Magnetar UDP-800/900 Universal 4K UHD Player - An exact Oppo clone!

Never even heard of it…But it is a COMPLETE RIP that shares the same dna across the board.

Premium Digital Analog Converter - Comparable to Oppo UDP-205?

For Pure Audio playback, UDP800 specifically adopts a 4-layer PCB circuit board where each channel is designed with independent wiring. Two independent Burr-Brown PCM 1795 DAC processors are used for two-channel D/A decoding, processing left channel and right channel respectively. And high-quality MUSES8920 OP-AMP for audiophile sound quality. UDP800 comes with stereo XLR gold-plated balanced terminals and stereo RCA gold-plated unbalanced outputs. Pure audio mode function is available to bring uncompromised sound quality to audio lovers.


Based on their official website, Alpha Audio is the exclusive distributor in Singapore. Anyone interested probably can check with AA.

Update on pricing - from AA
If anyone is interested in getting it, it is priced at S$2,399.00 (MSRP).

I prefer GIEC BDP-G5500

One thing I noticed is that it has Burr-Brown 1795 DAC, whereas the Oppo 205 has dual ESS 9038PRO DAC. From what I know, the 9038 series is significantly better than the Burr-Brown, so this might not be an ideal SACD player. The DACs are irrelevant unless you are using the analog outputs from this player and will not affect HDMI output.

I know people will be interested in the DAC if comparing to Oppo UDP-205. At the price Magnetar is asking may be too high. The inclusion of the XLR and the ability to playback BD ISO w/o jailbreak can still make this a reasonably good player for 4K disc.

I have a DAC with dual ESS 9038. The sound is a bit too clinical for me. Prefer my other DAC with AKM 4493 chip, which is more mellow. I suppose things like Jazz and Techno are good with ESS, but my music tastes are more laid back. I actually quite like those Burr Brown TI DACs, but they measure poorly according to Amir

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Same here…I preferred AKM over ESS.

Nice, clone of oppo. Definitely something to consider after the 203/205 gets obsolete.

From their website, seems like they only have 1 model.

Hope they will come up with a oppo 203 equivalent?

Any idea what video chip it is using over the hdmi? Is it same as oppo 203/205?

Should be the same Mediatek chip as Oppo players. Notice that this product is Made in China. I’m not surprise it will be the same exact of everything.

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Higher end Panny UHD Blu Ray players use AKM chips and have 7.1 analog output. That is incredible for listening to multichannel DSD files. One of my favorites is Take 5 from Jazz at the Pawnshop. You really feel in the center of the action. A real pity that most AVRs no longer have multichannel analog input…

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Now we know that it is the same company that came up with the Reavon UHD player. The worst UHD player to date. This french chap insists that it is not an Oppo clone even though the UI and the settings are exactly identical to the dot. :laughing:

The only thing I hope to see for such an expensive Oppo clone is the continuation to add on features to make it even better. For instance, to playback DV layer on a mkv rip for instance.

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my eyes not very good…went to compare the 800 and 900 in the shop, cannot really see how much difference there is.

Which shop selling? Alpha Audio? What is the display used?

the Reavons are not totally Oppo clones aesthetically, it’s the system and the software is.
basically, the internal hardwares, with exception in the analog audio section, is the same as the GIEC UBP5700.

So its a hybrid and copycat of 2 brands…Is there anything “new” or “original” to begin with?

Alpha audio. They are using 2 different TV to demo it. The UDP-800 is in the original shop room and pair with a Onkyo RZ50 AVR while the UDP-900 is in the new room behind that pairs with the Denon A1H.

This is probably the reason why you won’t see much of a difference.

Is there a way to playback multichannel sacd tracks via media player /hdmi into AVR /processor?

This take 5 sounds like something I would like!

Yes you can but need to rip as dff format.