*Official Thread* Anthem AVM 70 & 90 and MRX 540, 740 & 1140

This is a dilemma you have to struggle. Trinnov Altitude series has tons of customization for your audio needs…so much so that you wish you have the time and energy to experiment each and every settings available…At the back of your mind, you will be asking yourself, I should play this and this feature to make my investment worthwhile, after all, you’ve PAID such a premium price and if you barely scratch the surface of the settings…you probably feel that you are doing yourself a disservice. The irony of it all…

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This is so right! Should play (like the new firmware +4), vs the need to re calibrate to make it work… is just sianz…

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Let me guess. The guys will WOW by Anthem AVM 90 sound signature!

Vanilla out of the box :gift:

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LoL…sometimes “less is more”. Too much of everything can be rather unhealthy if one is an enthusiast who likes to tinker with settings. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hope so…for Bryan’s sake since he has been busy with the tidying-up of the cables in preparation for the new AVM90. :laughing:


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wow, so exciting…looking forward to AVM90 vs. MP50 comparison. BTW, bro Bryan, have you received AVM90 already?

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Yes, he did…I think he is still working on the cable organization. But I’m pretty sure he has already unboxed at the time of this post.

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I vote for ANTHEM AVM 90. :slight_smile:


Haven’t unboxed! Got some reviews in from Dennis, this morning…. OMG…… that’s all I can say… no spoilers from me, that’s from his perspective. I’ll let him do the talking. He has the lyngdorf mp50 side by side and he was absolutely mesmerised since morning 6am, 500 over messages in the morning alone… from the chat groups…

stay tuned man… no joke all 19 channels sabre dac 9038, let u hear from the horse mouth directly….

I’ll review when everything is up, gotta hook up , and I need to confirm the measurements etc

Eliminating the use of Oppo as stereo playback, a lot of cables eliminated

Taking away the old Xbox gen 2, removing this digital tv box also !!

Eliminating the switch noobsound , eliminating mindisp 2x4hd, connecting everything to AVM90 including music and crowsons

Hd fury stays, that is too good for LLDV for pj. so no chance for it to leave

Try to keep it as simple as possible, but definitely I’m one to deep dive into the processor, I will not leave it alone until I squeeze out every ounce of juice from it !


HHah! U already know ! Since morning … I’m so excited now ! I know how good the sabre DACs 9038 pro are…

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I forgot I still have activities with kids today, longkang fishing… lol

Had to pause. Next is cleaning up blow dust / vacuum all the amps, internal… luckily class D and lyngdorf not as dusty. Then wire up. Tomorrow will load firmware and start a quick listen before eq …

Hopefully I can stick to this one box solution for music and HT

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Yes…family time is more important. Enjoy!


Calibration mic looks good!

Stacked unit, Lyngdorf MP50 bottom vs AVM90 top!

Front view, the AVM90 is slightly taller by few cm and it’s slightly heavier

The AVM90 looks beautiful, has got the “modern” looks

If u see the old version below , not as nice compared to the new, pic from fb, avm70 top vs avm60 bottom

Luckily they can fit in nicely within the hifi rack with the back ventilation ac infinity fan sitting above the processor

Took a leap of faith, no longer using Oppo 205’s sabre dac 9038 preouts for stereo. Using the AVM90 instead. So many cables now eliminated from the chain. eARC goes directly to PJ’s eARC hdmi port, so I can enjoy YouTube music played directly from the PJ’s built in YouTube app. The rest goes through hd fury VRROOM


You will love the music reproduction. My MRX1140 is using the AKM chip for its warmth sound and I prefer this over the ESS Sabre. YMMV considering you have good experience with the Oppo 205.


bought a pair of purifi amps from march audio and after 6 weeks, finally received them, and then realized the input is not rca, and i never used xlr before, since MRX740 only have rca point, so i should get a rca male to xlr male cable, right? any recommendations? thanks for helping!

is mogami cable a good fit for this?

You not happy with the stereo performance from the mains using MRX 740?

I use Dynaudio speakers for LCR which are 4 ohm/low sensitivity, all the while I use emotiva XPA-3 to drive them, don’t think 740 has sufficient juice for LCR.

Heard a lot on purifi amp thus would like to try LR first (also because of more stereo listening nowadays), if purifi amp is really good, I will buy one more mono to drive center speaker too, and maybe can consider upgrade my focus 220/200C to confidence series (Ricky’s C2 is really nice, but too expensive, C1 is more affordable).

I see…what’s the damage for 2 monoblocks?

March Audio AMP price

March Audio only carry 4 models, and the prices are listed in their website above. I bought when they offer 15% in May.

P501 MONO-BLOCK POWER AMPLIFIER is the monoblock with the latest purifi 7040, more power but quite expensive, initially I consider 501 but not sure whether I can hear the differences or not, so try purifi 1ET400 first, see whether it works well with Dynaudio.