Holding ur hor$e$ for miniLED TV? u might have to wait for 1 more yr or so

in short, the miniLED price had reached the base price of TV Tech level as what OLED supposedly to be.
a 75inch miniLED, is now priced around $3000, where after calculation of price per inch, is $40/inch. for how i come to such base price, refer to this older thread from Hi5v forum…

when will the price of miniLED TV come down to an affordable level as entry level FALD TV which is roughly $30**/inch around $2250 for a 75inch? it’s going to be gradual~~~ly until roughly mid yr’24, if i’m not wrong with my observation.
**(base on calculation of $15/inch for miniLED backlight tech, $2/inch for 4K resolution. other “additives” such as the use of image processing engines, warranty package that would affect overall pricing not included)

competition drives price slashing, price slashing drives affordability, affordability drives the urge to upgrade and replace. that’s the basic theory of market penetration and effect on production cost.
for the moment, by beginning of 2023, we are given choices from mainstream marques Samsung ang LG which carries premium price tags that could go 5 digit figure.
in the mid level, it’s a Japanese(SONY) vs Dutch(PHILIPS) competition with list price tagging in the mid level pricing around $4K~$6K level.like the most budget.
in the “entry” level price range, which hovers around $3000, are still spear headed by the Chinese marques like HiSense and TCL.

how about the local OEMs? like PRISM+ and SWOSH? or even AIWA?

PRISM+ source of their TVs and builder SKYWORTH, which stands along with TCL and HiSense in the same rank of TV Tech, had been making miniLED TVs since 2021, and sales starts in the mid year then.
SWOSH and AIWA source of their current Android/Google OS TVs from ChangHong is considerably a late comer adopting the miniLED tech.
AIWA source and builder of their webOS TVs KONKA, beats ChangHong and began selling miniLED TV a year after SKYWORTH.

considering that the local OEMs like SWOSH and PRISM+ taking conservative approach in observing sales and reliability of what their builders made and sold,
PRISM+ badged miniLED TV would likely to come around the end of 2023 when Chinese marques, HiSense and TCL list price of their 2023 models dropped below $2.7k level, PRISM+ would likely be tagging their 75inch miniLED TV around $2.4k mark.
SWOSH miniLED 75inch TV would likely hovers around $2.2k level if they continue to survive, and still getting their TVs built by ChangHong. the day we may get to see SWOSH or AIWA rebadged miniLED made by ChongHong… would possibly be 6mths later than PRISM+.

so… should u wait? or jump onto the boat now which is driven by PHILIPS, from the offer they give on their 2021 models… where a 75PML9506 is going off as low as $2700 GST inclusive, or 65PML9506 @ $1900 GST inclusive? note that u’re looking at 2021 models…

[CENTER]it takes almost a year for Chinese makers to drop…

…their price from initial launch price of close to $5000 to the level now that’s mid $3K. Philips offers was to clear their 2021 models.
this year’s models’ price could see more ex than initial launch price which was applied to their 2022 models.
how much discounts they would apply, may not be expectedly competitive considering that the hardwares they used for this year’s model is kind of… more premium that last year’s make.[/CENTER]

if somebody gets quoted $7.4K for a 85X95K in condition of trading in a old TV… chances are, SHARP could slash their price to around/under $6K with the same trade in conditions applied!
the trade in price looks kind of familiar… is it an offer from BESTDENKI?

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Kudo’s Buddy, for all your indepth knowledge in tv tech!!!

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@ the pre-order price of $1550 for 55inch…
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…HiSense should feel the cold air blowing on them as buyers would turn to budget friendly OLED makes of same size, and OS!
it’s would not be surprising to see PRISM+ reacts by throwing a price slashing punch at them!!!
frankly speakin’ i don’t see where the PRO part in such specification…

previously the pre-order price that comes with a “free” TV, is a marketing gimmick just to draw attentions.
the launch price is actually, calculated with “hidden” cost of the free item that’s aged 2yrs old. who knows, what kind of warranty package is given to the free TV?

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now, the price is very clear here. SHARP’s official price is $3K for the 65inch. no clear price is on the bigger 75inch yet. with discounts, can go down to $2770 depending on different retailers’ rate.

so… @$2770 is it a good buy for 65"?

let do some calculation base on “base price”:
65* x15** x2*** =1950**** where:
*per diagonal inch
**backlight tech cost
***2 for 4K, 2x2= 4 for 8K
****basic cost to retail, minus 3yrs full coverage warranty, minus special features such as picture engine processor and in this model an additional Quantum Dot Layer, minus OS as some products cost significantly lower with different operation system.

the $620 differences buys you what was not in the base retail cost. is it worthy? that would be up to individual.

after the last exposure of the “correct retail price” without the addition of the free 60inch TV that comes with the pre-orders, I believe SHARP Marketing Team might had called and demanded this big retail chain to pull down this listing in their online webpage… to retain their brand value.

now, SHARP had revised their offers and the free gift is revised to the form of vouchers valued @ $1K that can only be used in their own online retail platform the COCORO shop.
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what can $1K get?
certainly TVs under this value, or if one prefers the ease of shopping, the overpriced soundbar that would juice an orange bill or more from your pocket. of course, besides audio visual products, the voucher can be used on other home appliances…

to stick to the initial “free gift” of TV, what can get u sized closed to what was initially offered in the launch? well… a 65inch TV that would cost u $150 more to top up after using the gift voucher, the 4T-C65EJ2x which is a very very simple spec’ed model(that don’t employ in-house picture engine processor u might know) that comes only with 1 in and 1 out HDMI port.

