OLED & LCD technologies discussion

what is going on in U.S. …

…the trend may not be be the same here in local environment…
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…due to, size and transport-ability.

SHARP Europe had introduced 2 new QLED makes into European market.

SHARP LED TV products with Quantum-DOT layers started to appear in European market since 2022 with their "E"year series.

then starts to be available in Asian region with their much expensive miniLED TV models this year. however, SHARP miniLED seems to be moving kinda slow as the price would considerably to be too high to specification-nerd buyers when compared to other makes in the market… especially competitive models from their partner, HiSense, who makes their products for the European market.

HiSense UX is a direct competitor to take on XLED from SHARP!

considering that SHARP XLED may “loose” the fight to HiSense in sales figures(specification-nerd consumer vs marque-based believer), there may be a possibility that LEDTV with Quantum-DOT layer may be planned next year to be added to SHARP’s Asia catalogue since SHARP QLED TV in Europe had gained a firm stand in the 2nd year cycle, and to the Japanese mainstream marque, SHARP could be the “1st” to introduce their Quantum-DOT layered display in Asian market.

pricing is out! 4days before Xmas to draw buying crowds’ attentions. this time round, NTUC/Giant is not their launching ground, but rather from Courts where i don’t recall PG/MG card discount is available…

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latest on the entry level OLED TV that interested buyer can look on…
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due to no new replacement OLED model from HiSense introduced this year, the price comes down gradually slow from last years listed number. there’s a roughly 8% discount going on now to the HiSense that brings the final price under $3k.
the PRISM+ 65inch OLED is about $100 lower than the LG A3 @$2700 with e-coupon applied. as much as i would like to believe that the panel used on the PRISM+ is BoE made…

…the price seems to indicate that the panel used could be identical to A3 or PHILIPS 708.


ehh… WAIT! isn’t that glass panel look kind of familiar?
yeah… it definitely look familiar!!!

so… to SAMSUNG, it’s an old tech. to consumers, it’s a “new” implementation!

Stop the FOMO’s introduction of HiSense range of displays…

…shows a range with Samsung’s Frame’esque matte panels!!!

the almost forgotten SHARP IGZO technology is back!!!

or… is it?

when China’s BoE had developed a true, “consumer sized” display with AMQLED prototype?

PHILIPS strikes back?
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price to hit on local “PeeWee” to draw more buyers attention with PHILIPS reputation on Warranty Package?

after the Koreans and Chinese marques, Quantum Dot layer employed by mainstream marques we saw from the Japanese, is pretty obvious available only thru their higher-end products such as QD-OLED from SONY with their A95L, and thru SHARP with their FV1X miniLED displays.

PHILIPS gonna jump in to the QLED world this year… with their product identified with PQT designation…

…the move is probably triggered by the success of sales elsewhere thru their “house-brand” AOC, which i had shared earlier, now available locally from COURTS, exclusively.

for the moment, the product pages to respective models that give details on the specs are not ready and up for access to interested folks. however, u’re able to select and call for comparison that IMO, doesn’t give informative references, except that some fields that would significantly different between the QLED model and the regular LED model.

PHILIPS QLED range seems to be allocated to the 8000 series, with 8169 and 8369 number reference. how much technical advancement between 1 and 3 is not clear yet since the product pages are not ready.

will PHILIPS QLED be able to priced to compete with PRISM+ locally? probably not. however, i assume, PHILIPS QLED would be priced to take on the Chinese giants, both TCL’s C645 and HiSense’s U6K(non-pro, non miniLED), where their QLED TVs hovers around $2k for 75inch makes.

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probably coming… … probably not… …

… … …[/quote]
it’s too late for AiWa importer/distributor to bring in this 75inch Google OS QLED model…
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… as a new replacement model is going to be release in coming weeks, first in Taiwan market, then to other markets.
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from the specs, generally i don’t see any difference. it’s the same Quad Core ARM-Cortex55 with G52 GPU and 3 HDMI inputs, i assume that the panel will likely be the same as well, with just minor difference in the aesthetic part.
the price after X-rate conversion base on 1:22 comes to roughly SGD$1.68k w/3yrs complete coverage warranty.

u may get a little confused, should there be any concern to what’s release elsewhere? well, i mentioned the price, warranty, and size, as well as specs. 4 factors put together determines how much should we be expecting on upcoming QLED TV models, from PHILIPS, or even AiWa will be priced. TCL’s C645 range pricing had given us a reference on how QLED TV is priced base on the 4 factors.

AiWa’s 75inch webOS non-QLED model WS-759G recently goes under $1k @ Giant MegaMart. while we may say that the pricing is normal for such low spec’ed model with not-so-complete warranty coverage, i would consider that as an indication of probable new model in plan to replace or added as an option for buyers interested with alternate OS.

since TCL’s C645 range is brought into the topic on “affordable QLED”, i guess it’s logical to touch on what “kind of value” does TCL brought to us base on specs it can offer…
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this non-miniLED C645 comes with quad core ARM-Cortex55 CPU but Mali G31 GPU that may not be comparable to what PHILIPS or AiWa may offer. however, the picture performance is enhanced by TCL’s AiPQ picture engine, while the higher end PHILIPS may come with their P5 picture engine, AiWa will just rely on whatever the SoC may offer judging on the cost.
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here we see thru the leaked update in PHILIPS catalog page, 2 models of QLED TV is coming up in months time. the higher-model-numbered one so far i can see thru comparison, only shows that there’s a panel native refresh rate difference, other parts not updated. TCL’s C645 panel’s refresh rate are not 120hz, but 120hz DLG capable.

TCL’s 75C645 is sold @ controlled price of $2.1k and 85C645 is sold @ $2.7k both with 3yrs complete coverage warranties. so… how PHILIPS and AiWa will be priced, that will be interesting to observe.