Must Own 4K UHD titles with the best HDR/Dolby Vision presentation!

Watched Matrix Ressurection last night and I am awed by the pristine transfer of this 4K streaming of this movie from HBO Max. Story plot aside, it is a demo worthy material to showcase 4K HDR of your display. I will definitely be getting the disc when it comes out.

The surround is awesome!

Yes, the Dolby Atmos track is also very engaging. There are moments with really nice Dolby Atmos effects and the bass is also not bad. Overall a very good transfer with good PQ and SQ.

Correct. My wife was watching with me last night. Now she wants the trilogy to understand more what happened prior.:blush:

Unfortunately the movie is crappy lol
Should have left it as trilogy

Filmed over nearly five years in twenty-five countries on five continents, and shot on 70-mm film, Samsara transports us to the varied worlds of sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial complexes, and natural wonders.

Must-Own! Simply the best 4K HDR experience you can ever have...Period!

A typical Michael Bay movie…meaning with all the intense car chases, destruction of properties, and now his new shooting technique…the use of drones to capture fast-moving actions. While the plot is wafer-thin, there is no denying that the actions are great. More importantly, the 4K HDR transfer for this movie is superb! The Dolby Atmos track is great as well.

A must-have simply for its superlative 4K HDR transfer.


Just finished this movie.! Wat a show!
Non stop car chase action really with gun shots scenes.
There’s a guy whom with beard - towards 3/4 of the movie i notice it’s one of the transformer actors. :slight_smile:

yah always love Michael Bay movies action packed!

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Anyone whose into anime might wanna check out Belle, it’s in 4k DV and DA. Nice movie with nice music.
Also new Knights of Sidonia movie in DA, bass sounds deep to me.

Ambulance looks good !

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Audio 9.9 rating!

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The problem with this movie has to be the inconsistency in the CGI. There are certain scenes which looks like the 70s ultraman set scene showing all the miniatures been destroyed by mother nature owing thanks to the fallen moon.

The 4K HDR of Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness streaming on Disney Plus is stunning. The colors are rich and vibrant and the image is sharp and clean from any film artifacts. Dolby Atnos is also great. Definitely a must get when the physical disc hit the shelf.

Yes, fully agreed. I watched it at night yestd and the PQ was super satisfying.

Panning of sounds across speakers was great too! Quite a few scenes, esp the 2 final fighting scenes that are worth as demo material.

I couldnt quite test the bass as I couldnt play at reference vol last night.

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Just like any other Marvel Disney mix, you will need to bump up the volume by another 10dB to truly appreciate the awesome Dolby Atmos mix.