*Official Thread* Anthem AVM 70 & 90 and MRX 540, 740 & 1140

Just a day apart, Anthem released Beta ver 1.9.3. There is nothing new except to fix a Windows issue related to “check for updates”.

Another beta update (ver 1.9.4) to support new models.

I can now confirm, Anthem Logic Music, upmixes 2ch audio to ceiling speakers as well.


To my surprise, there is ANOTHER new beta firmware (v1.9.5) and this one appears to have a more substantial impact on the measurements, especially with the initial subwoofer measurement and also the quick measure. I highly recommend anyone having an issue with their previous calibration measurement.

I think the MOST IMPORTANT bug fix (which to my surprise it took so damn long for Anthem to acknowledge and fix) is the abnormally “high” levels during the auto phase. FINALLY!

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Took some time to re-do my ARC calibration to test out the new beta release (v 1.9.5) to see if the bug fixes work. Unfortunately, this latest beta release didn’t fix the “abnormally loud” chirping test tone when performing auto-phase measurements. It still requires me to turn “on/off” my MRX 1140 and restart the ARC s/w to work. Hence, this annoying “bug” remains in this latest beta. Those who already knew about the “workaround” will probably roll their eyes (like I do). The good news is the ARC s/w no longer “pop-up” a warning message about the subwoofer levels despite the gain level being well within the operating parameters and this is great.

Another good news is the stability of the auto-phase measurements. I have performed a few rounds to test the algorithm over time. It is now much more accurate and more importantly, “consistent” with the results churned each time.

I would happily recommend everyone to download this latest beta release if you are not satisfied with your previous ARC results. The auto-phase measurement is very important to get it right else it will affect your subwoofer response overall.

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On a separate note, those having problems with high reference level (e.g. 100db) AFTER ARC calibration. To resolve this issue, you will need to work on your subwoofer level gain of your subwoofers. Rule of thumb, continue to make sure the following are adhered to:

  1. For a single subwoofer, just make sure the level is around 74dB - 75dB. Phase adjust to normal (or 0 degrees) and crossover set to highest on your subwoofer.

  2. For 2 subwoofers - make sure the level is around 71dB - 72dB while making sure none of the peak(s) hit the 80dB mark.

  3. For > 2 subwoofers - deduct 2dB - 3dB for each physical subwoofer output.

#Tip 1: If you have other PEQ or proprietary settings like THX fixed 80Hx or equivalent, make sure to disable all of them. These settings will interfere with the ARC process which often leads to undesirable results.

#Tip 2: To prevent you from wasting your time going through the 5-position calibration, and only to find out that the calibrated reference level is not at the proverbial 75dB, you can look at the response graph from your first calibration position. If the mains are not playing at around 75dB range, you can pause it and check on your subwoofer levels via the Quick Measure tool available in the s/w.

#Tip 3: Just equally important as ensuring the subwoofer levels are set at the proper range, you may want to play with the phase setting on your subwoofer or polarity (normal vs inverted) to get the frequency response of your subwoofer(s) to mimic the target curve - a gradual rise from 200Hz to 10Hz. I know this is contrary to what I have mentioned earlier - i.e. not to touch the phase, but this is only applicable if you are unable to get a smooth frequency response and if playing with the phase knob helps, you should do it. This is especially useful when you have limited space to move your subwoofer(s) to a “better” location.


Would sound of eversolo better or just avm 70 enuf?

Stable release v1.9.5 has just been released. This is the best one yet.


Trust me and download it…re-calibrate and you will love it.

I scared to try at moment as previously the test tone is super loud as compared to the earlier version for me.

Its been resolved.

I wonder if it sorted out the problem I was having with the target levels post calibration being 70db rather than 75db. Many thanks.

That is not a bug that requires a fix. The improvement in the subwoofer level detection at the start of the calibration should help with this.

Hi there, I have MRX 540 and I wanted to add a
5 channel power amplifier. I was thinking of going for a budget friendly option so decided on the Emotiva Basx A5. Any idea if these will make a difference and if so by how much. I have medium size book shelves with matching centre channel and small surrounds. And my room is 8 square meters.

You will definitely experience improved sound quality and better bass control with external power amp as it relieve AVR from overload when you crank up the volume.

I don’t have any experience with Emotiva Basx A5 or any of its product but I believe 5 x 95w per channel should be suffice for bookshelf speakers in a small room.

I’m using MRX 540 too with external power amp. You will not regret it.

Hi, thank you for answering. My next question is if I connect the 5 channel amp to my MRX 540 do I need to do anything on the menu settings. In other words, is there options on the settings to disable and switch off the internal amplifiers of the Anthem just like the latest Denons.

There’s nothing to set other than to re-calibrate the level. Once connected to external power amp those speakers will automatically be power by it.

And here I am :sweat_smile:


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