BenQ W4000i Promising Ultra Short Throw Lens 4LED Projector

Cannot wait for this new release. :slight_smile:

Its going to be an exciting new model , 4 LED, 3200 ansi , New Menu configuration for more calibrations , New lens type , H/ V lens shift all 4 axis Key stone adjustment …

The price is great too wont break the bank .

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Hi Alf, is this product going to release in singapore in may too? are you going to carry this product? interested if can have a demo at home, the horizontal shift is only 15%, worry it might not be enough for my case…

Hi their horizontal is 15% ( left /right ) and vertical 0 to 60 % ( up / down ) are ideal for most location and having the lens off set it might be an advantage to some . There is still a possibilities to almost centralised to mounting closer to Center of room to optimise the vertical lens shift.

Looking at the shape it has the casing size of the 2700 model but with more lens shift options on the w4000i .

Also key is the lens throw ratio or the type will be the same as of 2700 type or 5700 model . ( I am guessing it is the same as 2700 throw distance )

Will keep you guys update once I have more info on the product availability and tech specs .


The latest up date on these new model , it will come to our shores soon .


Is this still 4k? Not 8k?

It is still in Up scale 4K / UHD .


Looks good for a LED light engine that is able to achieve 100% DCI-P3 gamut coverage.

Beside the LED able to achieved colour gamut the lumen brightness is also key which i notice .

Brightness is not everything when it comes to HDR. We need to know the quality of the lens to show the best of 4K quality image. I would love to try my hands on a LED illuminated light source projector that does 4K HDR. If you have a sample unit for me to review. Let me know.

Very true on the lens all the HT version and Hi END 4k / UHD model of Benq uses Glass lens , this was test when i did the Show case of 2700 and 5700 my first test was to use a test pattern move the lens shift .

Now with the current 7050i UST model also uses the great lens .

Using the test pattern or from test disc and moving menu position to all 5 different points you are also physically test how good are your projector lens.

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Bro rock, u getting this projector?

Bro @desray see see look look first cheers :slight_smile:

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Get in touch with Alfie and see whether he can provide a demo or home trial for this new model.

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