Calibrating the LG AU810PB projector with calman

I noticed some are having difficulty with calman auto calibration. Since I have completed it successfully, I will share here on how you can calibrate your screen when u get in your LG AU810PB

Stay tuned, I will list down the step by step guide here, u just need to follow the steps listed here and u will enjoy fantastic SDR and HDR image post calibration

Bear with me… I will update along the way as and when I find time on this thread. It’s a good learning process… happy learning !

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Does it work with lg oled tv?

ya it does, slightly different because it is using OLED, but more or less the same

i actually came across so many information on web

understanding basics of greyscale, colours, white balance, contrast, brightness etc, read this CHROMAPURE GRAYSCALE & COLOR CALIBRATION FOR DUMMIES

here are some links you can read through and follow accordingly from calman, hope that helps

There is already one thread just started by Tyler, especially for LG Au810 calibration, just right here

Thanks for the help when DM bro and appreciate (I really do) in creating this.

At the moment it seems there are minority experiencing issues calibrating using calman (I’m one of them), even for overseas.

Tyler had contacted me and trying to solve this. Will share more when he comes back.

Only thing. Fingers cross it’s not PJ hardware issue. Which me and bro Ronlidoq strongly don’t think so.

Stay tune on this thread , Tyler will be preparing a workflow, specially for LG AU810PB projector

This is good news for owners of LG AU810PB using the autocal feature, hopefully this solves the problems some users are facing with the autocal function

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All LG AU810PB fans do take note ….

You can join the beta programme to get access to all early releases of calman autocal software.

We should see new improved aurora colour engine loaded for SDR calibration, the best is to use fixed grid 17 from my testing, but Tyler says anything above 9grid is good enough.

I do notice HDR calibration is already with aurora colour engine though

The post calibrated HDR is first class from this LG based on my experience now

Just see how good the trident, the gold. And the specular highlights, without losing any details underwater. I can even see clearly the carvings on the rocks etc

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