Top Gun Maverick trailer (2022) coming this May!

My 2nd most anticipated movie of the year after Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. This is the latest trailer released by Paramount Pictures. It looks good…


This needs to watch in IMAX


Yes man! Cheers

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Nice! Can’t wait for this one !! :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

Looking foward for this in May. THE NEED FOR SPEED…

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Which theatre is the best in both a/v to enjoy this movie?

I booked Shaw Paya Lebar IMAX for this Saturday. Never watched there before, hope it’s great!

Any idea if Shaw PL imax has immersive audio?

Reviews coming in are mostly great…

Just caught this sequel at the cinema…the story is simple and formulaic that goes true to the original Top Gun…the main selling point here is definitely the dog fights and man…F-14 Tom Cat?! Just the aerial evasive movements performed by the F-18s are worth the admission of the ticket!

If you only have to watch one film a year at the cinema, you will not regret watching this one! Highly recommended and entertaining.

Rating: 5/5 from me!


Paya Lebar IMAX is good! I think it’s better than Shaw Lido IMAX. Laser projection and good sound.

I was seated right in the middle of the cinema. Screen fits my field of vision. Can see all clearly without needing to turn my head.

The movie is great!! The action scenes are spectacular. The dogfights are great.

Probably the movie to catch if you only watch one movie this year.


I’m watching Thursday! PLQ is the reference cinema in Singapore ! No doubt about it

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Just finished watching top gun 1, in dolby vision and Atmos.

Couldn’t believe what I heard, so impressed with the Atmos for top gun 1!

The front heights were fantastic watching it at home, it’s one of those movies you will go, yea I’m glad I went with front heights

Sound Panning overheads damn solid, lotsa whooshing energy, very very enjoyable, 1986 movie. Old is gold. Totally never expected the Atmos sound track to sound so good.

+1 for top gun 1 for Atmos , big difference compared to the dts hd sound track


Just finished top gun maverick at plq imax

Man this takes movie of year 2022 for me!! Damn good

Must watch ! Can’t wait for the bluray now.

Must also remember to watch first movie Top Gun, it’s related .

Love it man !

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Just rewatched this today in atmos via Anthem AVM 70.
Kaolat the height speakers with immersive separation!
Damn shiok when the engines roar with tranducers armed with BEQ. :wink:
My turn tomorrow IMAX maverick!!

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Did you recalibrate your ARC with the latest beta? Or you didn’t do any more calibration after i left?

Bro remain intact no change no redo. ) Stay put am happy with it. All bros that came after your session love it . The bass is awesome :slight_smile:

PS: lazy too lol. Now tend to watch movies enjoy better haha.

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