I Am Hosting An OpenHouse For The New "Perlisten R7T Floorstander's + D12s Subwoofer"

I Am Hosting An OpenHouse For The New “Perlisten R7T Floorstander’s + D12s Subwoofer”
Peng has kindly loaned me the Floorstanders + D12s Subwoofer to Demo to all who wanna listen to them.
see link below.


When bro

when will you be free, buddy? i am already retired, so i can host (Mon-Fri, 10am till 5.30pm.)
my hp number is 96660233.

Peng has not done the “Proper Setup” for me yet. At the moment, i just simply hooked up everything under factory default settings… hehehe!! if u wanna listen to as in “Raw Settings” it is such at the moment. Peng is pretty busy at the moment, but once he comes over n does all the settings proper, i will also let u guys know.

my house will not have any limits to visitors. even if you are coughing very badly, i will also welcome u.
but i must let u guys know, i am a chain smoker!!! hehehehe!!!

Nice. My time also rubber band and impromptu due to cust outside.

Noted on your number and thank you in advance. Will get in touch with you bro cash.


this coming Saturday, 28th May 2022. I will be having a openhouse. EconAV “Peng” will come down too, to grace n further explain any questions that u may have.
Timing of his arrival will be confirmed once he lets me know. for the moment, i will open it at 10am till 6pm on that day. My HP number is 96660233. do let me know. Beverages, i have arranged Tiger Beer n Apple Juice. if u wish to “Bring Your Own” B.Y.O Beverages… Please do so. thks.
Pasir Ris St 21, Blk 236, S(510236).
Unit Number will be given to u personally via sms or whatsapp.

Can smoke or not? :grin:

can smoke. i am a chain smoker… so dont worry… with aircon switched on, i will show u that i still will smoke… hehehehe!!

Okie guys, EconAV has confirmed the time he will come down to my place, tomorrow, Saturday…
He will be at my place at 1+pm…
Cheers!! Please do bring your favorite CD’s, SACD’s, 4k movie disc’s or portable HDD or USB thumb drive.

So uh, Bro Wind and Kaydee6…
Tomorrow will u guys be coming down to have a listen to the Perlisten Speaker’s + Subwoofer?

Bro, thanks for informing. I got a church to attend with my boy. I’ll arrange with out separately is it alright with ya?

Sure thing buddy… it’s not a fixed day or timing… as long as the speaker’s n sub are still with me, I will host an open house for all to come… just that tomorrow Peng is coming down to answer any indepth questions anyone has to bring up… my house is just a “Medium” to showcase a normal hdb layout with no room treatment’s. Yes, with room treatment’s, guaranteed u will get the best of everything… me being me, just wanna do “plain vanilla” no treatment’s. Hehehe!!
Peng has kindly allowed me to have this groundbreaking speaker grace my humble abode… so I just wanna share with the community… cheers buddy.
Once the speaker’s are brought back to Peng’s, I will also let the community know…
But as always, my house is and will always be an open house for one and all.
No holds barred!! Hehehehe!!!
Smoke, drink and cough and all.


session closed for today.

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96660233 is my handphone number…
Call or drop me a text. I am retired already, so if whenever anyone feel’s or has the spare time to drop by my place to listen to how the Perlisten sounds, do contact me.
if i am not already engaged with anything else on a particular day, i will definitely, throw an open listening ride for all.
96660233… thats my number.
:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Thks for coming down today, bro Wind, bro Kaydee6, n Kennyluck. Cheer’s!!!

Thanks bro cash for hosting us. Appreciate your kind hospitality!

Apology on the overdue review on the perlisten speakers.

Just wish to give my personal opinion on the speakers and the sub, not going technical here either :sweat_smile:

The speakers, referencing with the room volume you got, they sounded dynamic, the dispersion is really great, its something that get your attention especially for action movie. It sounded bright to me in HT and thats something good.

Cabinets are solid and finishing is alluring. The magnet grill is something i like very much, just snap snugly onto the speaker driver… the towers definitely take less space than mine (ya my towers are fat ass lol), towers of this size and yet can produce such dynamic in your room is worth noting.

Subjectively, in my opinion,
For Stereo listening, yes the dynamics is there, the highs and the lows…whatever you play on it, it can sing, but the bass is a bit on the stronger side, so much so that i feel it can be a little over powering, it gives me an impression that both the lows and the highs are fighting, trying to outshine each other. I would think the speaker are at the mercy of your room and the way its being placed. It don’t really do the speakers justice.

As for HT, i believe some crossovers had been done to the subwoofer from the speakers and might not be properly calibrated. When hearing the demos clips, the bass did not really caught my attention, compared to playing them on stereo theres a lot of difference. The position of the sub may or may not been well placed. Or may have some cancellation which i dont know, will need to measure to find out more, bass domain is something that need time and effort to look into in order to bring justice to the subwoofer, like i always say, no sub is bad sub, is how you position and play it and I’ve learnt a long way from the many gurus since xtremeplace and i thank them for it. As for the the dynamics of the mids and highs, the crispiness, the tones, that “smack in your face” kind of sound is something that can bring a smile to my face :100: :grin:

So ya… I can only think that both HT and Stereo are at the mercy of your room. The back of the wall, the distance between the LR towers, the stereo segregation etc, i would think if i am the speakers, i will need some breathing space😅. Putting them back facing the balcony windows will work better and i believe that. I can easily get listening fatigue if play stereo… But no choice, and to be honest, ALL speakers and subs are at the mercy of the room, including mine…cannot run away one…can only make do and make the best out of it.

Objectively yes, they are excellent speakers with exceptional dynamics, it can also give the kind of bass power that one may need, have that “smack right in your face” sound. So ya, for HT, i will go for it. For stereo, it will be better if they were to be pair and to “marry” the correct amp, and position them correctly :wink:

Though it was stated beryllium dome tweeter and checkered pattern woofers, i dont rem seeing them. :thinking: Perhaps different color hence the drivers also different?

Alrighty, its just my personal opinion, nothing beats listening to them in person! Quicky go have a listen before they are gone😊

Thank you cash bro once again! I had fun meeting and chatting with you!


the Perlisten that was showcased at my home was the “R series” hehehe!
the “Checkered pattern woofers” are the highest end of the Perlisten range. that model is called the "S7t " do click the link i attached below to see the “S Series”

the “R series” is attached below

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Thanks for the review buddy. appreciate it lots.
yes, my hall setting for reviewing the lovely speakers is not acceptable. (Hehehehe!!, me being a stubborn ass for not wanting to do any treatments throughout all these years!!)
still i am happy that Peng was very kind to let me showcase these speakers for all to get a feel of it in a normal HDB hall setting. i do hope more bro’s will drop by to have a listen. as Peng has also mentioned in HiFive website, my home is not for critical listening sessions. its just a fun session to hear n feel and even touch the speakers. looking forward to going to your place this Saturday. as usual, its all about fun time’s guy’s! cheer’s!!

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