Which 12" subwoofer to get? Paradigm XR13, Rythmik F12, DefTech DN12 or M&K Sound X12

I’m looking to change my subwoofer to a different brand. Due to room size, I don’t wish to have a gigantic woofer in the room as I don’t need the response to go down to “single-digit” (not my type of bass). I preferred “clean, tight, fast” (very cliche I know) bass. My first choice is Paradigm Defiance XR13 as it also use ARC. Since I’m already into the Anthem ecosystem, I’m naturally inclined towards Paradigm. I believed TEG is the distributor here in Singapore.

Is there a compelling reason(s) that I should consider the other 2 models (F12 and DN12) that I have shortlisted? DN12 freq response is pretty close to my current JL Audio while F12 definitely digs “low”.

Your thoughts?

the e112 is capable of some low rumble tactile and pressurise the room even though its small. And the midbass thump is good.

Do u still have shakers to give u the low rumble tactile currently? I rem last time u had

My worry is if u go for f12 or paradigm, u lose that low rumble and room pressurisation. But if u have a shaker, that will alleviate the loss to a good extent.

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Yes. I still have those. :grin:

Wow finally !

JL is a good sub but not the tightest fastest for midbass

You might want to explore the MK 12+ subs using push pull configuration

Not sure of the size and dimension but the MK15+ looked pretty huge

The drivers are designed to produce high velocity , if you are coming from JL subs, these type of fast, clean articulated subs might appeal to you . Their strengths lie in the transient attack and articulation… not so much for single digit bass… not so much to cause your walls to shake or disrupt your neighbours , but enough capability to love air around you for the visceral impact in midbass

You can also add the isoacoustics footers like how the Chinese guys are doing like below :

Or use the newly released aperta (supports up to 36kg) or aperta xl(72kg)

Quality stuff, quality bass… I believe you will enjoy it!

Definitely check it out …


Ah i see.

Personally would lean towards the dn12 as it can do deeper and more headroom.

The rythmik f12 bass signature and the power is quite different and may not fit your needs.

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TEG just tell me that the new XR series just released as such no existing stock.

Hi desray, don’t know whether u’re looking to upgrade or just wanted to try out other brands,a nice comparison thread can be found @ASR,there’s a comparison spreadsheet in it on the first post,any sub if got reviewed with measurements it’s in there,link to the reviews also in it.
Sounds wise best is to test it in room if possible. The thread:


Thanks bro ngsk. Will check it out. :+1:

I’ve got the D15, and can sell the D12 if you looking for one.

Can drop by if you free :smiley:

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Ya this is the best! If you can test it out at your own home to see if you like the sound signature of the subs….

Rythmik signature is more or less what u heard at NGSK place… similar type of signature

Paradigm no idea man …

Good to also check it out at Win’s place he has the deftech subs….

The Dali subs are also very good, doesn’t go down so low, but very fast , clean articulated type of signature

Naturally subs that don’t play down so low freq, will sound a lot “faster” …

Lotsa options out there …

Once you get a taste of the signature you are after; it’s a lot easier to decide…

My search is over…settled for a pair of M&K Sound X12.

Damn its heavy!


Enjoy the new toys.

I’ve heard them at a client’s place. They are good. But why not the + version?

Over my budget if I get 2 units. So have to do with the non plus version.

:tada: congratulations :partying_face:

Wow fast hand fast leg. enjoy the new toy ! Excited for you ! I’d be too if it was me… await your reviews …

The drivers take some time to break in, 50hours if I’m not mistaken… our senior member SDDS used to own this, he said takes extremely long to break them in. MK should have done the break in free air at factory… not sure why they didn’t do that…

Using brown noise to break them in helps…

Once it’s broken in, the texture of the bass becomes smoother… u will notice this along the way…

Wow all quality stuff gear u have there; MK subs, lumagen, jvc laser, anthem …

Enjoy man !

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Wow congrats on your new toys!

Looking fwd to hear your reviews vs the jl e series

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Tot u said dun want too big subs and you ahead with m&k :joy:
Is it new?

When I said “big”, I’m referring to the driver size. Anything like a 15" and above are considered big in my books and I will have a hard time with the placement. The M&K X12 is still 12" drivers. I hardly considered that as “big” subs. What is indeed “big” is the enclosure and that’s because of the inclusion of another driver down below for the push-pull design. I have considered the height of the enclosure and it fit precisely beneath my scope screen to prevent any blocking. The weight is heavy but I can manage. All of these factors culminated to my buying decision.

And yes, it’s new else why there are boxes. I will be discarding them pretty soon as no HDB dweller is going to keep such big boxes around due to limited store room space.

Thanks for the tip but frankly I don’t find any rigidness in the drivers that will inhibit the performance. On the contrary, running after just 2 hours of my demo materials, I already get very clean, layered bass. It performs exceptionally well in music and movies. I have never seen such a linear response curve just using these 2 subwoofers placed in front of my screen. This is a pleasant surprise for me. Will share more later.

Very nice ! Enjoy! Just saw your reviews on the other thread !

Have fun!

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