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Recently I’ve had some good quality time testing around with stereo listening in my hall. I’ve got the chance to home trial some speakers, in the process I actually discovered what I like in stereo 2 channel. I found that I love to enjoy music in relax mode. (Hence the use of this avatar)The speakers and sound should be relaxing and doesn’t cause any fatigue , that is very important to me. When I close my eyes, the entire body goes into relax mode and u start to pick up the details in instruments and vocal clarity etc etc

The line array subs are fantastic for stereo, those who have popped by for the demo, almost all were convinced that stereo with subwoofers are the way to go.

During recent times, we also had a few blind test on cables. One cable really stood out ! It’s the divini PTY cable. This cable is extremely good, I repeat, extremely good. We tested against so many cables, this one came up tops . Not only was the resonance in bass gone, the energy and beat on the bass and musical notes were present and could be felt instantly the moment we switched back to this cable . Very high quality stuff indeed from divini

The designer for this cable is Eric Wu, from Taiwan . What a fantastic job he did.

Having very good experiences with all the divini products , I wanted to have a listen on their reference range speakers

Below are the pics of the reference speakers from divini

They are the Ref18, I am eager to go check this out next week at sky audio’s demo room as I’ve just got confirmation that it will reach Singapore by then

These designs by Eric is something that I’m looking forward to

He also just designed the new RJ45 Ethernet cable that I’ll be testing this Sunday

Great stuff from Taiwan indeed. And yes, Mark Lee is in Taiwan now, under 14 days quarantine notice. He is attending the golden horse awards in Taiwan . Jia You !

Yes, very surprised…this is the movie that got him nominated for the Golden Horse Award. So he’s Singapore version of Rupaul now!

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Another divini products user ‘reporting’,get to know this brand after introducing by bro ron. Been using their mid range PC,interconnect n footers,recently upgraded the PC to PTY,xlr to S-S12 silver added the Trans 5/2 spk cable,running ‘full house’ divini cable from wall socket to spk blinding posts. My equipment rack also is design by Steve OEM by divini. To me the ‘performance’ is superb,finally got the system to sounds to my liking. Same as bro ron awaits to demo their Ref18 spk when it arrives.20201108_190131|375x499

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The S-S12 xlr silver interconnect.

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The divini products are really very good quality for the money. The PC PTY is exceptionally good. Very satisfied with the PC. I didn’t mind forking out the money for the PC

I brought out the liveliness to the system where I couldn’t achieve in any other equipment

The conditioner, to function better, needs this pc to supply the current- checked

The source player, to function better, needs this PC to supply the current - checked

The amplifiers , to function better, needs this PC to supply the current - checked

Every single equipment to this PC, just keeps getting better and better. I never thought I would still experience so much benefits using this from wall socket to the plixir elite

It is unbelievable. The resonances completely gone and the liveliness and energy levels just up a few notches

I’ve actually upgraded the Pty, then downgraded some of the PTC to my subwoofers. To my surprise, the bass on my subwoofers has so much oomph now !

What a fantastic PC , I always go like this when listening to music on the purifi-Pty combo


Purifi - divini PTY combination is rock solid . It comes highly recommended. You can have my word, u won’t regret this

The moment I took out the PTY, my face goes like this

Luckily don’t have to ditch the PTC, I can use it for subwoofers. Still a lot of benefits

Divini cable+OPPO 205+purifi monoblocks sounds so relaxing till i become like this!!! :grin::grin::grin:

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Damn syok man ! Relaxing and enjoyable

Your system have come a long way since I visited you 2 years ago.

So many good feedbacks by all other forum members who demoed your set up. 0 negative reviews, everyone singing praises.

The divini really bring the entire system up to the next level. Steve is also very kind to share all the tweaks

Quote from members:

Each visit is damn poisonous, Very good indeed. The immersion, imaging, panning damn solid… Despite no Auto room eq, Damn solid…

Others also quoted:

His stereo imaging is damn scary and solid, His phantom centre is louder than mine centre, His setup is so solid, you won’t miss atmos, Imaging and panning also damn good

Nicely done set up, u can start to enjoy the benefits, for many years to come. Sit back, hit play, relax, de-stress and enjoy !

