Sony TV Owner's Thread

to anyone that has the US(American) sony tv’s like me… Head’s up guy’s!! new Firmware out on 11th Nov 2020!!

its Andriod OS 9 now for the D, E, F, and G Series. Cheers!!

i updated both my 75’Z9D, and 49’X900F.

link is attached below. expand the applicable model’s list to see if your US(American) set 's can be updated.

my bedroom tv set is a local singapore 65’Z9D… sadly Asia Pacific Sony set’s are super slow in updates.

so still stuck on Andriod 8 for that one lone set in my master bedroom…

At Last!!!
i have loaded a “Fully Working Apple TV+” APK File into all my 3 Sony TV’s, “Year 2016 and 2017 Models”.
Google Playstore doesnt have the Apk file in the Sony tvs for installation. i Sideloaded it via downloading the apk into my computer, n then transfered it into a USB Thumbdrive formatted in “Fat 32”. then i connected the thumbdrive into the sony tv’s usb ports n used file manager to open the apk file location. i used the inbuilt “Package Installer” in sony tv’s to install it.
Attached below is the link/website to download the file. i didnt download the latest Apk… i downloaded the Version 2.2.
Enjoy Guy’s!!

Damnit!!! the Z9D’s year 2016 goes into boot loop!!
the kd900F year 2017 can run it. but its pixallated!!!
Damn… :’(

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