Cash's OpenHouse With Denon X3800H

Now that i am “Settled with my HT and HiFi setup” the next thing to look forward to is the “TV”
And u know that as a fact i aint gonna settle for a 4K TV…
Need a 8K TV, this time round…

now that today i join this forum… this would be the back up forum for my posts which shares the same content i’ll be posting in Hi5v. i would still much be touching on political subjects, then the TV/Display subjects.

i browse through the TV/Display section, ehh… kind of too “big” for small display subjects to jump in…

aiyoyo… there are more other folks here whom are better knowledge than me, technically.

No Buddy!!! this forum “Politic’s” is a Taboo subject…
Dont “Thread on Politics here”
Most of the Member’s here are into “Projector’s”
so having you shed light on “TV’s” would be a breath of fresh air.

if you could recall… i mentioned previously that Europe side is engaging the phasing off of high-power-consumption consumer electronics… like 8K TVs.
although, locally there isn’t such initiative from Pappy yet, 8K TV production seems to have taken some level of impact and there isn’t much news on releases from China side this year from the big 2, HiSense and TCL.
SHARP Japan catalog still list their "D"yr(2021/22) as new, and there isn’t any news from Malaysia side whether 8KTV will be continue with miniLED employed…

so… 8K biggie, as u’ve shown ur interest, have to go parallel import. local, u’ve missed the 75" boat from TCL that had sold off… now left 65" small sampan…

True That… hope Sharp will be releasing 8K models with a “Friendly Price Tag”
TCL n HiSense price is really going up “North”

look at the “Pixel Density of a 8K panel vs a 4K panel”
at 1min 34seconds into this youtube video, just look at the “Blade’s of grass”
with the 8K panel, its so “Sharp n Defined”
compared to the “Blur” in the 4K panel…
“Pixel Density” is really a Step Up…

Oh, just incase anyone is thinking i am gonna buy a “Samsung 8K tv”
Nope!! No way because Samsung is too “Stubborn n Stupid” till this very day by not “Supporting Dolby Vision”

kind of confusing here… isn’t Sony use of “Z” is to signify that particular model an 8K, while “X” is 4K?

the video above is just to showcase the "Wonder’s of having a 8K Tv…
thats all…

“Z” is the “Master Class”
Z9K is the 2022 8K Model…
But the idiots at Sony SG dont want to bring in this model to SG Shores…

Buddy, GundamUnicorn, when would u like to come n visit my setup, so you can hear “Directional Bass”?
just give me a text or call, 96660233.

The “Latest n Current” set up i have now is listed below.

  1. Denon AVC-X3800H (Purely run as a Pre-Amp Out Mode)
  2. 02 Nad M28 PowerAmp’s (So its 14Channels in total, but only utilizing
    11channels, so i still have 3 spare channels)
  3. 11 pieces of JBL Control 1 Pro Speakers (For Timbre Matching)
  4. 04 set’s of Definitive Technology DN12 Subwoofers (Also for Timbre Matching)
  5. Oppo UDP-203 Player
  6. Zidoo UHD3000 Media Player
  7. Sony 75’ Z9D TV

Just completed a HT Setup for my Neighbor living in my Blk…
Bought a Denon AVC-X3700H, 9 Pieces of JBL CONTROL 1 PRO Speakers, n 2 Set’s of Polk Audio HTS-10 Subwoofer’s…
Completed the Drilling of the Walls, Speaker Wiring n Trunking.
Now my neighbor is so Elated with “Boom Boom Pow”


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If u r “Sharp Enough” u can see that one of the Polk Audio HTS-10 subwoofer is colored in a slightly lighter “Walnut” color, as they didn’t have anymore Original Walnut color Subs anymore, so I told him to get the other “Black set” n I pasted the “Walnut Vinyl Sticker that I have lots at home”

The Polk Audio HTS-10 Sub’s are great sounding Sub’s to be very frank… nice low notes…

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My Handiwork on his black in color Sub…


Looks fab. For a retired guy, you are quite adept at climbing ladders :rofl:

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