TCL Display (Owner Thread)

Searching around for a good TV for my wife’s place. Either it was Prism QE Pro or TCL C825. Choose to go with TCL after much videos shown over YouTube. It’s an export set new with 1year warranty. Got it installed yesterday. I shall slowly share on my experience with the TV. Anyone using TCL as well?

If anyone needs the link for in depth on the TV

Too bad they don’t do 75" and larger…

Hi Pete,

I think they will be coming out soon for 75". If I never rmb wrongly, C825 might be the last 4K and their heading over to 8K the next line of products.

So there’s 2 kind of export models

Japan - 2GB Ram, 1x hdmi 2.1, 2x hdmi 2.0 (can’t rmb if it’s 1.4 on one of the ports)

Europe - 3GB Ram, 1x hdmi 2 1, 3x hdmi 2.0 (can’t rmb if it’s 1.4 on one of the ports)

Price difference is $100. But sadly no stock on the Europe ones. Seller has no idea when the stock are coming. That’s the reason I took the Japan version. If I would need to use more hdmi ports probably I will use HD Fury Vertex 2.

I wonder if they are VA panels…
Anyway if they are PI panels, I won’t be keen. I see so many questions on how to use them, UI issues and other questions on HWZ… I prefer to buy and use w/o fuss…
On the other hand, Philips is bringing in 77" OLEDs… now that’s interesting too…

I have the 50C716 in the livingroom. So far so good.

Managed to side load adrama apk, wifey happy with it.

@petetherock it’s looks like VA panel.

Yes the Philips oled looks exciting.

Hi @boxerfan88

I’m going to try next if able to install IPTV4K APK file. They will be moving away from Android TV to Google TV on the next update.

Any hiccups or easy to install APK files?

Apologies for the mess in the room. The installers knows their job well and within 10mins it’s all installed. Took myself sometime to findle around the menu but it’s a straight forward menu.

This pictures took from my phone (Samsung S20 ultra) out of the box settings playing from YouTube(2160 HDR)

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Very nice. The tone mapping from TCL TVs are quite good

Earlier in the year CES2021

Quite affordable for an 85” for people in the USA

TCL will also offer a four series 85 inch at $1599

Hi,can I know where and how much you buy.


@Senyou here you go :smiley:

@Ronildoq yes it’s like quite good for the price worth comparing with prism wise. There’s the next one Vizio, Not sure if anyone selling them

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I heard Prism PQ is not very good…

@desray Woah. Then I’m safe that I made the correct choice in the TCL :sweat_smile:

Confirm. Thankfully they took back my E55 and refunded; have to say their CS is good.

I then bought the TCL. The TCL C716 PQ, functions & compatibility far better then the E55 that was returned.

@boxerfan88 woah that’s good. Atleast using the money from prism to TCL.

Nice, I have heard reports of alternating bright dim bright dim when HDR kicks in. If your come across that issue, the solution is to switch the mode to full RGB mode . Not sure where to do that settings on the tv, but a friend of mine who uses the TCL TVs have advised to use this option

Otherwise known as PC mode, it disables all processing and runs the full range 0-255 RGB

Not sure if this is resolved with the newer TCL models

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