Sony TV Owner's Thread

to anyone that has the US(American) sony tv’s like me… Head’s up guy’s!! new Firmware out on 11th Nov 2020!!

its Andriod OS 9 now for the D, E, F, and G Series. Cheers!!

i updated both my 75’Z9D, and 49’X900F.

link is attached below. expand the applicable model’s list to see if your US(American) set 's can be updated.

my bedroom tv set is a local singapore 65’Z9D… sadly Asia Pacific Sony set’s are super slow in updates.

so still stuck on Andriod 8 for that one lone set in my master bedroom…

At Last!!!
i have loaded a “Fully Working Apple TV+” APK File into all my 3 Sony TV’s, “Year 2016 and 2017 Models”.
Google Playstore doesnt have the Apk file in the Sony tvs for installation. i Sideloaded it via downloading the apk into my computer, n then transfered it into a USB Thumbdrive formatted in “Fat 32”. then i connected the thumbdrive into the sony tv’s usb ports n used file manager to open the apk file location. i used the inbuilt “Package Installer” in sony tv’s to install it.
Attached below is the link/website to download the file. i didnt download the latest Apk… i downloaded the Version 2.2.
Enjoy Guy’s!!

Damnit!!! the Z9D’s year 2016 goes into boot loop!!
the kd900F year 2017 can run it. but its pixallated!!!
Damn… :’(

Sony’s new Quantum Dot OLED …interesting… good competition…

Any price indication? Suspect it will be beri exp

I’m sure it will be right up there… the name Sony…. U know it’s not going to be cheap

Expect OLED prices to drop soon with the introduction of Quantum Dot OLED

Hope this will push down the 77" oleds to an affordable level.

Currently the jump from 65" oled to 77" is too huge

Yea I think it’s about time, we should see OLED prices dropping further with the new QD OLED being introduced.

Fierce healthy competition between Samsung and LG. This is what we get.

Awaiting reviews from stop the FOMO guy on YouTube , comparing the QD OLED and OLED side by side

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