Must Own 4K UHD titles with the best HDR/Dolby Vision presentation!

We have discs with killer Dolby Atmos/DTS X sound mix…Let’s aggregate for best in PQ!

For me, the best I have seen so far…

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Over the moon looked fantastic on the BenQ for Netflix

All the kids enjoyed it

I was enjoying the quality of the video , stunning indeed

I can even see the tattoos on the legs of the flying lion, beautiful colours

See the glow, so nice watching it on the big screen

Really love the colours on the BenQ 5700 pj. It’s really suitable watching animation stuff

Story is good on this one, not bad

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Yes. This is an exceptional display of good HDR on a streaming platform. I am totally taken by surprise just how good the HDR on this animation was. Well done Netflix.


I just watched the 4k master of Dr No in commemoration of the great Sean Connery’s passing. Was tremendously impressed by the 4k transfer, incredibly clean and sharp picture.

For a 1962 movie!


Incredible details. I was watching Evil Resident series in 4K and while the new Dolby Atmos mix sounded fantastic. The HDR is a let down. Can’t even compare to a period film.

Ah, nice will check out resident evil 4k.

This year really not much new releases, do a lot of digging to find old stuff to re-watch…

I like Sean Connery, I think he is the best James Bond so far. But would love to see Tom hardy as the next bond, that would be awesome!

Has this been confirmed?

Hmm, I think Tom Hardy may be too well known to play bond? For the same reason Henry Cavill cannot be Bond and Superman… Give other actors some chance la… :sweat_smile:

Most bonds have been relative unknowns at their time of casting…

Not confirmed , Henry cavil says he would take up the offer if given the opportunity :rofl:

But like what Gavin says, bond and superman may not work

Maybe Tom hardy too… bane and venom may not work , but would love to see him as the next bond , just my preference :wink:

Are you guys aware that Idris Elba has been approached by studio to take on the titular role? But sadly, some fans were against a “black” bond.

have you guys had a chance to watch Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) ? i watched this on Disney+ and I felt that the 4K HDR image was very pleasing to my eye. the atmos mix was immersive as well. for reference, i watched this on my jvc N7 (fw3.50) via ATV4K.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)

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Yes. But I watched on a physical 4K disc. It’s one of the better HDR transfers out there.

Idris Elba I confirm support! Like his presence and charisma on screen!

Ahh, I’ve been sitting on my copy, haven’t watched it. Time to check it out!!

Maleficent 1 & 2 is very nice, lotsa Atmos sweeping directional bass. Storyline is good, Angelina Jolie’s acting was good.

Video is very good, I think generally with Disney movies, all the videos are good, they have a team of good colorist working together

I think the recent mulan from Disney also not bad, all video good

Agreed most of Disney 4K releases have exceptional PQ.

This is what I get from my 6+ years old 1st gen SDR 4K Samsung 65" TV!
My wife says cannot upgrade yet!


black Friday coming :slight_smile: Time to post the good 4k titles here to standby hehe

Tenet in 4K HDR has a very clean transfer. Deep blacks and no banding. This is one high quality transfer from print to the disc. Those with 16:9 aspect ratio screen, rejoice as this has tons of IMAX cinematic shots.

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