Blu-ray/4K UHD titles with a killer Dolby Atmos/DTS X track

Do you all order the media off amazon USA or elsewhere?
Is anyone only relying on streaming?

Can’t speak for everyone but yes. I ordered my physical discs from Amazon US and sometimes I bought from Poh Heng for older titles.

Streaming these days, I will subscribe on Amazon, Netflix Apple TV+ and Disney Plus as and when there are good shows to follow. For instance, Legacy of Monsters season one will end in Jan next year. After which I will cancel it. I will cancel the subscription of any streaming platform anytime I want.

started ordering from amazon last few days. Have to use forwarder this time as some on discount does not shipped to SG. :smiley:

A rather frenetic movie with a rather schizo plot, but with excellent bass and Atmos effects is this Chinese production called A Writer’s Odyssey …

Watched this yesterday and I’m pretty awed by its Dolby Atmos mix. This Netflix flick will put a smile on your face if you are yearning for some object-based surround mix at its finest. The dragon’s voice flying and walking around the female protagonist is cool. Oh yes, it has some nice bass too. Overall a nice watch…thoroughly enjoyed Millie’s portrayal as the damsel in distress.

For Dolby Atmos mix alone, this easily commands a 5/5 stars for me.


Netflix Damsel!!

No horse run SQ and BASS. !! 5/5 for me too!!!
Presence and Fire Kao Lat!!


Space man, another Netflix flick also featured some good Atmos effects but the show is intolerable to watch…long and boring. If you like movie with allegory and like a slow-burner, then this movie may suit you.

Just watched Godzilla Minus One. I have to say this is by far the best Godzilla that ever appeared on the silver screen. The Japanese version of this Godzilla is so agile and fearsome. OMG! The Dolby Atmos track is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I’ll give a 10/10 stars for the Dolby Atmos track alone. Must own!

A word of caution…the bass is what I would describe as ground-shaking, thunderous, and weighty with a dose of infrasonic when the occasion calls for it. Be a good neighbour and listen at an appropriate volume if you can. You have been warned. Those with bass shakers or equivalent, buckle up and enjoy the ride…It has been too long.


Wow can’t wait!!

After watching this version of Godzilla from the perspective of a Japanese filmmaker, you will have a newfound respect for this creature. This is how to tell a story and the Americans need to learn from it.

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Desray, you bought the disc from amazon japan?

Yes, my Japanese friend managed to secure a copy for me and it just reached me yesterday. Do take note, this is for Japan market hence no English subtitle.

No English subtitles…Hmm… :sweat_smile:

very impressive looking set!

according to HK forum, the file for foreign language subtitles is ready for download. but no mention of where to get.

follow this thread closely,

the link to English Subtitle file download could be reveal soon.

oh, no english subtitle arh…still thought of ordering from amazon jp.

or is there something like we can download the english subtitle in a USB thumb drive and next time can just plug in to play at the same time?

the FHDBD Deluxe 3 Disc BoxSet…
…minus the UHDBD.

Hope there will be a version of it with translation!

Even I dun understand…just looking at the expression, the context itself, I know what is going on. More importantly is the sound mix and effects are pretty on point! No wonder the Godzilla team won Best SFX in this year’s Oscars. This is a MUST-BUY! But I urge everyone to wait for the version with Eng subtitles.

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i saw people commented that usually it will be around 1 year later then it will release in NA…wah cannot wait…cheong arhh

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