Gavin's DIY Home Theatre (Hardcore)

After a few rounds of calibrations and ironing out some mistakes, finally starting to realize the potential of the system. Quite satisfied with the bass performance, it it feels little value at this stage to work further on the full range channels aspects. Currently crossed at 60hz bass management.
Currently building up the 4 pre-cut woofer cabs for the 2x12 for each LR mains. But really the 1x18 is working very well. Should really maximise return on efforts, ie starting on the atmos build.

With this chapter complete, too the opportunity to document and update a bit of details on the resources spent on the room so far. Have it broken down by major categories.

Biggest chunk by far is the AVM90 processor, that one was a leap of faith. Given the rest of my gear decisions, the natural choice would have been the AVM70 hehe.

Next is the Subs, a inescapable part of the room. Further breakdown of the details - shipping was a big ouch!!

With a lot of DIY elbow grease, and bargain hunting on carousell, the rest of the gear was very much modest in cost.

Yes 2% budget on the next chapter for 6x atmos speakers and 6x passive radiator haha.


Can consider having a sub together with the atmos on/in ceiling. Saw a few Taiwanese enthusiasts did that in their built

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Haha, I think I saw in passing before.

Do you have a link?

Don’t think I will mount a sub in the ceiling, a bit hazardous :sweat_smile:

If my atmos can cross same as mains at 60hz I’ll be happy for now…


Wow! Gold color! Rare and unique. :scream:

Does anyone know if painting on the drivers and tweeters like this affects the sq?

What are the pros of putting a subwoofer on top? While bass is Omni directional, I wonder will it do more harm that good?

Just sharing what the Taiwanese are doing. They say the atmos sounds fuller and scenes like airplane flying overhead sounded more realistic. I watch a Chinese calibrator named Ken also promoted this idea, he mentioned he saw it done in a Dolby atmos cinema in US. So sharing with bros here who has the hardware n space to try it.
I know everyone says bass is Omni directional, but ever since I experienced a jet plane flying over me and hearing the roar/bass tracking overhead with the plane, I believe there’s more to it then that. Just can’t forget that feeling lol


Think it’s just the lighting lol

It’s possible for the “same” reason…“bass is omni-directional”. If can blend in well with the “other” speakers, I believe it will indeed be something scintillating.

Wonder if Dirac DLBC can blend it up so high