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Welcome everyone to this new forum. I am doing this alone and I will be looking for moderators to help me out. Discourse is a new forum concept which is mobile and tablet friendly. It even has an official app called Discourse Hub in both Apple store and Android Google Playstore. Way better than the problematic Tapatalk as the API changes. I know some of you may not be used to this kind of avant-garde forum design concept. Give it come time and you will know why it is so much easier to post stuff here compared to the traditional phpBB forum and SMF forum.

Look forward to your participation…

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Hello Alf here hope i can share more stuff on av and HT products . Also how to have better visual and products that can enhance the contrast , sharpness , better blacks , more depth …etc


This Discourse seems pretty nice. Different from the “conventional” forums.

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Glad you find the new Discourse forum format interesting. Try to embed youtube and even images…you will find it so much easier…simply drag and drop!

Great to have you on-board this new forum…hope to see more posts on new product launch and your advice on projectors, screens and calibrations.

Alfie ! Good to see you !

2021 will be an exciting year for Projectors, lotsa new stuff coming soon

Anthem will be releasing their new AVR this Fri. Time to ditch my Denon X8500H…lol

Hi Ronildoq,

Yah man , next year i will have one project with the BenQ 4k Laser 5000 ansi lumen firing on a 180" 16:9 AT screen .

Hopefully by than the BenQ UST projector with lots of links will be out.

For now HT projector in expansive laser will be the JVC Z3 ,it will good to pair with the Cyrus Titanium Grey will be fantastic visually . Great for those like to have a bit of lights on or have ambient light .

Will keep you guys posted a picture on actual site later part of the year .

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Alf, u hear any industry source that JVC laser projector at a more affordable range in the near future? I recalled reading somewhere but can’t seem to find it in the internet anymore.

Jag checking in. I’m going to be in the market for a new pj soon too.


Welcome bro Jag…If you have any queries on the latest 4K projector offering, do create a new post and hopefully everyone can chip in. I will help to answer some of the lingering doubts if any. :slight_smile:

Nice to be here… any restrictions on who we should share this with? other than maybe people we know and respect. Privately of course.

So glad to see Discourse being used. does the header logo seem to be missing the D in Discourse?

Or are we just doing that stylised D that doesn’t quite make it :wink:

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Yeah that is by design…because that chat bubble is “D”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have just include a Slack chat integration to this Discourse community forum.

Hi guys I m in :blush:


Welcome Uncle Francis… :slight_smile:

Allo all. I like the black background. Good job Desray!

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Thanks for the compliment and welcome on board. This Discourse forum is something new and may need some getting used to. But it is actually much easier to post and embed media than the conventional php based forum board.

boxerfan reporting in :grinning:

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Welcome on board. Fee free to navigate around this new forum software to familiarize yourself first if you haven’t already.

hi all, keai@xp here, love to see this nice forum up for x-xp forum bros, good job Desray!

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