Crowsons, bass shakers , hover boss all types of shake

Couldn’t find that thread, so just sharing here. I’m sure some of u are using some type of shakers or actuators or hover boss. Share your journey here. That thread is lost is xtremeplace

Ok so I’m sharing what’s happened to mine, after 4 years

These above are motion isolators, to help support the actuators . As you can see, they are damaged. A result of my son jumping on the chair… can’t blame the kids, too much energy and cooked up at home most of the time due to covid19

It is drilled onto the platform

I came across this brand, Hudson’s, it’s the exact same height once compressed, uses 20 durometer

Usd24 for a pack of 4, apparently these when used as motion isolators with the actuators, provide a more “wobbly” feeling… how true? Not sure… I’m about to find out after the installation.

Here is the link to buy this

2.5" Platinum Silicone Hemisphere Bumper, Non - Skid Isolation Feet with Adhesive - 20 Duro - 4 Pack

In case anyone wants to replace their crowsons isolators

Special thanks to my bro NGSK for helping me build the riser 2 years ago

With the speakers elevated vide the Gaia footers on the granite platform, the single seater chair is a bit Low. The riser helps and tweeter is now at ear height with the platform.

Continuing to enjoy the system, 4 years now, with BEQ and still enjoying… I remember I bought it with bro Jag, for $2.8k back then together with the amplifier , still enjoying it for ULF content… down to single digit wobbly effect… crowsons is awesome !

If u r like me enjoying the crowsons with BEQ, u might want to note when your motion isolators wear and tear

Enjoy !!

Here is how it looks

Support for weight per pad…

This has got that “bouncy” feeling when u sit on the sofa… quite nice… if the system has that “bouncy bass” , if dial in the timing nicely, the bounce is nice… syok….

I prefer this to the original crowsons YMMV

Still using ADX Maximus shakers. Got a spare piece of board that was to be thrown away and mounted the shakers on them. Mounted the board under the sofa. The sofa did not have much area to mount, so the board was mandatory.

Powered by a very old but reliable 20W x 2 Lepai LP-2020A+ amp. A Harrison Labs FMOD 50Hz LP Low Pass Subwoofer Electronic Crossover filters out frequencies above 50Hz.

Performance - good enough for me. Nice body shaking bass to complement the subs.

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I have owned and tried various shakers in HT and gaming.

HT – Started with Aura pro shakers , then crowsontech .
Aura pro – stationary bass feel , cannot dig deep
Crowsontech – Moving bass feel , easy to mount , single digit freq

Tried to combine both before but dont like the end result (probably I dont know how to tune).
Above both no longer with me as have been sold .

Gaming – ADX Maximus , Clark synthesis , Dbox , Woojer vest , PT actuators
ADX Maximus – Same as Aura pro
Clark Synthesis – Similar effect as Crowsontech , suit better for motion rig but more difficult to mount if for HT .
Woojer vest – Nice vest for gaming but quite warm and stiff so sold away.
Dbox - Real motion with Haptic effect . Haptic from dbox is good if use with dbox. Cannot comment as it is real motion with haptic .
PT actuators – Unknown as lazy to mount to try .

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Bro, you are indeed “king” of “bass” shakers :laughing:

Just spreading love to community :grin:

Dug out email to check for fun .My crowontech’s order was in 2004 . Aura pro few years before crowsontech so think around 20years started with shakers in HT . Time really flies. Now old man liao .

Sg humidity will cause them to breakdown easily which is inevitable. Luckily all these isolators are easily available with wide variety to choose from. It’s only a matter of time mine disintegrate as well. Good sharing there @Ronildoq bro. That Duro meter value sure is bouncy :sweat_smile:

ButtKicker RI-4-PAK Medium Kinetic Furniture Isolators Set of 5 (

Can consider this . I bought for my previous rig . Results not bad.

Wahhh Jason, yours is definitely king of shakers !! You have tried all sorts of shakers


Yes indeed ! It is bouncy! It’s nice. I kinda prefer this to the original crowsons

For those of u into crowsons actuators or shakers, u might want to try the BW 6db Oct curve . It has been proven to work very well supplementing the subwoofer , frequency of choice can vary from 10hz to 20hz

A delay of 1ms or more on the actuators is almost always preferable

Lastly, remember the actuators and shakers are there to supplement the subwoofers. They are not the subwoofers and at no point should it overtake the levels from the subs . If u start to feel like it’s a ride in fun fair , then probably wise to check the levels and dial it down a few notch

Bro , you are welcome to try but for gaming only :sweat_smile:

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Damn it’s unforgettable experience!! Vroom vroom… shake non stop especially out of tarmac. Hahaha

Syok !! The real deal !

Wow! Really king of bass shakers/actuators :scream:

Ha… Must be a fun journey to test and compare

Personally, i only used 2 in my den - aura pro & buttkicker. And experienced the crows.

The Aura - vibrates too much above 25hz thus tends to give unnatural shake above 25hz, and a freq peak at 30+hz. The shake below 20hz is much weaker , which does not simulate low rumble well if u dont deploy a house curve on the shaker. Tried “tuning” it with a house curve and lpf at 40hz, which helped to improve the overall shake vs freq but not perfect

I loved the crows’ realistic tactile feel but the price was crazy. Definitely out of my budget

Then came the game changer - the buttkicker mini (thx to jag’s suggestion). Price was slightly more than aura, but… the perf could draw close to crows. The buttkicker could dig to single freq and no peak freq. Gives very realistic shake to simulate low rumble. With a house curve deployed, it can give abt 70% of what the crows can do. Very satisfied with it considering the price point.

Highly recommend the buttkicker if anyone loves the crows perf but dont want to spend so much

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You didn’t get a FMOD 50Hz to filter the signal?

Im using a subwoofer amp that has lpf to 40hz. And also ddrc in the buttkicker chain that can deploy lpf. So don’t need fmod. :slight_smile:

I see…missed that. And yes, in that case, there is no need.

Wow :open_mouth:! That’s interesting!! Didn’t know the buttkicker is so good!

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