Home Theatre Layout advice for 7.4.4

I would like to seek for advice how should I setup my home theatre in this room layout.

This is the floorplan of a living room, not so big, would like to fit my 7.4.4 system.


Do you really plan to get 4 subwoofers or you’ve already bought it? Based on the limited space at the living room (3.6m x 3.6m). 2 subwoofers maybe more ideal. If you really want to go for 2 pairs of atmos speakers, then you will need to move that sofa out at least by 1.2m to have good atmos effects and separation. As for the bed layers, you can either opt for 5 speakers (only Surr) of 7 speakers (with Surr Back).

Yes, I already have all equipments in my old place.

What kind of subs you owned? What’s the size of the driver?

I have JL F113, JL E112, Elac Sub2070, Rythmik F12.

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my hall is about the same size as yours…
3.9m in Depth… n 3.4m in Length…
i see no problem with 4 subs…
n yes, u have to push out your sofa.
that is a must.

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i use a 19inch in depth table behind my sofa so that it cant move backwards against the back wall…

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Can u share how u will integrate the 4 subs? They are quite different in headroom/capability and bass signature.

In your case of 4 diff subs, more does not mean better bass if they are not able to be integrated/calibrated well.

Could u list down your other gear u be using too from your prev system ? :slight_smile:

Nice house and spacious size of living room. The depth and width of the listening area is decent to give good depth and width for HT :slight_smile:

  1. Are the openings to your corridor to bedrooms, balcony, and kitchen going to be “open in nature” or are there going to be doors? Your total size of your living is kinda huge and one potential problem is bass escapes thru the openings and hence there needs to be enuf bass to fill the room.

  2. How will your sofa be placed?

It looks much bigger than 3.9m . Lol

Hehehehe!!! its lots of space… so u dont need to worry about pushing out the sofa…
my tv is a 75"incher… once the tv dies, i am planning for a 85"incher…
no problems with viewing distance too…

I use MSO to integrate them.
F113 for the lowest part, and others just filling the gap for each other with some manual adjustment.

it works pretty well in my old place, but not sure how would that be in the new place, only know until I can really setup and measure it.

All areas are going to be opened, balcony are glass windows, kitchen are open kitchen , the corridor to bedrooms are open too.

I don’t mind bass to escape as even I close the door it won’t trap much as the door and windows are thin.

Nice. What dsp are u using? Minidsp 2x4hd?

Yea, bass escaping is normal for living room setup. The main thing is to manage/calibrate the bass well. And make sure there is enuf subs to fill the room with bass and maintain sufficient headroom on the subs.

My living room is abt the same size and layout as u with the kitchen, corridoor in the same areas. But no balcony.

How is your sofa going to be placed?

Sofa would be place the same way as in the floor plan.

That mlp placememt will be detrimental for HT because

  1. it is too near the wall and it will affect the surround sound envelop; +
  2. there are sound issues near the wall that would bring down your entire HT sound +
  3. u are going to have surround back speakers. U need some distance between MLP and your SB speakers. If your sofa against the wall, your surround back will be way too near the MLP.

I used to do that (mlp against rear wall) long time ago due to waf restrictions. But after many forum bros advised that the sound is no good and visiting members’ setup, i moved my MLP fwd by about 1-1.5ft during HT time. That brought about a v v HUGE improvement in the overall HT sound. During non HT times, my sofa would be back at normal near-wall position to meet waf.

Highly recommmend u to place your MLP 1-1.5ft fwd, either permanently or during HT time. This is v critical. I would rank placement of MLP as 1 of the most impt in HT. And it’s best of all, it’s a free mod!

@Abhuj887, are u using any external dsp? If yes, which one?

yes I would move the sofa about 40cm away from wall. at least my head will be about 50cm away if we could the depth of the sofa.

I have miniDSP 2x4 HD, just for the sub integration.

I use trinnov alt16 as my processor.

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Do you still need miniDSP when Trinnov should be able to do time align using MSO?

Nice, your mlp is in good hands then. Thx for sharing. :slight_smile:

For your subs, consider switching to all identical subs so that you have a more seamless overall bass signature, + your subs’ headroom are not too different in capability.

Since u hv 2 JL, u could consider 2x F113 series or 3-4x e112 series. Or 2e112 + 1x f113. I will sell away the rythmik and elac. The rythmik and elac sound signature is quite different and the headroom is diff from JL, hence may not give u a better sound compared to 2-3x e112. Might give challenges to integrate too.

I’m a dual JL e112 owner, coming from a mixture of good non identical subs in the past. The difference in the bass experience is huge after switching to identical subs. And it’s much easier to integrate them too.