Blu-ray/4K UHD titles with a killer Dolby Atmos/DTS X track

loon first… in 5mths time, English Subbed version could be available.

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I have finished ripping the whole disc using MakeMKV. For those interested, I will be remuxing a segment (around 4 min+) of the first act where Godzilla first rampaged an island. This will serve as a prelude of what you can expect from the sound mix.

Here’s the link for everyone to download the sample clip.

Send me a PM to request for the login credentials.

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Just finished this whole movie with my son just now.
Dozed off at times watching the whole 2 hours without English subtitles lol :slight_smile: watchingg with the HoVerZe with the Sub up front dual combo.

Atmos and bass is top notch!
Superb Dynamic and can hear the height atmos in action!
The roar of the Godzilla is thunderous ! FEARLESS !

So far the best Godzilla Jap series for me.
I love the surking fins of the Godzilla always in the water and that music!

A must watch!

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for whoever got their hands on the Godzilla Minus 1 Japanese 4 discs deluxe boxset…

this is a link for english subtitle that can be download and used across the different discs, from B/W FHDBD to Color FHDBD to 4KBD.


Just watch Dune 2 halfway into 915pm and have a stop.
10/10 BEST SQ movie of the year for me!

Super Intense pounding bass and v hot surround speakers ambinence in action.
My ears is fully filled now.
No spoilers!

Not for the soft hearted but do pls watch in day time no joke the ULF .

PS : My 100kg sub moved by itself sideway - imagine!!! lol It’s on a carpet though. LMAO.