Blu-ray/4K UHD titles with a killer Dolby Atmos/DTS X track

Bought the physical 4K disc and I have to say the Dolby Atmos and sound mix is way way better than the digital streaming version. The dialogue is much clearer and the bass is really bad-ass!!! Of course, the movie itself is nowhere near Bumblebee but it is definitely way better than Michael Bay’s version of Transformers.


Usually Netflix movies/series is not something that I will recommend since it is on streaming and the bitrate is in lossy DD+ (Dolby Atmos) mix but the Fall of the House of Usher mini-series (8 episodes) comes with some really good Dolby Atmos sound mix. Right from episode 1 with the storm and hail, you already know you are gonna love it.

This series is rated R21 for its gruesome and jump scare scenes. So be warned.

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Finished this NetFLIX series . Good soundtrack.

How to set auto-3D? I also used it for music and I like it too but dun understand how to properly set it

bassheads will likely be busy to redo setup, either to add or upgrade present subs to welcome this Atmos track in coming December!

Not sure whether I can endure another 3 hrs long watching this. Probably skip to the “best” bit.

DSU (Dolby), Auromatic (Auro3D), NeuralX(DTSx) all uses the bed layer sound signal to so call do the upmix.

Naturally you want to set your audio from your source player to play the bed layers first, then use upmix feature via your processor. :blush:

U.S. release date for HomeMedia announced last nite!

the HomeMedias will be released in 21st Nov.
other than DVD which sticks to theatrical presentation of ws2.20:1 aspect ratio,
UHDBD and FHDBD will be presented in ws2.2:1 and ws1.78:1 mix throughout the 3hrs duration.
Dolby Atmos might not be present as the announcement mentions only DTS-X.
so be prepared, if u think that the bass from rumbling waters from TITANIC won’t stress ur subs… maybe the Atomic Blast can!

Just finished Blue Beetle on a 4K disc. Not a bad movie. Pretty entertaining.

Great Dolby Atmos sound mix and pretty hard-nailing bass with a tactile feel. Unfortunately, the PQ is pretty mediocre considering this is in 4K HDR. The colors are fine but sometimes the images look either “soft” or “out of focus”. I attributed it to a bad transfer. Hopefully, there will be a remastered edition.

This is a very good Dolby Atmos sound mix with an impactful tactile bass through and through…Pretty solid acting from the actor playing the lead role. A true story of the underdog. A must-owned disc on physical media imo.


By the way. May i know nowadays where do you all buy the physical disc from? Still

Just finish this Blue Bettle movie with my son.

Holy cow exciting sia. Punchy super tight bass with ULF .
Very Powerful hitting Tactile bass
Damn solid very enjoyable!!!

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Finished this on Sat.
Superb Engine and Gears SQ. Story is super nice! Very enjoyable too!



Thx for this. I’ve added it to my black Friday title list! Ha

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Quick check. Does aliens 1-4 bluray titles have good sound quality? Thinking to buy if its good.

Thx for the review. Is the storyline good? Thinking if shld buy the bd haha

Story is good. SQ and solid bass. This movie remind me of the HULK lol :slight_smile:

OMG. when watching the movie, i was like why the car angle like that and suddenly…

Here’s another one that has great Dolby Atmos track and a very tactile bass to boot. The physical disc will come out on 12 Dec but it is already available on Amazon streaming. Even at a lossy sound format DD+ with Dolby Atmos, the sound mix is very dynamic. I really love the VFX and the story line. Very original and highly entertaining. Edward Gareth is slowly becoming my fave Director when it comes to Sci-Fi genre. Yes, he is the Director for Godzilla (2014).

Keep a lookout for the physical media as this is going to blow you away with its Dolby Atmos mix + a good workout for your subwoofers as well.