Cash's OpenHouse With Denon X3800H

The “Kickboards are Dense” so it should do fine…
SGD$7.30cents per board…
Hehehe!!! :rofl:

End result…

Brought out my old Hifi Console and re-did my setup once again.


This is more streamlined…:+1:

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Okie!! Calibration done (Manual Calibration by Ear!!) Yahoo!! Shiok!!
Anyone free to come my place for demo, just whatsapp me at 96660233.

Below is this Champion Dude’s advertisement in Carousell. very friendly chap. only $60 for his services!!

Total day n night difference vs the standard “Audessey Calibration” vs “His Done by EAR Calibration”
Hear to Believe!!!

Since the Denon can “Store 2 Presets”
i have the “Audessy in Preset 1”
n i have his “Ear Preset loaded in Preset 2”
so its easy to let u guys hear n feel the difference.

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Was great hosting Bro Kennyluck2000 to come and have a listen to my Setup…(1.30pm to 5pm)
Thanks for the “Curry Puffs” buddy!!

Thanks Bro Cash for hosting…:beers:
Bro Cash really put an effort to re-arrange his equipment. With new cabinet all equipment and layout look neat and tidy :+1:
We started off from stereo listening Session, i really love this Perlisten speaker with the Nad pre & power combination… i am not an Audiophile guy but more of a music lover, love that warm and meaty sound from vocal to hard rock metal. We play from soft to loud the Perlisten just do it effortlessly like no man land… one of the track I tested was Invincible by Tool a 12min plus long track do demo…:heartpulse:
Moving on to the HT session, this time is the JBL Control 1 Pro with Denon X3800H as pre and NAD M28 as power amp.
Last the most important ingredient in HT setup is the bass… How can one watch a movie without some serious subwoofer to bring up the excitement and realism effects from a movie scene. Bro Cash just include some new found love the 3 badass Definitive DN12 along with his first love the Perlisten D12s. Some say if you start with one good sub… subsequently you will start craving for more bass to fill your heart. On the day the 1st Def D12 sub arrived… immediately after he hook up and test… he call the dealer on the afternoon to send the 2nd sub over… on the evening they delivered the 3rd sub for him. Salute to you bro Cash.:saluting_face::guardswoman:
Bro Cash suggested to played the demo with Audyssey off. It was manual preset by one of the guy who Cash engaged to tune for him just by ear. We tested one of Xtremeplace demo disc… 13hrs, Wave, In the Heart of the Sea, The Goosebump, 10 Cloverfield Lane… after that we switch over to Audysdey on, immediately we can feel the whole soundstage collapse and all the bass feel is all gone.
Not to fault on any of the room correction software. From my understanding… if room with zero or little treatment… there will be more dip and peak along the frequency as compared to a well treated room. Even if the room correction can get you a flatter frequency it does not help on the reverberation in the room. A room with enough treatment and no room EQ will always sound better than a non treated room with some room Eq software.
This is just my opinion and understanding… I could be ‘wrong’, do whatever you feel is right and you feel you are happy.:smiling_face:
Side noted for Cash. I love your over head surround one of the better one I had heard…:heartpulse:
As for the Demo material it’s was done by Desray previously “Xtremeplace DemoDisc 8”


thanks buddy for the very detailed write up. Hehehehe!! u definitely love “Metal”!!
Wasted Bro ChowBotak was not at my place!! Hehehehe!!!
We could have all been “HeadBanging Together”!!

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Bro Desray’s “Xtremeplace Demo Disc Number 8” is really one of my fav, go to demo disc!!
Des, maybe u could reupload all your superb demo disc’s u released in the past… i believe i have collected all of them, even those on “Regular DVD Format’s” (Super Old, but still shiok!!)

The very old DVD Demo Disc had “The House Of The Flying Dagger’s”
Wow!! love to play that very scene till today!! Zhang Ziyi throwing the shawl to hit the drums!! the reverberations is really out of this world!!

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This was the Track you like from Tsai Chin Live

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Shiok!! Thks Buddy!!

If any bro’s wanna come n have a listen, please do drop me a whatsapp or call…96660233

Bro Cash,
Your L-C-R spks (JBL) are so cute.
I wonder, it won’t be distorted huh when you crank up, watching movie, knowing your living room is big.

So far the Nad PowerAmps are pretty good at making the cute Jbl’s sound great, even at loud volumes. hehehehe!!

[Distance Hack vs Speaker Level Hack: Why It Matters - YouTube]

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