Speakers all type

I came across so many types of speakers…

Here is one thats interesting



The new Audiovector Carbon Driver has been engineered to further improve our already class leading drivers: Lighter, stiffer and ‘acoustically dead’ membranes produce a fast and uncoloured sound. The membranes of the new Titanium Tech drivers are made from precision woven aramid fibres sandwiched with artificial wood resin. There is a delicate balance combining our award-winning 8” + 6” down-firing isobaric compound bass system with a new midrange topology and a 4-inch rear firing bass/midrange driver. These drive units seamlessly integrate with the new Audiovector quasi rear firing R-AMT Integrator tweeter. The use of cryogenically treated 7-nines pure copper asymmetrical wiring and Audiovector Nanopore damping material creates a smooth and natural musical reproduction.

Audiovector Freedom is a new and revolutionary grounding technology, which addresses the movement induced distortion of and between the drive units in a loudspeaker. The currents running between the chassis are being processed and dealt with through a new separate crossover, which routes the signal to the ground terminal of your wall socket or your grounded mains distribution unit. Contrary to conventional knowledge, these currencies cause coloration and distortion between the drive units. By balancing and filtering these through a dedicated separate filter and by offering the possibility of connecting the speakers to earth/ground, we achieve a clean, very accurate, significantly more realistic sound with a low noise floor.

Elsewhere… in Japan…. In one of the suburbs …

Those massive horns….

Elsewhere, we have another type, that’s WAF friendly

There is also a review by ASR, below… can be used as surrounds or atmos speakers, hidden. All sorts of designs

If the above is not sexy enough, then check out the Horny 2 with horny subs below


That’s the horny 2

Quote on details

  • 2 "/ 51mm neodymium mid-high frequency driver on 300Hz LMH eTrak wooden horn.
  • 12 ′ ′ / 300mm LMH neodymium bass midrange driver in LMH concentric B bass reflex housing.
  • Plug in and enjoy: perfectly coordinated with our LMH DSP amps.
  • Made in Germany with dedication and attention to detail from European beech multiplex in best quality CNC.
  • Various designs available for individual adaptation. Unique .
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 105cm x 55cm x 56cm. Weight: 80kg per piece.
  • From € 16,500 per couple.

That’s one horny couple there :point_up::rofl:

I add in few:

Very shallow subwoofer

THT Horn Subwoofer


Yes, it is subwoofer

That small woofer is 15"!!

and this IKEA chopping block speaker

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Wow synthesis did u build all these ? Impressive !

My Linkwitzlab.com Orions and DIY LX521.4’s

My Diy Pluto’s and AMP modules (one only pictured) also DIY


Also have LXmini DIY

plus my trusty old Quested VS2205 active studio monitors…

actually all of the above are active speakers :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s unique, nice….

Thank you Bro. Those are among the unique designs that I built. Many others are more common design and look.

Martens looking really good

Off-axis movements and oscillations can occur naturally, caused by the movement of the speaker’s drivers. Marten Isolators are directional to resist these lateral movements and oscillations.

Coltrane 3 now features Marten Isolators as standard - an upgrade achieved with IsoAcoustics

Check out there SMTs, cool !!

How many inches is the driver? How does this perform?
Looks very practical for our small HDB rooms…

wow!!! Thumbs up bro. :scream:

I’ve actually tried the last speaker below, the ikea chopping board speakers using the seas drivers

I was comparing it with the scan speak drivers, and I found the similarities with those using scan speak and seas. The seas will have that signature signature and the scan speak their same signature , cannot run away

The seas has that more “bouncy/elastic ” feeling

Whilst the scan speak has that “punchy/faster” feeling

It’s interesting to compare the characteristics of the driver side by side.

I was testing the two, the one on top uses the scan speak driver. I could hear cabinet resonances on the top bookshelves whilst No cabinet resonance on the ikea wood speakers , it sounded clean, extended and has a wider soundstage, better depth

The soundstage for the speakers on top did not sound wide enough, in the hall. Cannot fully dive into the emotions. But characteristics wise, it’s evident the signature is the same for most of the scan speak drivers I have heard and seas

The coherence of the ikea wood speakers worked better because I was using the line array seas drivers , so it sounded nicer at my place

It’s nice to compare all the different speakers at your home , so that was fun

This is 10" shallow profile subwoofer driver. It was built for music. I don’t think it will be sufficient for HT for its limited SPL and low bass extension, which is only down to 25Hz.

How about this ? Mcintosh….

Some day down the road, my goal is to go line source open baffle speakers as well, to pair the line array woofers at home now… some day…… dunno when…

I got dizzy… :grin:

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Have you attempted to DIY line source speakers ?

That will be cool

How about this? Goldmund Apalogue….

No, never. Mainly because of limited space, and budget too…

Atmos front heights , anyone ?? :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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