Cash's OpenHouse With Denon X3800H

My Panasonic UB-820 doesn’t seem to be compatible with the Blu Ray HDMI input, but seems to work on the other inputs. However, if I connect the UB-820 through the Vertex to the same port, it works fine. There are definitely some bugs in connectivity. But overall, am finding it much more user friendly than the Yamahas.

Pls elaborate what is the issue that manifest with the AVR’s Blu-ray HDMI Input?

Sammy, Did u set it as “Enhanced” in the Hdmi Settings for 8k resolution? that might be the issue u r facing.
Each HDMI INPUT can be set to 4K or 8K…

One of my HDMI inputs labeled “Blu Ray” does not seem to accept the Panasonic UB-820 player. The picture flashes every second or so. However if I plug the UB-820 into a Vertex2 and then plug the Vertex2 into that input, all works fine.

The UB-820 seems to work fine on the other HDMI inputs, so may be something sensitive about that HDMI input to the Panny or the HDMI cable, which is a certified 4K cable. In my final configuration all sources will go through the Vertex2 anyway because I want to trigger LLDV. So only 1 HDMI port on the X3800H is being used.

I left it in default, which I assume is 4K. Will check

To check whether that particular “blu-ray” HDMI input is abit more sensitive (NOT defective since connection to the same input via Vertex2 works), can you also connect another device and see if the same issue persist.

The Apple TV seems to work on that input. Will try my Firestick

2 things to try.
Change cable or change your player bitrate/depth settings to something like YCC 420 or 422/10bit first to see if it stablize the image.

I have this player UB-820, it works fine when I hook up to HDMI input…

Are you a new X3800H owner too?

As I mentioned, the UB-820 actually works on all other HDMI inputs when directly connected, except for the one labeled “Blu Ray”

Curious… Bluray input is number what?

At last, after 23years of living in my home, I have finally leveled up the balcony floor so hall now is extended… covered up everything but as u can see in picture’s, the damn fine dust still can’t be prevented…
Huge cleanup to do, only then I will be putting in the Denon X3800H into play…

“Bluray” is Input Number 3

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Beautiful! Lots of space for your open house!

Thks buddy… gonna be shifting the rack out into the balcony floor area… think I will need to remove everything n clean up the cables individually… huge and heavy duty task lies ahead for me… think it will take maximum of 4 days in all to clean up everything…

Former Balcony area is 4meters by 2meters.

You can re-position your MLP from horizontal to vertical position so more space for side and rear surround and ceiling.

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Dust cleared, cables wiped down too…