

  1. rck
  2. Skt

20/082022 2-5pm

  1. Justdaniel

21/08/2022 2-5pm

  1. Wim
  2. Rosl

03/09/2022 215pm

  1. Den9893

Pm me if anyone wants to demo the AVM90 and experience the line array with the laser Pj come September 2022


Some demo clips to share, enjoy

DtsX clips , this is reference from the Incredible Hulk, massive ulf . It’s the improved version in 4k dtsX

Then we have the kingKong t-rex fight scene in peter Jackson’s kingKong , also dtsX and 2160p

Finally we have the iron man 3 Atmos scene, where u test the subwoofers bass articulation

This scene here will reveal a lot of bass articulation, if the subs are up to it… it’s not just bass pound and go type of bass, it’s bass steering type of effects that tracks on screen action… very good to test

One more added, Male vocals the voice of Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime

Enjoy !


the quality of the AVM90 is unbelievably good. So many of the demo tracks are awesome. Im picking up so many new details never experienced before.

On hulk LIbrary scene, during the sonic cannon, wow i can hear Betty Ross’s voice… in the midst of all those ULF and Midbass… the transition from midbass to ULF is unreal… very solid…

Then comes Peter cullen’s voice, as the cube moves, the bass moves as a second layer with the vocals anchored on front stage…

Very enjoyable!! I can now appreciate upgrading to good quality speakers for surrounds and surround backs… everything is coming alive!!

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Haha… it’s always a joy to read your “description” where you sing high praises of the Anthem sound signature. Arvind must be busy with more pre-orders down the road.

Hahaha, yes I’m really very satisfied this time with the upgrade. Nothing to complain.

The minor bugs were
1)auto phase( works but still not perfect)
2) rumble filter
3) volume button sticky remote.

Nothing else negative about the AVM90, all solid.

The details are amazing on this AVM90. It’s not just change in sound signature .

In the past, I don’t always find the need to upgrade speakers, because when u put in the processor, u can hear only “xxx” info. That’s it. U change another speaker, it’s the same, the info is still “ xxx”

Enter the AVM90, the details is “ XXX YYY ZZZ”, when I can hear the z now as Z (oomph) and plus extra Y & Z, the experience is amazing. Immediately the word “Upgrade” comes to mind. Because now I’m not just changing the sound signature on the set up, but I’m hearing details never heard before. So for me, I term it as an upgrade.

An upgrade is something I refer to when the entire system is performing in a way the existing system can never do. Source is very important for me. If u asked me, I always take priority with source over speakers.

A good source can play all sorts of details for the speaker, so no matter how high end your speakers or well built the subwoofers are, they cannot play those details . The details are just non existent if the source is not good enough…. That’s where I’m coming from… on the contrary, a $1000 diy speaker can play all those details as a $10,000 speakers and that is why, I’m very satisfied with the AVM90 , finally….

Gone were the days where I used to think that if I had a budget of $10k, I would spend $7k on speakers and $3k for source and amp. Given the same budget , I would spend $7k on source and amps and $3k for the speakers today instead

That’s just my way opinion and these days the mentality has changed because as I experience all these all the way, I see how important the source and mid equipment…. The speaker is the last… without the source and mid equipment… the speakers are nothing !

Agreed that a good processor or receiver goes a long way. It is akin to the brain/heart/cpu of the home theatre system. Let’s hope auto phase can be improved with each iteration.


My godness just tested the hulk fight without beq yet . Footsteps no horse run every step being felt. Massive ULF. Rely reference demo scene :sweat_smile:. This where the 18inch subs rely prowess pow wow! awesome TR with weight! DTS-X!

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Sounds like you can sell away your miniDSP 2x4HD Liao.