Cash's OpenHouse With Denon X3800H

I just joined you with the NAD Master M28

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Cool buddy. How do u feel with the Purifi Eigentakt Modules in them?
I know not many Hifi purist’s like or endorse Class D…
Too me, I find the silent background noise floor to be the best there can be.

finally took the plunge and just ordered 3800 on 12.12! noob here so looking forward to everyone’s help in setting up a HT system

Not yet get the chance to have a serious listen.
It’s a few days effort to insert such a core component;

Complete dismantling of cables

Reorg and sorted…
Maybe weekend after I rerun the calibration to integrate changes in the speaker response;

The are other stuff that has changed or shifted since my last calibration

Nice buddy, but i do hope u have connected the cable’s following “Nad’s” recommended connections. see the “PDF” link below, (Page 6), Expand the picture, n u can n will see that the Recommended speaker outputs labelling in “Super Tiny Word’s at the extreme top at the back” its to reduce “Heat Buildup”

See the “Very Tiny Words in black, to show which channel to connect to”?

At about 4.25am the Denon went blank, as I was watching the World Cup game between France and Morroco… I thought it died…
Then I looked at the front panel display of the Denon and saw the word “Update”
The update took about 10mins in total, then after finishing up, my World Cup game viewing carried on.
I have no idea of what is in the update. Attached below is the New firmware update number.

Just like i said… Marantz got “No Oomph” compared to denon… :wink:


Anyone wanna come listen to the Denon X3800H tomorrow “Saturday 7th Jan 2023, 10am till 4pm”

Equipment list.

  1. Denon AVC-X3800H
  2. Nad M28 7channel Purifi Eigentakt PowerAmp’s X 2
  3. Perlisten R4b bookshelf speakers
  4. Perlisten D12s Subwoofer
  5. Monitor Audio GX100 Bookshelf speakers X 4
  6. Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 speakers X 4
  7. Pioneer UDP-LX800 Player
  8. OPPO UDP-203 Player
  9. Wharfedale Evo4.C Center Speaker
  10. Xangsane Sterling Silver Speaker Cable’s

My handphone number is 96660233.
Message or call me, n I will give u my unit number to come up too…
Drinks, please “Bring Your Own”
Smoking n Drinking allowed in my Air-Condition Hall.

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if u wish to bring any 4K UHD discs along to test out, please do so…
i dont have too many 4K discs… Hehehe!!

Pasir Ris St 21, Blk 236, Singapore 510236.

Forgot to add…

  1. ADX Bass Shaker’s in the sofa X 2

  1. Sony XBR-75Z9D TV.

Okie, look’s like no one is coming for the “OpenHouse”
Another time then…

I loves to listen to yr subwoofer perlisten, next time