No wonder u r having the cat relax pic ! Hahaha, nice cat . The system is so relaxing with energy. Bet u r enjoying every single track of music now

Haha,can sounds so good first have to thank u again for your time on the last visit,help fine tune the system to further optimize the blending of subs n spks,next is for recommendation of divini products which help on improving the SQ n ‘unleashed’ the real potential of the system.
I’ve few ‘rounds’ with Steve also,learning quite a lot from him on how to do some tweaking to improve the system for music listening.
Life is short n full of stress need something to release some of it,music listening is 1 of the best way i found to relax ourselves,can let u forget most of those stressful ‘things’.
About this cat,i met this ‘guy’ during most of the working days on my way to company,if got time will play around awhile with this ‘fellas’, another way to release some stress.:grin::grin::grin:

Hahahaha, so cute the cats

Yea I agree. Let the music heal your soul, so good to de-stress. Definitely life is short, we must enjoy our music and movies and time with family

I really love what the divini PTY brings to the set up, so much improvement overall. No regrets for me getting this cable.

I’ll fix appt with Steve then maybe we can pop by together his showroom check out the latest reference speakers from divini

The other thing is they don’t require toe in

Yes looking forward to demo the REF18 spk together with u,it will only arrives end of the month or early next month.
In the meantime as I’m clearing leaves starting this month got more time listening to music n watching movies decided to ‘upgrade’,replaced a PTY PC for surround back spks amp moved the PTC to the Crowson amp this ‘filled’ up the PTY distributor liao. Adding 2 PTC from wall sockets to the front subs + change 1 LAN cable. My cable ‘upgrade’ journey considered ‘endgame’ liao.

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Same same bro

Full divini PTY, well not really full. Still short of 1, 8 channel Apollon not on divini Pty yet.

But boy, the level of quality and immersion for home theatre is unbeatable now at home

Same like you, I have downgraded to use the PTC for the line array woofers. They sound extremely good, fantastic indeed. All 6 woofers each side benefits with the PC

Very good value the PC from Divini

Finally my cable journey DONE liao after receiving this 6m customized length PTC pc for the back sub.

The LAN cable.
Some latest pics on the REF18 spk.

Congrats !

I’m also almost on full divini, except for crowsons amp that uses another PC, all mostly divini PTY and PTC

Best value for the quality :+1:t2:

Looking forward next to demo on the divini reference 18. I think the designer is really good and spot on for many things

Very interesting concept using the tweeter to fire towards backwall

I’ve used this approach many years ago, with super tweeters , but didn’t seem to work. It can be very challenging with placement

Let’s check out how it goes

:skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones: Loading…

Reference 18 in Singapore !

Checking these out on New Year’s Eve!

Word on the street this is superb sounding… can’t wait to check it out myself

Haha,i fast hand fast leg just finished demo the ref18 spk,life like presentation on human voices n musical instruments with tight bass. Effortlessly n emotional vocals/instruments sounds coming out from the spk! 1 word: solid! Shared some pics i taken,very good workmanship on the finishing.


I love the wood finishing, really beautiful and looks very natural

My turn tomorrow !! Can’t wait

Just finished the demo at Sky Audio

It’s mighty impressive!

The speakers are really well designed, superb crossover integration by Divini’s Eric Wu. Very fast, tight bass, extended high frequency decay

The emotions from the music is unrivalled. Unbelievably good, detailed and lively.

Wow , love the speakers! Great sounding , well done from Taiwan :taiwan: ! Can’t believe it sounded so good

No signs of fatigue , beautiful , enjoyed it

Haha,it’s that good! Finally found the sound signature I’m after,place an order for 1 pair liao. Now the ‘hard’ part for me: waiting for it to deliver! :joy::joy::joy:

How much is it?

Reference 18 retails for about NTD 268,000, approximately sgd12.5k at today’s rate

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