Epson Pro Cinema LS12000B 4K laser Projector...hard to beat the value!

Definitely deserves a spot here in the forum. The reviews are great. With a smaller footprint, reasonable price tag and support for 120Hz at 4K…it is a compelling product. I love what Epson did as it will help bring down the price of laser projector very soon.

Here’s a review from a french site: Test Epson EH-LS12000B : l’avis de Grégory. – – Le Blog de PHC –


Next stop…Epson “in-to-change” lol


Is it doing pixel shift to obtain the 4K?


heard the pj will be available in Mar, yesterday checked with an ex KEC guy, he told me not yet released…other countries started selling already, about 6k SGD, not sure how much KEC sells. I’m eying for this pj too.

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It looks good…more importantly, it is using a laser engine as a light source. For a laser-engine projector, anything less than $10K is a steal in my books.

pop by KEC yesterday, heard 12000 price will be around 6999. Demo unit is in singapore already but due to some issue in epson, KEC will only get it early Apr. and more stable stock supply is expected in Jun/Jul…

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Sound very reasonably priced for a laser-based 4K pixel-shift projector. :slight_smile:

Reviews up on projector central and projector reviews. Looks like it might be the upgrade for my BenQ

New Epson in the house!

Let’s unbox.

The fun starts here…

Side by side. LS12000 and TW8300W

Let’s mount it up…

There is light…

TW8300W packed up and is now for sale:

Check out sale post here:


Super congratulations bro. Flagship Epson laser pj! Very enjoyable movies popcorn :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn: !

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Congrats Michael :+1:

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Bro, thanks for the invite to see this Laser pj first hand! Out of the box PQ is acceptably good. At least better than my LG out of the box.

Fine tuning is inevitable but to you is easy la! I’m pretty sure it will be ready for my 2nd visit in no time! :blush:

New DAC is fantastically good in the mids. Gao gao. Totally suits you! Sakura signature hard to run away. :muscle:


@desray and @Wind thanks for dropping by for a demo. Yes need to fine tune to maximise the pj. Oh, and we were watching in 1080p. I accidentally pressed on change resolution on the zidoo remote at the beginning of the demo. Amateur I know. Lol

It’s ok. I feel 1080p today anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Will go again when I feel high definition

Lol… Do show some pics on native 4K content when u have time. Esp on the Aquaman scene we viewed.

wow! Nice living room den u have there!

I love your front wall. The black looks slick. Is that paint or… ?

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@Foodie , thanks! It’s wall paper.

Ah I see. So nice. I might be keen to explore that.

Is it possible to get the contact of the vendor from u? :slight_smile: If yes, can trouble u to PM me. Thankful