User requests and new feature roll-out

As above, I will review the request(s)…If it is reasonable and beneficial, I’ll try to implement it. If not, I seek your kind understanding as this is a one-man show (at least for now).

How do you find the dark mode so far?

Dark mode, you like it?
  • Yes, it is pleasing to my eyes and helps to conserve my mobile battery life.
  • No, it is too dark, I prefer a white background.

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Any option to put a Signature in my profile? as i went through the settings but cant find it.

Yes, you are right, by default, the Discourse forum software does not come with signature. The creators have their reasons for not implementing it. It can be done with a plugin but I have no intention to include signature. Signature can be as simple as a few lines of text but it can also allow image embedding as well which I have seen. I am inclined to follow the creator’s intent do not wish oppose it even though there are some third-party plugins readily available to circumvent it.

Small feedback, pls don’t take it personally…

The “chat” logo ain’t no “D”, so everytime the forum logo comes up, “iscourse” feels like a major spelling mistake. For me, it is so very uncomfortable to see.

Can add back the “D” … please …


Noted on your request. Done!

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Nicely done! Thank you.

looking good @desray

Anyway to insert a quote from earlier post?

Maybe it’s just me but I feel easier to navigate forums in XP…

After looking at white font against black background for a while, I can see dark and light banding if I look at blank wall…

Hi synthesis, you just need to highlight the whole or part of the sentence/paragraph and quote will appear. Depending on the platform you are on, if viewing from a mobile/tablet, just highlight like you would using your finger or if you are viewing on a desktop, use the mouse to highlight and quote option will appear.

Similar to synthesis, I like dark mode but the white is too bright at times. Is there a way i can personalise it to be grey or something.


Noted in your feedback. I will see what I can do.

I have implemented a lighter shade of black as well as the font color (lighter shade of grey) to make it easier on the eyes. Hope this is better for everyone.

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i noticed that the system keeps prompting that a maximum of 3 posts allowed, then someone else has to reply, only then u can reply. is it a bug in the system?

That’s a screenshot…why limit 3 replies only?

I have increased the limit (but not umlimited). This is a built-in mechanism that must be set in place to prevent botnet attack where multiple posts will be made and innudated the topic.

ah… ok. thks for the explanation. cheers.

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