Spiderman No Way Home (Official Trailer)

Prepare for multiverse…

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Awesome !!!

That black gold suit looks awesome…

How about a Dr Spider from another multiverse ?

Mayhem in the multiverse… all sorts of possibilities , here is another version, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man as venom carrying iron spider… so nice all the various posters

150mins ?? Yes plsssss

How about this version ? All 3 Spider-Man cut and fit into a single version

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Today we watch EP 1 & 2 , the Tobey McGuire version Spider-Man

so nice the Spider-Man 1 in Atmos. From the talking upstairs, to the Atmos kicking in when he gets his spider sense , to the green goblin glider scenes for Atmos with bass, web slinging Atmos effects, very nice. Didn’t notice so much more details from overheads on the Atmos version sound track. Midbass punches are fast and tight also, -10mv. Not bad, a lot of details and good use of Atmos speakers . Especially when they think and talk in their heads, the Atmos channels come alive. It’s so much more immersive watching this on the big screen again, after so many years ….

I wanted to watch it with the kids before no way home, so they get an idea with the multiverse Spider-Man . The kids really enjoyed Spider-Man 2

On EP 2, The sound effects of tentacles :squid: moving with Atmos is awesome, bass is also louder on part 2…. Crowsons working very hard with BEQ and u get that nice wobbly feeling towards the end, energy fusion reaction scene

That train scene is awesome as well, the tentacles thumping with impact down Low freq, very very nice

So enjoyable watching it on the system with this projector, very satisfying

Very immersive….

Can’t wait… kids say they prefer Tom Holland…. Hahaa… it’s very hard to choose, Tobey is also very good as Spider-Man

Just finished the trilogy, so enjoyable this Sam raimi version… the kids enjoyed, they now know who is sandman, venom, doc oc and goblin……

Going forward next to amazing Spider-Man lizard and electro…

Then it’s homecoming and far from home…. All gearing up for Spider-Man no way home…

They will then understand what this multiverse is all about

Already getting questions from the kids, why is Mary Jane always screaming and falling off the building… lol

Spider-Man fever at home now… everything spidey… from pyjamas to cups and mugs to drawing to story book to colouring your toys and Lego… all about that Spider-Man now… hahaha

Can’t wait to watch this one with the kids

In the meantime, here is a compilation of all the differnt spider suits…. Cool stuff… I like iron spider suit best !! And that black Spider-Man suit

Original Sam raimi version

Spider-Man venom bonding suit

Andrew Garfield version

Not sure what’s this version

With the hoodie

That monkey spider version in far from home

Tom hollands tiny spider

Darker version

Paint version from spiderverse animation

Finally that iron spider

And we have the black and gold in the upcoming no way home ….

Who else is looking forward to this Spider-Man no way home ?

We are….

Thanks to Jamie Foxx…we now know.

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More set leaks…

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Man… can’t wait for this man… everyone is excited to watch this one…

Need to check out the new IMAX theatre at Bedok, apparently it’s good…

Haha…don’t worry, the good news is Singapore is one of the 26 countries that will get to see this latest Spiderman 2 days in advance than North America - i.e. 15 Dec. Sometimes I find it ironic, the country of origin actually gets to see the “product” much later than the rest of the continent. This is largely attributed to the way the movie studios “craft” their way to get the most out of the international market. The domestic market opening numbers will be taken last into account.

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story plot looks good

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The plot is simple, the trailer, heck even the teaser told everything…its the ending and the speculation of whether tobey and garfield will reprise their role as spidey that the marketing hype is all about.

Just booked my ticket for next Fri screening at GV. :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget marvel has a tendency of releasing fake trailers or rather trailers that don’t make it to the movie…

With end game, the entire trailer was shown in like in the first 5 -30 mins ….we thought that was it and suddenly we get that cap wielding Mjolnir scene that was epic…

I think they are saving that Andrew Garfield Tobey moment… I think….

This is gonna be epic ! All gearing up, we just finished Sam Raimi’s trilogy now into Andrew Garfield version

Among episodes 1-7 watched recently, all of us unanimously agree the mysterio version is the best…

Can’t wait, got our tickets for imax ! Paya Lebar new cinema

Spider-Man no way home looks like one helluva action packed movie…. The best part with marvel is they always do it in such a way they tell the story first…. Then comes the action… epi 3 of Tom Holland is all action now… check out the action sequence below, solid

Steady lar…which day is that? Wed, Thur or Fri? :smile:

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