AV/HT/Hifi Rebuild

I am Msian and I used to have another setup in Pg.
But I am based in Sg.

yep. It still added up to be cheaper that getting paying someone to do it.
Plus what I have plenty in this pandemic is time. And it’s quite fun and satisfying.

Just two for now.
The back can be potentially future upgrade…

The focals are abt a little below 4k/pc

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Nice, would you recommend the tools? Is it a whole set with common battery packs?

Does the table saw handle larger panels well? Angled cuts etc?

It’s not a table saw - just a multi-purpose foldable worktable.
Heavy duty cutting is using the wireless 4" circular saw.
The battery unfortunately is not common as I do have the water jet tool for washing my car and bikes. I did thought it’s common, luckily I opted for unit with battery when I bought it thru Amazon.

For the price I am happy and it does what it’s intended.
However if you are planning of whole day cutting - you will need extra batteries.
I had the juice ran out in 2-3 occasions, thankfully it wasn’t an issue as I had many other areas to attend to, thus I can have it plugged in to charge for 2-3 hrs before getting back to cutting.

Of the many tools that I bought, the circular saw is #1 best decision. Do not under estimate the effort to cut wood… my initial intent was just elbow greese, my 1st day I almost gave up. I placed order for the circular saw immediately that same night :grin:

The laser line level is probably the least neccessary. It is convenient validating the levels of the front speaker enclosures, but on hindsight, I realised these are not critical. There will be tolerance in the floor level and further variation in the cut out openings. In the end the ± 3-4mm is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.


such a vast improvement over your previous setup bro!

the improvement in SQ must be amazing.

super respect for the DIY work u did man, no easy feat. A lot of hard work, precision and planning needed.

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No joke! Lotsa respect for our friend. You can observe why he is experienced, because he has been there, seen it, now doing it…


As I have learnt in the past, it is really no pain no gain.

I totally agree with you, respect earned :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

You should also see his DIY speakers construction! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thanks guys for the encouragement!

This has been my biggest step up in terms of DIY efforts, though the DIY speakers in the past was pretty challenging but that was very much in a different way.

The last 4 surround spkrs are still pending delivery. Not forgetting the 3 seater :couch_and_lamp:. Once these are in, I can do the final tuning and clean up the messy wiring at the back.

Thus far, the sound balance is much improved. The base responses from the 3 subs after EQ is most satisfying from the few reference clips;

Ready Player One
Live by night
13 Hours
John Wick 2
Godzilla vs Kong
True Legend

I received the Zidoo Neo S the other day, the video output and playback is more consistent and reliable. This is a welcome improvement from the buggy Kodi on my HTPC.
However, music playback is still not ideal. The scraping of my flac collection takes a long time and ended with scan error :sob:.


Wow I am really impressed and great work Bro :clap: Enjoy your journey :+1:

Minor update,… as in global logistics challenge, this just arrives after slightly over 6mths wait…

I was a little worried it might not fit thru the door… but plenty relief it passes without issue.

Unfortunately my 4 surround spkrs still no ETA :face_with_spiral_eyes::sweat_smile:


Looks cozy.

Look so comfy and pretty!

Wow very classy sofa! Chio

In the pursuit of BASS NIRVANA… for HT audio, the bass response to me makes up 30-40% of perceived value/quality/performance.

Having audition a few impressive setups, I had wanted more tactile response that the current 12” fell short. After much research I settled on the Arendal Sound 1723 2S, these are 2x13.8” which the site claimed to be equivalent to a 21”… not really a scientific extrapolation.

These are 41.2kg each,… back breaking effort to unbox and safely get it out of the protective foams. Moving them into place is also freaking tedious esp the footer is quite grippy - ie I had to put upward lift pressure :face_vomiting:

So what happened to the 12” units?

I’m trying a stack config placed at the back of the room… KK had made claims on the benefits of these and many high end speakers hv speakers with a tower of subs as well…


Congrats on your new toys! Wow 40kg!!!

Congrats on the new toy! Enjoy

super nice.

enjoy your new toys and new bass!


bro Ricky, you are the one selling dynaudio C2, right? wondering what are you upgrading to.

Yep, those are “under utilised” secondary system in the living room. It is overkill for its current usage. :sweat_smile:
Planning to downgrade and simplify to an active speaker… no target at the moment.
Will source only after I manage to dispose of these.

With the sofa now in (had to remove the door and shift the back wall treatment frame/spkr enclosure.

I can finally finish up the back enclosure.

This is the BEFORE look. Decided to squeeze the diffuser foams in front of the MOAB from AuralAid - they don’t sell these anymore.

The finished look. For DiY, gud enuff for me. Anyway when lights out u basically dun bother with what’s behind ur head :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

Below two pics are the “wide view” from front (screen), side wall to back…
Consistently black/dark environment theme…

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Nice… That’s true, when the lights are off, it is only you and the movie you are watching. I personally think that you’ve done a great job for the media room. When u have finished setting up, don’t forget to invite me over.