Everything about Audyssey Calibration that you need to know

Thanks for the help. Will set the LPF on the AVR to 250hz and perform another Audyssey calibration tonight.

Wow, i can hear quite a big improvement after Audyssey re-calibration with the LPF set to 250Hz. Can i tweak and lower the LPF value on the AVR after this or should i leave it at 250hz? Thanks!

Just leave it there after you calibrated. It gives the full LPF so why not.

Noted with thanks bro!

To use DEQ with RLO, should I level match the sub with other speakers? Currently I have the sub +3db hotter and using flat curve (sounds better to me for music)

If you are using DEQ with RLO, you should re-set the subwoofer level to its default level set by Audyssey first.

I should emphasize that DEQ is targeted at movie watching so for music, you may prefer to turn off DEQ since you already have a flat freq response that you already achieved and any boost in bass is purely up to individual taste. In gist, you may just want to stick with DEQ “off” for music listening. Use DEQ (with RLO if necessary) when you need that extra bass but want to keep the bass clean and tight. The level of your MV will determine how DEQ works and if the latter is not to your liking, use the RLO as a workaround.

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