Demo and catch up at Roni’s

Yesterday I hosted two friends, it was the first time hosting members on HT demo after a long time

This time round I managed to include in some music demo

I was personally really checking out the line array at the same time on the same set of demo materials, they were extremely good, fantastic ! Unbealivable HT experience

It was also the first time, my neighbour upstairs at 8th floor came knowing on the door :bro , my windows are rattling, “, I said oh, really? Ok ok. By then, we are almost towards the end of the demo

I have a some free time on fridays starting 4th &11th December, anyone keen to pop by Friday 1pm, Pm me

18th I’ll be hosting bro Sevenz

We can catch up on all HT related stuff.

Desray, synthesis , u guys free on any of these dates?

Would like to host your guys if u r free. Sundays 2pm work as well. Just need to plan in advance.

The line array subs built by you is a huge success! After drivers fully run in, the bass is a delight, not only for HT but for music

The 6 10” woofers all the way up to ceiling extends down to 10hz. The results from such an extension is bouncy ULF bass

It’s very satisfying really. Bass is also articulated, as I’ve tested yesterday unleashing the line arrays , at 1/2 the volume only

I think the design is good, no complaints at all, no regrets at all, with the speaker power amplifiers

Good job man, I’m a very satisfied customer :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

I would highly recommend synthesis to anyone wanting to build their own subs

i have also attached 2 clips here , that i personally think is a wonderful demo to test your centre channel and vocals. Its the voice of the narrator from the Movie “The Age of Adaline”

These two will be enough to tell a lot of things coming out from that centre channel


Excellent! Thanks for the effort as always.

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I’ll share along the way any good stuff

Complain from 8th fl??? :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
You stay in 4th fl…

lol, the other way round, downstairs no complain, upstairs complain… lol

It was demo from 12.30pm to 4pm…

Normally no issues, but i suppose most people work from home these days, so some “rumbling joy Ride” transmitting upstairs

You can imagine it is all pure air pressure, everything isolated :slight_smile:

Damn good the Line Array, your design is good!

Here is the bullet scene that i think got the people on the upper unit coming down knocking on my door

Its mastered a bit hot, so lower down the volume. My pants / kakis were literally flapping away back and forth as the bullets were fired , pretty intense, 10 seconds clip. But we repeated a few times, because the feeling is damn syok. Very addictive the bullets feeling

Whoever says 18’ subs cant produce the speed for bullet scenes, need to check this clip with their 18’s subs

Its very syok

Here are 2 more recommended by NGSK and the other guys, bass heads ! Den of thieves

I havent tried this, but sharing this in case anyone loves bullet scenes

beginning and end, Non BEQ version

Another good one is Max Payne with the shotgun, these are my favourite


Thanks ronildoq for hosting me & tong! So sorry your 8th floor neighbor was disturbed…he must be wondering what supernatural subwoofers you have and how many there are for the bass to travel so far up haha :joy:

Haha just shared some ‘more’ realistic gunshots sound/effect,closer to real life if 1 have been through N.S,those bullets fired n the empty cartridges dropping sounds about right based on memory of N.S days most importantly the impact will ‘catch’ u by surprise! Damn good for demo the ‘speed’ of the sub/s also. The movie director or whoever found the right advisor for this + the sound mix engineers did a great job.
By the way looking forward for the WWZ rooftop scene,‘surround’ bass effect,360° moving in clockwise direction!!!:yum::yum::yum: my favorite zombie movie also.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol no worries bro, glad u and tong both enjoyed and had fun. Life is short, it’s good u guys get to experience it. The line arrays were built early this year by synthesis, soon after the pandemic hit, never had a chance to host anyone thereafter for HT demo , until recently for the past one week , we have been seeing 0 transmission in the community. On the bright side of things, the guy on the 8th floor now knows he has to change his Aging 20 year old windows :rofl:

The other good point to note after the exercise, is that at least I can now confirm that the decoupling exercise has been very effective.

So ideally, the subs now no longer resonates with the laminated wooden timber floor, what we were experiencing is pure air pressure and the tactile sensation is purely transmitted mostly through air. That explains why the bass energy is escaping through to the weakest link, “ the windows”, right up to the 8th floor

For the benefit of others, who might be wondering what line arrays we are talking about

When you use only 1 piece of 10”, the frequencies are only down to 40hz, it then gradually rolls off. But when you stack 6x10” woofers like this on each side making it 12x 10” woofers in an array , the frequencies extends down to 10hz , when they are time aligned and will sum perfectly down Low frequencies

That lycan bullet scene handles frequencies in the range between 18-30hz, the range known where it can annoy the neighbours

If you wanna experience bullet speeds, pants flapping with speed bass, this is the scene! But unrealistic, but so is the lycan movie :wink:

Oh, is that the correct scene I cut out for den of thieves? I haven’t actually watched that movie .

Oh ya, still have wwz to cut out, forgot that one.

WWZ is the best zombie movie for me also, loved that one with brad Pitt. Too bad we won’t be seeing a sequel for that

Just downloaded,later in the afternoon testing should be correct la. No hurry on the WWZ scene also as I’ve the bluray disc,just wanted to share some unique bass effect in it other than that famous grenade scene.
That Underworld Awakening scene u shared got really hot ULF,can see my subs limiter light blinking when each shot been fired,damn powerful n yes it’s damn good for testing how ‘fast’ the sub/s also.

When are desray and synthesis going? Can I tag along? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow u have tested so fast ! Good right, ya lower down the volumes, very hot that scenes. That’s the scene I think up 8th floor windows rattling

Ya cut out all the nice demo scenes, each scene have their benefits , easy to explain

The hunter killer rocket missile launch scene is the best for front heights, that one damn solid

Bro no problem, you can tag along or u can come if u r free , just PM me. No problem

When you have decided to go full Atmos, some years or anytime down the road, let me know. I’ll run through all the details on Atmos , so you get your speakers placed correctly. Atmos is a challenge, once mounted then a bit troublesome to unmount etc

So far the monolith processor seems promising, can do BEQ, good controlled noise levels, good Dirac live eq , Atmos , 16 channel, price is also fair. Not over kill. Worth considering that one . Only risk is no local support. Otherwise can be in the shopping list

That Oppo 205, even for 7.1, is just still too good. 3 years on, still capable of dynamic tone mapping , music . Can easily enjoy at least for another 2-3 years until hdmi 2.1.

Yeah still damn happy with my 7.1ch system,other than lack of atmos/dts-x quite hard to beat the OPPO 205 sound quality in 7.1ch for ht/music listening,running dual well implemented Sabre ESS9038 pro dac chips.
If 1 day i ‘upgrade’ to atmos will ‘hire’ u as my ‘advisor’ on the layout/calibration stuff :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.
Might switch to projector also if the 77" oled TV prices keep on been sky high.

Okay tested the Den of thieves clips they’re @ the correct timestamp,the ending 1 could have been ended @ when he finally ‘gun down’ the bad guy but it’s good enough to test those effects liao.:muscle::muscle::muscle:
Bro ron your system keeps on ‘evolution’ when u finished rearrange the rack/equipment will find 1 day to revisit u again.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Personally, I would rate The Book Of Eli and the recent 21 Bridges for outstanding gun fight scenes and a benchmark comparison too!

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