Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242C+ Video Processor

A JVC projector will end up needing similar settings changes when setup for either lumagen or envy, so it’s fine to follow the envy guide:

with the following additional considerations:
-lumagen output colourspace is 422, not rgb. a bug in ‘auto’ caused the picture flashing problem with jvc firmwares <2.00

-installation aspect: ‘auto’ if lumagen set for 4096 output, else ‘zoom’ to let jvc scale to full panel width. negligible picture quality difference.

-lumagen dtm expects gamma 2.4. If using lumagen’s hdr flag to switch jvc picture profiles for sdr/hdr (output sdh2020/sdhp3), use jvc autocal to set the ‘import’ correction value of a hdr custom slot to 2.4. envy can use 2.2, so the guide shows selecting the custom slot but skips over setting gamma 2.4.

-if you intend to use a 3dlut but do not want to use a 3d lut on top of the inbuilt cms, set colour profile to ‘off’ and colour temp to ‘high bright’ (disables cms including autocal correction)
Do note that there is reportedly (per avsforum) a small colour shift when the laser dims if ‘dynamic control’ (laser dimming…) is on, which jvc autocal corrects for but a 3dlut cannot. Unike dynamic control modes 1 and2, mode 3 only dims in dark scenes with no highlights on the screen so the colour shift is not obvious even without autocal, making this a suitable choice for profile off +3dlut.

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Kris Deering is one of the big supporters of Lumagen and has always defended them over MadVR. The video was interesting because I think I have uncovered why. He approached MadVR in the early stages but they rebuffed him and declined to let him be a dealer.

This is the founder and CEO, Jim Petersen.