Jag's moving. Sold my flat --> will be out of HT action for a while

Hi folks,

I started 2021 with having my flat sold and HT upgrade plans in disarray… 2021 will be challenging times ahead for me and this hobby.

I’m not sure how or when this hobby will resume again, but will try to continue on in this hobby in altered ways. I might need to look to your guys again for advise in my next HT…soon.

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Jag, do keep in touch via this forum :slight_smile:

Jag, thanks for your insightful advice and knowledge sharing. Hope to see you soon.

take care Jag, hope to see you around in this forum, and back to the hobby soon!

take a break if you must, focus and prioritise. Then get back only when you are ready. You will be back I’m sure. I took a break of 5 years to focus on the newborn, only after that could I start and I slowly crawled back into this hobby

Thanks for always being there for all of us and the community

All the best Jag!

PS:// if you ever Re-do your HT, you must go AT screen :blush:

I’m sure the next rig will be even more impressive. Looking forward for ya return :relaxed:

all the best buddy, cheers! hope your moving to pasir ris!! hehehe!!! then we become neighbors!! yahoo!!

glad that I managed to experience your awesome setup last year, many thanks again for sharing your valuable knowledge with us… do take care and hope to hear from you soon!

take care Jag.

that’s a massive adjustment to make at home.

Hope u can find a good compromise and a way to enjoy your HT in time to come. Sometimes, a simpler set-up can be enjoyable too =)

Would u still hv a dedicated room or moving towards a living room shared use type of setup?

I hope to still retain a dedicated HT, but housing in SGP tends to challenge this notion. Might have to compromise a bit later, but working still towards a dedicated HT room.

So I have a question for us in this hobby:
How much space would you allocate for a HT? And why?

A dedicated room is the best. You can plan and have all the.acoustic treatment w/o any other considerations. Many of us will have an HT in a living room like myself. The living room is a shared space so WAF, aesthetic all will come into play.

To answer your question. A spare room for HT is the best but it is not possible then will have to make do in the living room.

That’s the sad part for us folks here in Singapore. The older units are much bigger. Thank god I didn’t move to a condo. I almost did some years back. The units are small, expensive … defeats the purpose . Do I need the facilities in the condo? Nah… do I need the status ? Nah… do I need space ? Hell ya !

Size matters

If it’s a square/triangle room, don’t use it as theatre room

4m x 6m is nice !

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Can’t agree with you more…I don’t believe living in Condo and I also can’t afford it. Hence, still living in a 30-yrs + HDB flat in an old Yishun estate which by the way has flourished over the years…convenient stores, market, lift at every floor, near to shopping mall and bus stop right at my door step, raining also have shelter walkway, no need to get wet…parking lot aplenty etc…what’s not to like. But more importantly, I have a 4 x 4 room to set up a dedicated HT man-cave. Something Condo can’t provide…no matter what, real estate for a good HT system sets the foundation. If you don’t have it, no matter how expensive your gears can be, it will not perform at its optimal. Living room setup has its limitations - depending on the time of the day, contending with household members over what to watch and a myraid of acoustic challenges where acoustics panels have to be erected, making the living room not too WAF. Can ask Wiz how he feel I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of my relatives used to say this about living in Condo…like visiting prison, have to do screening, press a lot of bells and easy to get lost. :stuck_out_tongue:

I moved back to old HDB after staying in condo. Partitioned out a new room for my work - but unfortunately, it’s not optimum size for home theater. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the reason for the move?

My Sin Ming HDB very convenient. By right, MRT supposed to start end last year, but postponed till mid of this year. And my work place is walking distance.

And we don’t make use of the condo facilities much. So, rent out the condo and moved back. Did a reno before moving back. Partitioned out a new room for my work/cave.


For me, my dwelling journey is

4A HDB > 5bdr Landed > 4bdr Condo > 3+1 Condo

But my dedicated Music Room gets bigger as my home gets smaller :grin::grin:

If i can find a suitable hdb/jumbo that i can have a dedicated 4m x 6 m HT room, will probably make the move

Looking at moving out from Condo to an EM. I can use the L1 room as a dedicated HT room, the gripe is most of them are expensive and the land tenure is quite short considering they are built in the 80 or 90.

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+1 that hdb and old condo is much more spacious and better for HT hehe. Old condo some are freehold or 999 yo, can consider.

Bro jag, being a fellow parent w young kids, my suggestion is get a 4 bedroom unit with good layout as msg-ed. Won’t regret.

More space for whole family. The extra room makes a day n night difference. It can be used for kids own room (1 kid 1 rm) , future family expansion, grandparents stayover when they care for your child, or helpers room.

Or in future, best still, u can have 1 rm for ht now, and got potential to combine 2 rms into a bigger ht room later on. Or vice versa.

So much flexibility to play with.

Typically, hdb w 4 bedrooms are easy to sell too as they are rare. Most are considered 5-room flat so u pay the same maintenance fees as 5rm flat.

Hey my living room is not so bad… :smiley: