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PS audio’s new FR30

How about this horn ? Compression driver 720cm in length….

Blast… lol :joy:

This is “madness”!!!

Hahahaha! I know !

I’m compiling in this thread for the audience… so we all get to see all types of weird and special and unique speakers or even subwoofers etc….

There are just so many options out there

Not sure why but I’m very much attracted to the Martens speaker, they look gorgeous ! Even the little brother beside it

Gorgeous green… those viawave ribbons look fantastic

Joachim Gerhard’s BEO anniversary. English racing green metallic.
With the support of the “Illusion subwoofer” system.
Amazing Viawave Ribbon, with alucone Midwoofer in a spezial ventilated chamber. In every detail of this Speaker you will find Joachim´s 50 years of development experience

For further Infos:



That’s the Dynamikks Athos 10 & 12

Quote from site

Design Philosophy & Topology
“What the microphone is to the recording room,
the loudspeaker is to the playback room.”

The DynamiKKs are monitor-type loudspeakers and deliver exactly what the name implies : tonal neutrality, dynamic accuracy and the capability to reveal even the finest micro details submerged within the texture of a recording.

Great attention to detail in design and to the manufacturing process enables the musical performance to be portrayed as a whole, with the image and the tonal balance remaining stable, irrespective of listening distance or listening volume!

This ambitious goal can only be achieved when the loudspeaker forms a point source, thus effectively mimicking the behavior and performance characteristics of the recording microphone.

Our custom-built coaxial drivers cast a wonderfully coherent image throughout the listening room … one hears real live instruments playing real music! Furthermore, the listener does not have to be "nailed to a sweet spot“, as is the case with “arrayed” speakers … a seating position where the obvious faults of the array topology are minimized, but remain nonetheless noticeable.

The high efficiency of our monitor-type speakers, combined with their linear impedance, offers the amplifier an easy load. This makes Dynamikks speakers suitable for all amplifier types, from low output triodes to large and powerful transistor or class D amps.

Using large diameter drivers powered by huge magnets improves the air loading and greatly reduces intermodulation distortion …

… which is the inevitable plague suffered by small area long throw speakers … Have you ever seen a small acoustic bass instrument ?

Summing these factors together, we have a very different, truly accurate loudspeaker far removed from current “high end fashion” crowd. Let us be very clear : A Dynamikks is a loudspeaker for the seasoned listener who wants to experience the full beauty and emotional impact which recordings keep secret until revealed.

Athos 10 versus Athos 12

So what is the difference between the Athos 10 and the Athos 12 ?

Essentially, they are the “same concept” that has been translated into two “scales”…

The Athos 10 implements an 8" Coaxial driver with a 10" Bass driver, whilst the Athos 12 represents a “step-change” with a larger 10" coaxial and a 12" bass driver, … the latter requiring a larger cabinet.

Essentially, the larger (and heavier) model will be more at home in larger rooms that will require its “scaling” abilities.

Athos 10 from $ 22,500 / pair

Athos 12 from $ 30,000 / pair

Unquote :

Named the Stratosphere 57’s, these speakers were designed and made in New Zealand by a small boutique company named Sculptured Sound Ltd.

Divin Noblesse :point_up_2:t2::point_up_2:t2:

Some info Göbel Divin Noblesse - The Audio Beat - www.TheAudioBeat.com

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German Physiks The Emperor

Tekton Design

The new flagship:
Aries Cerat Contendo speaker system.

That’s starship enterprise!

How about this ? Anyone seen this ? Magico’s $600k pair…


This thread is fast becoming a “fashion show” for different types of speakers…Fashion show in the sense that the design is bold and avantgarde…but nobody will purchase and wear (use) it in the public (consumer market).


Crazy right? I’ve never seen anything like that, I suppose we will never get to see that in Singapore , mostly overseas

These are like special custom made type of speakers that maybe has only like 5 units in the whole world , rare type like certain sports cars they only have 5-10 units made and that’s it…

Dynaudio Evidence Masters in heavy treated room

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Duntech Princess speakers

From FB group, apparently a setup in Vietnam.