Blu-ray/4K UHD titles with a killer Dolby Atmos/DTS X track

It’s confirmed, we will see titanic and avatar soon on hdr with High frame rates

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HFR…I wonder at what rate? 48fps? It comes as no surprise to me that James Cameron would advocate for HFR based on this article.

Extracted his quote:

“If watching a 3D movie is like looking through a window, then [with HFR] we’ve taken the glass out of the window and we’re staring at reality.”

“Avatar” director, James Cameron, on HFR movies

True cut sounds impressive. Yea the biggest issue with HFR is the “soap opera” like kinda effect… it’s good to know they can now adjust it frame by frame post production

And the TVs need to support it! Another purchase, upgrade… :rofl:

Watched it with my son key scenes over weekend Superb ULF atmos version :slight_smile:

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No time to catch this yet. It’s in my NAS for the past 3 weeks. LoL

It’s been a long time since we last saw a movie with a killer DTS X track. Finally, the latest Jurassic World Dominion comes with a DTS X track that will put a smile on your face…this is by far the best DTS X sound mix I have heard this year. The swarm of locusts flying over the farm and all the dino fight scenes will give your subwoofers a real workout needed so badly.

This is a demo worthy 4K bluray disc. It also contain 14 mins of extended scenes that did not make it to the theatrical release. This is a MUST GET!


Just watched it yesterday! Superb sound mix and several scenes are reference demo material for object panning.

I can understand why some didn’t like the plot… It’s not about some super dino rampaging and eating everyone up…instead it hints at something more insidious and pervasive… The road to hell is paved with good intentions… The semblance to a certain CEO of a certain tech company is hilarious…

The movie almost like its own modern day story, and the dinos are just extras to provide the excitement… It’s like a showcase of the more recently discovered dinos that are not as well known as the traditional dinos. Loved the mechatronics, really sets it apart from the CGI heavy modern fare.

Well worth the watch.

This is NOT the end of the franchise by the way. Expect new cast to continue with the Jurassic world.

Hated the movie but I have to admit Jordan Peele is a director who is really good at building up tension. While the movie is awful, the Dolby Atmos sound mix is great!

Just watched Top Gun Maverick in full Dolby Atmos bitrate. It’s way way better than the streaming counterpart. Three streaming version Dolby Atmos mix was neutered.

Having watched at IMAX cinema and at home with dolby atmos last 2 weeks.
was wow by the opening soundtrack not say the awesome dog fight.

Waiting patiently for the pre-0rdered disc version! a keeper must buy!

Top Gun: Maverick Ultra HD Blu-ray Review | AVS Forum

Review 100\100!

Audio Advice Top 10 list in 2022

This is one serious Dolby Atmos reference material.

yes, this is a Dolby Atmos Show Stealer!!

It’s interesting to listen to the ladies point of view when it comes to which sound format they preferred.

Some of the comments include, Dolby Atmos is more natural, more layered, and more easily accepted by the majority in general.

Just finished watching this brutal and visceral action-packed gem. The story is simple. One man death squad out to kill Nazis who stole the gold. This is Finland John Wick that just wouldn’t die…LoL. This movie has some really good Atmos track to complement the on screen gore.

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surprise surprise… i thought i would expect to see brudder CASH to comment here about cows flying in his hall setup. :smile: :smile: :smile: but he didn’t!
maybe he had killed the cows for steak?


This is funny :rofl:

Here’s a rare gem…the recently released Resident Evil Death Island. Fantastic Dolby Atmos, clear dialogue and some really hard hitting bass to give your subwoofers a real workout. I guarantee you will love it. It’s one of those demo worthy material. :slight_smile: