*Official Thread* Anthem AVM 70 & 90 and MRX 540, 740 & 1140

That’s not true…I’m using Win 11 on my Surface Book 3 right from the start and I have never encounter this issue at all. I suspect it has something to do with the different brand of laptop and the on board chip used by the different brands - e.g. Lenovo and Acer maybe using a different audio chipset which affect the input and output of the connected USB mic.

Maybe you wanna try to take a closer look at the audio chipset of your laptop and see if you can update the driver and hopefully you do not need to apply this workaround every time you want to perform an ARC calibration.

I have 2 issues with my MRX540. Can anyone help me?

First issue - how do I switch to Atmos? The screen only shows PCM no matter what I set at menu as shown below photo.

Second issue - when I go to Input Setup > Stereo & Multi Source Mode > DTS Neutral:X but the screen always shows DTS Virtual:X. Is something wrong or faulty with my receiver?

I have no choice but to switch to Dolby Surround instead.

So far I’m very happy with the sound quality as it is but if I can resolve the above issues to achieve better effect I would want to.

Any bros able to advise? Or maybe I should check with E77?

To get Dolby Atmos and DTS X to work properly, just make sure in the Input, set multichannel to Dolby Surround. For stereo content, make sure to select None to get stereo output or the native sound format you seek.

Tks Desray. Problem solved. Arvind from E77 guided me step by step to troubleshoot. Has to do some settings on my Sony bluray player & Apple 4K TV & Anthem to retrieve Atmos.

I’m very satisfied with Arvind’s top-notch service. Not forgetting helpful bros in this forum. :+1::+1::+1:


I know you don’t believe in ARC calibration but really I urge you to try it at least once to get a feel of the sound after calibration. If not happy, can always turn off ARC. For the premium price you pay for this AVR and with its raving reviews on its room correction system, I think this is the least you can do. Hope to see you delve into the world of calibration when you have the time. It’s really not that hard. Follow the instructions in this thread.

I have done the ARC calibration but felt the sound is not to my liking. I still use the ARC calibration and merely adjust the bass management & calibration level + db level slightly to suit my taste.

As I have said before I’m bad with IT & technical stuff so won’t be proficient to do a good job. I tried to follow YouTube tutorial but I’m cannot be sure I did it correctly. I think I did. Unless any kind brother is willing to come over my place to help me. I’ll be very grateful. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Where you live? I might be able to pop by this Sat.

Saturday I’ll be out in morning and will be back by 4-5pm. Is it good time for you?

I stay at Loyang Valley condo near Pasir Ris.

Wow…that’s very far from where I lived (in Yishun). Anyway the timing is also not convenient for me. Even if I can make it, it will be in the late morning from 11am till 2pm. Maybe another time when the opportunity arise. Meanwhile, I urge you to reconsider re-doing the ARC calibration to reap the benefits of ARC calibration (if done right), it will put a smile on your face. Don’t give up so easily just because you have one bad experience or outcome…persevere and you will be rewarded for your effort eventually. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

No problem Desray. I’m pretty happy with the sound now but if a proper ARC calibration can enhance the sound to another level I’m all for it.

We can arrange again when you are available.

Thanks so much.

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Sure thing. :+1:t3:

Hello Desray

Could you please look at the photos of my calibration and give me some advice to get a better sound?

I changed following your tutorial the quarter gain from 3db to 5db and the deep bass boost changed from 50hz to 30hz and I have powerful bass but at some frequency it sounds a bit muddy or bloated to me.

The maximum frequency correction I lowered the center speaker from 5k to 3k and the surrounds from 5k to 1k to soften the treble since they were a bit bright.

Any advice is welcome. I could send you the calibration file by email if you want to see everything better.

As a new user, it won’t let me send photos here.

My email is manuolle1977@hotmail.com

Thank you very much in advance

I intend to visit members’ places and help them with the calibration of their Anthem AVM/MRX. This is meant for those who have tried their hands on ARC but somehow didn’t quite get the sound/bass to your satisfaction. I’ll go through the process with him and share some of my tips on getting the bass right. Rest assured, it is NOT going to be technical and once you learned the ropes, you will know how to do it on your own the next time you change your AV gear or relocate your MLP.

Those interested can drop me a PM with your address and contact number. When not hosting any member on Sat, I will be out helping other members. So it will usually be Sat. Sun is my “me-time”.


Thank you very much

I send you the file

Made some tweaks to your .arc file. Follow the instructions and let me know how it works for you. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


For those having issue with Anthem remote controller. You can download this Anthem app to replace the physical remote.

Download here: Anthem Remote App Website

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New firmware found. Host firmware now updated to 00.74 from 00.68.

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Anthem finally rolling out 8K board upgrade for existing MRX 740, 1140 and AVM 70. For those interested, you can start filling up the request form and get TEG to follow-up on this.


Based on the upgrade price, if converted to Sing dollars, it will be roughly $600+. Quite a steep price to pay for an 8K board but at least we know its pretty stable now.

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For those on the fence about whether to upgrade…It is actually very easy to reach a decision. If you answered all as “yes” then this upgrade is for you else there is no need to rush.

Q1) Are you a console gamer and want the highest refresh rate for a smoother gaming experience?
Q2) Does your display support 4K@120fps, 8K@60fps and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)?

In short, if you just use your Anthem MRX and AVM solely for movies, then there is really no need to rush and upgrade. Hopefully, the upgrade cost will come down in due course when the demand is not high and parts are more readily available.