BenQ W4000i Promising Ultra Short Throw Lens 4LED Projector

Project D huh bro?

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This model W4000i will be landing on our shores soon , the review is great .

The mechanical feature is great .

The price is also available SDG $4499.

Those keen do let me know . 9765 0195 Alf .


Major differences for this new BenQ model w4000i compare to most in its price range and slightly above :

A) Mid throw ( slightly shorter distance to obtain 100" 16:9 )
Hence ideal for smaller rooms , not too bulky sleek ( not claustropfobic ) Brighter hence nearer .

B) Still having full glass lens for better all round sharpness .

C) Having a 0.65 " DMD chip set also helps in the sharpness / clarity . ( More resolutions ) a better XPR processing .

D) Instead of using laser they opt to use LEDs light source . ( same life spand as laser )


@Alf , any demo for this projector?

Yes there will be demo . Awaiting BenQ Sales and Marketing Theme instructions .

Currently i have a few pre orders for my projects .

Will keep you guys posted .


Hello guys those who are keen view DEMO before buying the BenQ w4000i or HT 4455 .
So can arrange cosy discussion, trial and test .

Please put down your avatar or name:

Bro Alfi, when and where is the demo? Home trial available? Wondering how 4000W looks with madVR…… :grinning:

Saw this review. The sample pics look really impressive.

The other great feature about this projector is the refresh rates it can handle around.

17 .9 m/s 60 hz 4K UHD /1080 p

If settings at 1080 p setting 8.7 m/s lag .

ideal for those who wants to play on line gaming .

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The TK 860i is the same chasis as the TK 850 / TK 850i and W2700.

They are all lamp base and also using the 0.47 " DMD chip .

Already got people selling in Carousell.

Yes guys it has arrived few days back . I was still playing on the settings .

The start up is very fast that is advantage with LEDs light source , it is true much brighter than TK 850 ,out of the box is great ( factory pre calibration with print out cert ) have more options calibration settings.

The fan DB level varies on the setting mode normal / smart eco / eco . There is the usuall 5 point setting + HDR brightness levels option.

Having extra brightness have more option to watch will ambient lighs ( those like to sing Karaoke ) application.

The optical lens shift with V / H options is a great to have .
It uses full glass lens and 0.65 DMD chip is much sharper .

This unit is a mid throw type same distance for the w 2700 & TK 850 . Ideal for small rooms owners who wants big picture .

Also comes with media stick which you can plug in w4000i PJ for those portable or table top mount . Those wants to mount on ceiling you can plug the stick to your AVR hdmi ports . ( like any media devices operation )

At this price it will not cost you a big chunk and have more to up grade screen size or material type .

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does it support DV?

Hi bro , if you are keen on the projector and it suits your throw distance , can arrange to bring your source and DV to my test area . Hp 9765 0195 Alf …

Hi Alf,
Is changing from BenQ 5700 To W4000i considered an upgrade?

The big difference is new chip set 0.65 / full glass lens/ LED light source / short throw distance (chance to do bigger screen ).

The blacks and colours are for sure deeper , with the higher brightness it allows better HDRs to shine thru .

For sure picture is much better as i have install the 2700 / 5700/ 850i . As for demo is the same material from the very beginning which i can see the improvement .

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Recent installation for existing lay out . Just need to move forward slightly the bracket and also move the HDMI Cable forward .

New w4000i with Cyrus cine PJ fixed with Titanium Grey .

Picture take by Samsung Hp camera .

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Another install for BenQ w 4000i with Cyrus Cine Fixed Pj screen 123"