Synology NAS Related

Hello Everyone,

To get this started to share and learn from everyone. Purchased my first NAS of Synology. Gotten influence or poisoned by no other (@Wind). Of cause I do not wish to lose my movies so hence went into NAS.

Hence the whole setup is still on going. Let me know what NAS setup do you have?

2x 1TB Samsung Evo Plus NVME
1x 10Gbps (E10G18-T2) (my computer has ASUS XG-C100C 10G Network Adapter)
2x 16GB (Nemix Ram)
4x WD White 14tb (still hunting for 4x16tb)
I’m using it as SHR 1


Considering that this is your “first” foray into NAS and you have already amassed such a heavy “arsenal”. For me, I have been using NAS for the longest time but always using a normal 2 bay like the current one I’m using right now is DS212+. Its going strong for coming to 6 yrs now and never failed me. And yes, I always go back to Synology for its ease of use and scalability. Their diskstation manager is very intuitive and easy to configure. The learning curve is not steep as long as you have some basic networking background.

Welcome to the world of NAS.

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Can consider getting HDD from Amazon sg, much cheaper, recently gotten 4x16tb <500 each. I also ssd cache using Samsung evo but both dies twice so I stop using already

Old movies you deleted away or stored the most important ones? :thinking:.

Synology it’s easy to use with their IU. Stepping out from orico 5bay drive that served me well enough. Shall plug it into my router(ax11000) convert it to a NAS itself.

Died twice :astonished:. Any idea what’s the caused of it?

I bought my 14tb at $300 each. Spending $500 each like a heart pain moments for 16tb :smiling_face_with_tear::pensive:

Yes, I constantly add/remove new movies with old ones, its for streaming.

Probably due to heat ba but I’m not sure. Used it he cache for 1.5yrs died got replacement coz under warranty but 1 of those also died after <1yr… hope you have better luck

i bought the same model as yours (DS1821+) jus a few months back. also did the upgrade to 32GB Ram…
slowly my old hdd’s are dying one by one, 5year old HDD’s( my HDD’s were transferred from my older 1515+ Synology NAS) . do always have it configured to have at least one “Hot Spare Drive”

Ah ok. I don’t have the habit of deleting old movies. I will keep them if I would want to rewatch them again. :speak_no_evil:

Ok. Shall keep track on mine. Hopefully last longer than what you experienced. Thanks for the sharing.

I was worried as well on the duration of the HDD to last. That’s why I went to NAS. Roger you cash, having 1 hot spare as back up incase of anything

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My Journey with the old Synology 1515+ n now my new 1821+…

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Thanks cash for the sharing :blush:

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cheers buddy!

I realized for smb from Synology NAS to oppo it does not work after entering the username and password. It will just acknowledge as wrong username/password. Using from zidoo z1000pro the SMB works perfectly after entering username and password.

Just checking if you guys face the same problem as mine? :thinking:


Eventually using NFS from the Synology NAS it works perfectly (thanks to @Wind help).

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Would be adding this along the chain of my network and computer. Not Synology related

The DUB-E250 will be connected from my PC (type c).

I encountered same issue early this year, it happens after DSM upgraded to version 7.0 and above. Looks like newer version of DSM disabled NTLMv1 so you need to re-activate it.

I managed to find below snapshot but it is in Chinese, I’m in office so can’t show an English one, simple translation is: basically you need to go to “file service” —> “advanced settings” —>
“Others” —> tick “activate NTLMv1“ option, it should do the magic.

Hope it helps. Cheers.

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Good find :+1:t3:

Thanks @matrix16888 for the sharing. I thought it was user issue(myself) problem :rofl:.

Transferring all my movies into the NAS. Guess it’s going to take sometime to get it done.

ASUS XG-C100C to Synology E10G18-T2