New JVC DLA-NZ Series 8K Laser Projectors

JVC is coming up with the new series to replace the NX series. 3 new models to be exact. There are DLA-NZ9, DLA-NZ8 & DLA-NZ7. And yes, it is STILL a true 4K native panel. So 8K will still utilise Pixel-shift tech. While there is still no Dolby Vision which utilise Dynamic HDR tone-mapping (DTM), it is the first to introduce HDR10+ which is also using DTM. But more importantly, all 3 are using laser light source. Available this Oct…The most expensive model will set you back by $30K plus while the cheapest model cost about $13K and that is a steal imo for laser based projectors.

Hope it is made available in Singapore this year or before i have to swop out current NX5 lamp.

Looks like I will be swapping out NX5 to the NZ7. But repair cost for laser very ex i believe

Multiyear warranty is key

Yes agreed, the repair likely to cost a bomb but the other side of laser source is the fact that it is more lasting than a conventional lamp and hence less maintenance cost involved. The publicized hours is around 10,000hrs before we see deterioration, which to be frank is insane. Take my Sony laser projector for instance, I only clocked about 1,987hrs so far and I don’t see any light output drop.

Laser may not failed so easily…but the electronics…lol…

I think the whole assembly needs to be changed, not just lamp. But then I guess when it reached its lifespan, it is probably time for replacement.

More info

Those who wish to know

In Sin or USD?

Video states USD9,999 for NX7/RS2100

In a limb or two lol

I would be tempted to upgrade if there is a trade-in program for my N7 :grin:

Once u go laser, no turning back really…. Quality is very different

I’m sure the JVC will be right up there…

But prices are also…… ex !

Quick view

One of the biggest challenge, will be to get it calibrated. Spending like > $10k on an entry level pj, or even the mid tier at $20k plus and if we can’t get it calibrated for HDR, then it can be demoralising.

The real challenge for us here is getting a professional calibrator to make sure the projector is calibrated well not only for SDR but for HDR. There is a very big difference when the projectors are calibrated well for HDR

So specs aside, the next biggest headache is dialing in the projector

Before one parts away with that kind of money, just for a projector, better to make sure you have someone or a professional who knows how to bring out the best in this projector . Then we can see the ROCE als returns on capital employed

Or you can calibrate SDR properly (no issue with that for most of us using off-the-shelf solution like Chromapure and Calman) and then spend another S$6K to get the Lumagen to do DTM on the fly for HDR content. For JVC, the Frameadapt HDR feature is promising and a handful of reviewers claimed to be very good.

If I have the money, I will save up for NZ8 or RS-3100.

Ya I was actually waiting for the JVC laser this year end. Back then early in the year, I Heard it will be released this year end. So was waiting for it, then suddenly I came across the LG laser and price was reasonable . The most important feature is the built in auto EQ from the LG. Else I will be struggling to get HDR to look right. That was the biggest problem I had with my previous BenQ.

The specs etc everything was there, but I just don’t know how to get HDR calibrated accurately . I can see the same problem if I were to take the path of the jvc laser.

Yes indeed specs are top notch, but they mean nothing if we cannot get the colours , grayscale and EOTF correct

I ended up preferring SDR to HDR on my previous PJ. But once we get the HDR calibration right, then there is no doubt HDR looks way way nicer and add on LLDV at 12bit, there is really no turning back.

No dolby vision support at this price range for the jvc is a huge disappointment, paying close to $20-$30k with no DV support looks really “ultra premium” in pricing

Quite frankly I’m not sure why it is not possible to get Dolby Vision (DV) done right for projectors but the HDR10+ is as close to DV as it gets since HDR10+ shares the same concept and fundamentals as DV which is to utilize analyze the scenes on a frame-by-frame or scene-by-scene basis using dynamic metadata. The only reason I can think of is the lack of sufficient light output to achieve Dolby’s standards in DV.

Ya it seems to be the case all the time with dolby Vision. Somehow not as glaring and eye sore, luminance is much lower, even on the OLED TVs, this is noticeable . It just feels right

I tend to prefer dolby vision as I can watch for very long hours without fatigue , this is also true for LLDV . Having witnessed 12 bit colour depth for both SDR and LLDV on the Xbox, there is really no turning back. There is big difference between colour depth vs over saturated colours

Again a lot of these improvements are really only obvious once the projector has been calibrated accurately for HDR. Without a proper calibration, the pictures look aweful in HDR, even in LLDV. Mostly it’s over saturated type of video quality. It looks like those display in the store like the ones below

9 out of 10 x the solution will be to adjust colour to bring down the saturation , but then colour accuracy suffers because luminance is different with HDR calibration

Just like these above, over saturated to the extent it doesn’t look natural, the entire swimming pool is blue . The red is too red and there is loss of shadow details

Yes so conclusion is, still need to make sure there is someone there to calibrate the pj especially for HDR . Otherwise it’s gonna be hard to justify spending $20-$30k and the biggest challenge in my opinion now is getting HDR calibrated correctly for the particular brand . That is the real challenge

Haha…once you learn to appreciate a well-calibrated display, you will not look back. :slight_smile:

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Dear old Vincent is back :joy:

My source told me that JVC has expanded its dealership. We are no longer tie to one exclusive dealer which is a good thing as it provides more avenues to purchase. Looking forward to get my hands on a review unit to test. My focus is on the NZ8. :slight_smile:


Wahh, that’s nice…. Will be watching it closely when you get them in for review

Need to pay for it. Maybe considering selling my Sony laser projector first. LoL

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