HiSense first product yr"K" miniLED TV starts @ the price of $1.6K for 55inch…
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HiSense should feel the cold air blowing on them as buyers would turn to budget friendly OLED makes of same size, and OS!
(Prism+ u watching? it’s ok to throw a price slashing punch at them!!!)

frankly speakin’ i don’t see where the PRO part in such specification…

next up on specification on U6K, the U7K series miniLED TV now available for order.
not thru their own webpage, but their official e-mall thru Lazada or Shopee.
55" priced @ $2.2K while the 75" priced @ $4.36K
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…HiSense should sense the colder air blowing on them as buyers would turn to other budget friendly miniLED makes of same size, but Google OS!
(TCL, ya watching :wink:?)

SHARP’s miniLED models participation in iFA2023.

the 2000 dimming zone that U.S. market as well as most other Asian countries get now, bears a different model reference in Europe.

European market also getting mid-range makes(which seems to be a prototype) which bears the XLED branding with lesser dimming zones.

the “entry” level SHARP miniLED(also prototype at the moment as seen in the video) comes with lesser dimming zones compare to the mid-end, seems to be targeted to e-gamers with smaller sizes rolling down from 65" to 50".

HiSense made a reply post thru their FB several weeks ago to a query indicating that they’re not bringing in the U8K series of TVs into local market, due to minimal improvements their technical team discovers when compared to U7K.

if that claim is legit… that will make HiSense miniLED TV profile consist of 3 series. the U6Kpro, U7K as well as the UX. hence, it won’t be hard to see that TCL’s miniLED range C84, C94* and X94* falls as target opponent to beat.

*(as there isn’t any C94# or X94# this production yr’22/23, production yr’23/24 C955 and X955 takes over to fill the void, and probably as a spearhead to take over HiSense conservative launch of their production yr’23/24 products)

how will production yr’22/23 products from 2 major loggerheads from China will beat one another in terms of pricing and sales that may affect other mainstream marques around in gaining attentions?

this may seems to be a “unfair” battle as U7K, if true from the earlier assumption should be taking on C945 which is not present, and U6Kpro a direct competitor to C845 is yet to come in @ 75".
should there’s plan for 75U6Kpro or on the way… u might have little idea how the pricing might be when it lands.

no wonder Stop the FOMO describe HiSense UX series product as “FEARLESS”!

1500+ dimming zone HiSense priced to take on 2000+ dimming zone SHARP!!!
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it’ll be interesting to see whether TCL will come out with a 65inch X955 to take on HiSense to gain more attention. pity, the X955 series will have 98 and 85inch for the moment.

eventually… PRISM+ have to push out miniLED product as demands for miniLED TV grows.

surprisingly, in their first hit on the market, this yet to price, upcoming miniLED product scores 5 ticks(!!!) where majority of other 75inch in the market doesn’t manage to achieve except for a LG 75UM797H. as according to NEA’s record!

after a day’s search… i come across this from SKYWORTH’s Global page

yup… the slab stand looks the same as what’s coming from PRISM+. specs look pretty impressive, but fingers crossed, there might be little difference to PRISM+ rebadge. my guess will be on the Quantum Dot layer, where from PRISM+ model number, there’s no indication of Q that may signify Quantum Dot treatment.

riding on the rising fame and popularity of TCL miniLED products,
how will TCL’s “entry ticket” to miniLED in product yr’2024 be priced?
here’s a peek @ Malaysian price.

the C755 was expected to be delivered in final quarter of 2023 in SG.
however, there isn’t much updates yet.

while the UX didn’t make it in time in U.S. to take on SONY on shoot out…
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…it is priced here competitively to draw buyers’ attentions from 5 digit priced make that bears the SONY badge.

SHARP’s own online shop takes initiative to slash their price to $6K mark, the others likely will follow. however…
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…when a brand/marque with very firm stand in SG makes a big cut to their OLED that bigger by 2 inch, it seems pretty obvious that the choice to potential buyers will go to the “premium” tech in display technology.

the TCL’s 75"C845 is the currently lowest price for interested consumers to enter into the miniLED world. however…
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…HiSense had submitted a 75inch entry model to NEA for efficiency assessment as their 75U7K miniLED is priced 1k too high than TCL, that may got them beaten in sales.
so… will U6K(sold with PRO suffix in model reference in local market) be able to beat TCL’s “mid-end entry” model with lower price tag? let’s see how HiSense going to tag the price and rock the market!

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PRISM+ joins the list of TV manufacturers with mini-LED smart TVs - HardwareZone.com.sg

$3999 1111 sale :slight_smile:

PRISM+ Q100 Ultra QLED Google TV (prismplus.sg)