Calibrating the LG AU810PB projector with calman

I noticed some are having difficulty with calman auto calibration. Since I have completed it successfully, I will share here on how you can calibrate your screen when u get in your LG AU810PB

Stay tuned, I will list down the step by step guide here, u just need to follow the steps listed here and u will enjoy fantastic SDR and HDR image post calibration

Bear with me… I will update along the way as and when I find time on this thread. It’s a good learning process… happy learning !

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Does it work with lg oled tv?

ya it does, slightly different because it is using OLED, but more or less the same

i actually came across so many information on web

understanding basics of greyscale, colours, white balance, contrast, brightness etc, read this CHROMAPURE GRAYSCALE & COLOR CALIBRATION FOR DUMMIES

here are some links you can read through and follow accordingly from calman, hope that helps

There is already one thread just started by Tyler, especially for LG Au810 calibration, just right here

Thanks for the help when DM bro and appreciate (I really do) in creating this.

At the moment it seems there are minority experiencing issues calibrating using calman (I’m one of them), even for overseas.

Tyler had contacted me and trying to solve this. Will share more when he comes back.

Only thing. Fingers cross it’s not PJ hardware issue. Which me and bro Ronlidoq strongly don’t think so.

Stay tune on this thread , Tyler will be preparing a workflow, specially for LG AU810PB projector

This is good news for owners of LG AU810PB using the autocal feature, hopefully this solves the problems some users are facing with the autocal function

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All LG AU810PB fans do take note ….

You can join the beta programme to get access to all early releases of calman autocal software.

We should see new improved aurora colour engine loaded for SDR calibration, the best is to use fixed grid 17 from my testing, but Tyler says anything above 9grid is good enough.

I do notice HDR calibration is already with aurora colour engine though

The post calibrated HDR is first class from this LG based on my experience now

Just see how good the trident, the gold. And the specular highlights, without losing any details underwater. I can even see clearly the carvings on the rocks etc

Finally there is something for me after some struggle with SDR calibration.

I was having issues with gray-scale initially, anything below 50 was like so out of place.

Still what I did was

Factory reset the unit

Use LAN cable to connect

Use projector itself to calibrate first using pattern generator download from portrait website, usb inserted to prj itself to play the pattern and do only the gray scale. (Passed this stage)

Then reset to factory again

Then use the pattern generator from oppo player with the usb pattern

Continue the same default setting in calman

All when thru nicely!

Like finally! It’s definitely worth the time.

The wait time is the killer really! (Only the SDR)

Can see all colors falling into places

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Congrats bro :clap::clap: !! Well done

The other thing is the iris to be opened , I set mine at 8 before autocal and win win at 7

Not sure if those using expert Dark with iris set to 3, will have white balance correction issues. If u have this like above :point_up: , then try setting the iris wide opened at 8 under brightness optimiser option , this option will allow more light through and will be closest to the d65 temperature

I suspect that could by the case with win win’s calibration problem , the colour temperature out hence software running out of room for correction on grayscale etc

Well done.

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Tested Sonic and Mortal Kombat for mine. It’s really satisfying.

Colors a bit red due to phone I guess. But should be a bit lighter. :sweat_smile:

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Very nice! Congrats and enjoy all the movies, demo material etc, all will look fantastic post calibration

Definitely copy the Tekno3d movies, damn worth it with this projector … drool once you watch the Tekno3d movies

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The new Calman version is available now. didnt encounter issues using the version 5.12.1, using fixed grid 17 for SDR and Gaming mode for HDR calibration.

It is known that gaming mode on the PJ had the highest light output. So use that when calibrating for HDR…

Calman Home for LG 2021 R3
Version: 5.12.2
Build: 111

Official Release: August 31, 2021

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed issue where Fixed Grid 9 point 3D LUT patchsets showed the wrong total patchcount
  • Fixed issue where 3D LUT patchset names did not show in UI properly formatted
  • Fixed issue where 3D LUT AutoCal Dialogs where getting overwritten too often removing the status after Pattern Insertion events

Known Issues:

  • LG CX – Intermittent poor greyscale results when calibrating 1D LUT multiple times before completing the calibration with a 3D LUT
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Good news !! Aurora colour engine added for HDR now…

About the Aurora Color Engine

To accompany the launch of Calman 2021, we are excited to announce the new Aurora Color Engine. The Aurora Color Engine was built from the ground up using the latest color science research to make your calibrations fast, easy and more accurate. Designed for cutting-edge SDR, HDR and WCG calibrations, the Aurora Color Engine provides workflow-driven 3D LUTs and eliminates display banding and posterization.

Aurora Color Engine Details:

Completely new color engine built from the ground up using the latest color science research
Next generation Unity Grayscale technology for 3D LUT neutral spline bypass when using a 1D LUT + 3D LUT for calibration
New 3D LUT technology reduces or eliminates posterization and banding
Improved MatrixLUT formula for calibration
Added new 13pt fixed grid option patch set
Support for these patchsets: (MatrixLUT, LightningLUT, Fixed Grid 9pt, 13pt, 17pt, 21pt) IRP is not supported

  • Eliminates display banding and posterisation

Can recalibrate the calibrated hdr profile, just for colours again, using the new aurora engine

LG with calman rocks !! This is awesome news !

Enjoy the high end hdr on this PJ , no horse run indeed

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Glad to see Calman continues to add features to this projector. :slight_smile:

Hello to everyone. Is it possible to calibrate a projector from a brand other than LG with this method?

I have not seen any autocal feature made available with any projectors so far. Maybe there is.

The calman autocal approach is on another planet, every PJ owners will drool for this feature.

It allows for 1D LUT calibration on grayscale

Accurate 3D LUT calibration for colours using the new aurora engine

Best part of it is you don’t have to keep grabbing the remote to input the numbers manually back and forth, that is really time consuming.

Imagine if u have day and night settings. And imagine u have different sources, ie Oppo player, media player, streamers etc etc

You want to calibrate each source with separate profiles so it looks best . Imagine without autocal, the amount of time required to input the numbers… scary

Just in case u r wondering what is 3D LUT, LUT = look up table. The software calibrates for thousands of points vs a basic 6 point


Manual calibration above :point_up_2:t2:


3D LUT calibration above :point_up:

Also the most important aspect is calibration for hdr. It’s excellent post calibration if you get it done correctly

I suspect most of the expensive Pj won’t have this, otherwise certified calibrators will be out of job.

With expensive PJ, u gotta spend on hardware + engage professional calibrator, because I can assure you the out of the box settings will almost always won’t be as good as calibrated . There is a very big difference post calibration, especially for projectors

What I was interested in knowing was whether this method could be performed on other projectors. This projector does not interest me, it does not support 3D and has worse blacks than my projector. I just wanted to know about AutoCal. Thanks for the clarification.

Wasn’t trying to get you interested into the PJ, I’m not selling any PJ and there is also no local dealer selling this. Lol.

just letting anyone here know how capable this PJ is with its calman autocal feature. It doesn’t matter how black the levels whatever Pj u r using, what matters is the dynamic range between the blackest of blacks and whitest of whites. To get the best out of this, a superior calibration technique will bring out the best in black levels and peak whites

Unless u can get grayscale to track nicely with proper calibration for SDR and hdr, it doesn’t matter how high end or how expensive the PJ is, it will be futile as far as colour intensity and accuracy goes.

I was only interested to know if the autocalibration thing was applicable in other models, nothing more. Thanks

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