New firmware update rolling out for Denon & Marantz AVR with DTS: X Pro!

Sound United has released information on their latest firmware update for their top-end Marantz and Denon A/V Receivers due out this November 11th, 2020. - excerpt from Audioholics

One of the key updates is the introduction of a new DPS mode by DTS. It is called, “DTS: X Pro”. DTS: X Pro will allow up to 30.2 channels, up from the current 11.1 speaker configurations. Personally, I think it is kindda over-kill.

If we look at the diagram carefully, you can see that DTS:X Pro will work with the Neural:X DSP on top of the object-based sound mix. DTS seems to place a lot of emphasis on DTS: X Pro been able to complement the IMAX DTS:X Enhanced sound mix. Through some complex algorithms, when DTS:X Pro will allow all available speakers to output sound and not just limited to object-based speaker layout (e.g. 7.1.4). So if you have 7.1.6 setup, all speakers will be active. How convincing that will be? Only time will tell.

The upcoming changelogs:

The new firmware with DTS:X Pro is out now.

Its going to take almost half an hour to complete the updating. So you need to be patient.

What is Dolby Atmos height virtualizer?

In a nutshell, when playing any Dolby format, engaging the Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer enables a more immersive listening experience, creating a virtual surround and height effect from traditional speaker layouts without employing additional surround or height speakers. *

After the update, some notable changes include better Dolby Atmos sound stage from Netflix Originals now. Wow, quite a big difference IMO.

There is also some cosmetic change to the way Dolby Surround Upixer or DSU is displayed on the VFD of my X8500H.

There is also a change in the Sound mode dialog box.

Dolby Surround Upmixer (DSU) can now be used in conjunction with DTS and DTS-HD MSTR. Previously only restricted to Neural: X.

For those using more than 11.2 channels - i.e. 13.2 channels - e.g. 7.1.6 (3 pairs of heights speakers) or 9.1.4 (1 pair of wide speakers) layout, are all your speakers fully engaged with the new DTS: X Pro? I am unable to confirm this as my speaker layout is 11.2 channels - i.e. 7.1.4.

Wow you are fast, thanks for the headup. Will try upgrade during the weekends. I am in 7.1.6 (13spks) configuration. Will test out and feedback. FWIW, dtsx pro will require center height and VOG but my config is fh, rh and top middle so in theory it may not work. Let see how it goes.


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Keep us posted of your findings.

Yesterday managed to load the new firmware on my 8500. Took about 25mins. First thing, i load the dts x demo disc, on the sound processor display there is no dts x pro indication. Just dts x MSTR. Scroll through the sound processor selector no dts x pro.
But i did noticed that all 6 height spks are being engaged. Before the firmware upgrade, only dolby atmos will tend to engage fh, top middle and rh but not dts x. Now with the new firmware dts x content is able to do so. Sound stage is also much more engaging.

Will report more during weekends testing.

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Yes, your observations are in line with the AVSforum users. The notable change is that all speakers (13.2 ch) regardless of wides or heights speakers are now all active. This leads me to think whether this DTS:X Pro is a DSP mode rather than a new object based sound format. I believe DTS:X MSTR is still the main one.

I suspect it may be dsp, object base should be more mature by now to support that many channel, just that the hw which is our avr was still in 7.1.4 as not many avr can support up to 13spks atm. The number of channel that is still limiting lies on our hw.

Yes. I suspect so. For most consumer-grade AVRs - e.g. Denon, Marantz, Yamaha Aventage series, Onkyo etc (excluding Prosumer grade like Trinnov, Storm Audio and the likes) circa 2016 - 2019, maxed out at 13.2 channels. This could be a hardware limitation in terms of the chipsets it can support. For newer models like the upcoming Anthem MRX series 2020, we start to see > 13.2 discrete channels for consumer grade AVRs. This is probably also in line with DTS:X Pro which utilize more than 13.2 channels. If this is indeed the trend forward, we will see more AV manufacturers going towards that.

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A quick check with bro who have done the upgrade on 8500, did you noticed a big difference in sq?
Re watch 6 underground and castlevania seem like the sound stage, bass and embience has up another level.

I have already expressed my observation since day 1 after I upgraded the firmware. Glad you also “hear” the same. That means not placebo effect.

Thanks, it was a 25 min update… quite fuss free.
I don’t think we need to re-calibrate right?

Fortunately no :slight_smile:

I find the effect pretty drastic. Really recommended to upgrade.

Especially to Netflix IMO.

hi guys, would you share the latest firmware version for the denon 8500 please? mine says 7000-6144-5161-3085 and my DTS version says - when I attempt to update, it says I already have the latest version. is this correct?

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